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Update Schedule and other thoughts

So I have gotten some advice on how to effectively run a translation site, and having an update schedule is probably going to help me out the most in translating long term. I am not entirely set in stone on … Continue reading

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Where I have been and restarting.

Hi guys. I’m sure many of you have already forgotten about me. Just an amateur translator who wanted to share some shield-bro with the world before disappearing for two years without a notice. Dick move, I know. Sorry about that … Continue reading

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Tate No Yuusha ch 127

Originally posted on anontranslator:
Laptop returned from fixing. I might even appear again within a year. Also decided to start including honorifics at times.   Overprotective 「Uuu……heavy」 I remember this feeling. I open my eyes and check the surroundings. Looks…

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Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

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This is the final battle the arc deserved, but not the one that many people want to read. None too dramatic. As for why he didn’t increase the trap size or go for the heart…

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 125

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A bit anti-climactic. Stay tuned for the touching finale. Chapter 125: Possibilities “Not Yet! Report your situation!” (Naofumi) “The people who received the attack have yet to recover. We are confirming the situation.” (Soldier) How…

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Chapter 124 Heart of the Spirit Turtle

Kingdom is too addicting……Almost done it though ;_; Heart of the Spirit Turtle Rishia:”A-Are you guys alright!?” When we came back, Rishia and the allied forces greeted us.

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Chapter 123 Blue Hourglass

Kingdom is too good, I just finished the war against Wei arc and am taking a break. (No spoilers please) Blue Hourglass How many dead ends does this make now? I check the map, and confirm that everything is mapped … Continue reading

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Chapter 122 Exploration

I’m going to go till I collapse, so I’ll only be reading comments every upload. Yes I was slacking the past few days, the motivation just wasn’t there. Exploration Naofumi:”Be careful.” Raphtalia:”Okay.”

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Chapter 121: The Message from the Hero

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Chapter 121: The Message from the Hero “IT’s good that we jumped on the Turtle, but…” (Naofumi) The ground is shaking. More specifically, the Spirit Turtle’s whole body is shaking. But its head can’t stretch far…

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Chapter 120 Stalling for Time

Chapter 120 by Kookiedreamer!

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