Chapter 124 Heart of the Spirit Turtle

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Heart of the Spirit Turtle

Rishia:”A-Are you guys alright!?”

When we came back, Rishia and the allied forces greeted us.

Naofumi:”We found the heart.”

The allied forces let out delighted voices.
The problem is getting these guys there.
Just like a while ago, it would be difficult to get to the heart.

Naofumi:”How is the damage?”
Soldier:”Before Hero-sama returned we were attacked by demons nine times. There have been some victims.”
Naofumi:”Fumu. Anyways, victory is before our eyes.”
Rishia:”Umm……did you find Itsuki-sama?”
Naofumi:”No we did not.”

Come to think of it, the other heroes still haven’t been found.
Did we just miss them?
That’s a pretty painful thought. Since there are hidden floors here. They might have entered by destroying if they knew.

Could they be fighting somewhere else on this mountain?
No……Surely they witnessed that disastrous scene in the town. Normally after seeing a scene like that, the subjugation of the spirit turtle would become top priority.
So far my analysis of those guys tell me that they aren’t bad to that extent.

No way, did they get annihilated after all?
This thing is a monster. So I can’t deny that possibility.
Should I prepare for the worst case scenario?

Rishia:”I see…….”
Naofumi:”Don’t be discouraged. It’s better than finding a corpse.”

Orders to protect would be evaluated higher. They shouldn’t be that desperate.
(Tlnote: Not sure about this line.)

Naofumi:”It’s fine to look for the other heroes after we seal the spirit turtle. You guys from the allied forces come with us. From now on, the demon’s attacks will become even more intense. Prepare yourselves. Even heroes aren’t almighty, if possible try to protect yourselves!”

The group of allied forces nod and raise their voice at my instructions.
After this…… Let’s concentrate on which units that I expect will make it to the heart.
It has to be that huh. I had to rely on volunteers last wave since I was weak. Yup.
When I think about future waves and fighting with the strength of others……it’s harsh.
How many sacrifices will there be…….

We bring the allied forces and head back to the depths of the cave.
Along the way, I explain to the allied forces the various attacks of the spirit turtle’s heart.
Also for them not to be defeated between the gaps of Meteor Shield, Air Strike Shield, and Second Shield’s protection.

Soldier:” As expected of the Hero of the Shield-sama, to go through the effort of analysing the enemy to prevent our sacrifice.”
Naofumi:”I…..guess so.”

It’s not possible to protect.

It’s not possible to defend them against the attacks of the opponent when they are attacking as well.
I am only conveying that.

Naofumi:”Just that, I wasn’t able to grasp the real nature of the white lump attack that the heart fired before our withdrawal. Be careful.”

The familiars that appeared along the way were barely beaten by Raphtalia, Firo, Rishia, and the allied force’s attacks.
When the cave walls became walls of meat, the allied soldier’s breathes got taken away.
As everyone carefully proceeded, the sound of the heart beating could be heard.
Opening the Red muscle and closing the blue line were assigned to the allied forces, while Raphtalia and Firo dealt with the attacks from the front and behind by familiars.

Those parasites that suddenly appear are a problem. They appeared when the meat walls were torn down so the response was late.
There were some casualties.
Mental fatigue started appearing on the group of allied forces.
When someone was caught by the immune-system like famialiars…….He was melted right before our eyes.
(Tlnote: Ew.)
Those with weak spirits vomited on the spot.

Naofumi:”Don’t stop! Anybody who stops here becomes their prey! Anybody who is separated has no hope!”

I lead the way and protect, while Raphtalia and Firo defeat the enemies.
And shadow was standing by, at the last gate mechanism.


When I call out the door opens.

Naofumi:”Are you okay?”
Shadow:”I wouldn’t be opening the door if I wasn’t safe degojaruyo.”
Naofumi:”I guess so.”

Since she is good at hiding, there doesn’t seem to be any problems.
As I thought, Shadow is dependable.
This is just my selfish wish, but I want a companion like Shadow.

Naofumi:”Alright, the spirit turtle’s heart is just beyond this point. Everyone from the allied forces, I’ll be relying on you.”
Raphtalia:”Right. But Don’t start until we weaken the spirit turtle’s heart.”

……That’s right.
Well, there shouldn’t be any problems considering Raphtalia, Firo, and Shadow’s attack power.
Even Rishia and the group of allied forces should be able to have some effect due to their numbers.

Soldier:”It takes time to prepare the ceremony.”
Naofumi:”So we should be playing for time then?”

There’s this too?
Can’t be helped……

Naofumi:”You guys can’t prepare the cast beforehand?”
Soldier:”Right……The ceremony requires us to stay within a certain range.”

So it’s come down to that huh.
During that time, the power of defence from the shield will be useful.

Naofumi:”Then I’ll protect you guys from the allied forces as you concentrate on the ritual. Everyone else will defeat the familiars that appear while Raphtalia and Firo weakens the heart.”

I see Rishia making a face that asks what she should do.

Rishia:”What should I do?”
Naofumi:”You are–……”

What she should do is a delicate question.
(Tlnote: 微妙なライン Delicate Line?)
She is more reliable than the group of allied forces, but I feel anxious for her compared to Raphtalia.
Her movements have become faster, the person in question is also delighted about that……Though there is fear that she doesn’t understand what is ahead.

Naofumi:”I’ll entrust Rishia to cover the rear. Before you go, your job is to report to me if something unexpected happens.”

This is the only thing to do for now.

On the way, everybody held their breaths due to the blue hourglass. It is still somehow intimidating.
Huh? Did the sand increase slightly?
No, It’s just my imagination. Some sand might have collapsed due to swaying slightly.
Now, let’s head to the decisive battle.

Soldier:”This is……the spirit turtle’s heart……”

Somebody from the allied forces expresses.
It is certainly ominous.
The spirit turtle’s heart lets out a sound that’s like a roar.
The eye opens widely and its pulsation strengthens.
I remember from a while ago.
Yeah, we won’t withdraw this time, and we will defeat you.

Naofumi:”Let’s go!”

The magic corps from the allied forces starts preparing the ceremony by chanting magic.
Following up, Raphtalia and Firo start attacking the spirit turtle’s heart.
And the other allied forces start cutting down the familiars that appear.

I interfere with the familiars aiming at the magic corps with Highten Reaction, Air Strike Shield, and Second Shield, I also use Change Shield to give status debuffs.
In addition Shield Bash is also utilised.
My SP decreases considerable, and I use the Soul Eat ability on the Soul Eater Shield to replenish. I also use a convenient Sp recovery (Small).

Raphtalia:”Naofumi-sama! As expected, there is a lot!”
Firo:”Yeah! There is no end.”

Since the fight we had before was just reconnaissance, our combat time was short. Due to that, we couldn’t measure the number of reinforcements……
Familiars are appearing in the room with the spirit turtle’s heart from the wall, the ground, and the ceiling.
The heart doesn’t remain silent, and throws all of its familiars at us, and also shoots lasers.
The spirit turtle’s heart is aiming towards the magic corps that is reciting the magic for the seal.

What’s this? Does it intend to fire something?
A magic formation appears on the eye of the spirit turtle’s heart.
Is it the supergravity magic!?
The magic begins to form at high-speed.

It’s something else!
I stand in front of the magic crops and ready my shield.
Immediately after that I realise that my hunch was correct.
A high output laser was released from the heart’s pupil.


Several people who were in the way of the laser were disintegrated without a trace, and when it hit my shield, I was blown a few steps back.


This laser doesn’t end like the normal ones, it is still going. It is a very thick beam. Sort of like a deadly attack from a game.
The firepower is lower than the electric shock, but it would do more than hurt if I was hit.


I change the angle of the shield, and deflect the laser.
The ceiling of the heart room was scorched.
Fresh blood drips from the ceiling.
Well, it regenerates in a bit, as if it was never there in the first place.

Firo:”Are you okay?”
Naofumi:”Yeah, No problems here.”

The one outside was still stronger. The heart probably can’t withstand it though.
We can win when the sealing ceremony is completed.

Naofumi:”Is the magic seal not completed yet?”
Soldier:”Just wait a little longer!”
Naofumi:”Alright, Raphtalia and Firo use your best attack to weaken it.”

According to my instructions, Raphtalia and Firo use their finishing attacks.

Raphtalia:”Yin-Yang Sword!”
Firo:”Critical Quick-!”

The spirit turtle’s heart starts to shake in agony as the ceiling starts to tremble.
Not yet?
Does damaging the monster’s source of vitality weaken it?
For the time being let’s concentrate our attacks……I have a very bad feeling for some reason.

Raphtalia:”With this–”
Firo:”How’s this!”

Raphtalia and Firo cut apart several tubes that are connected to the spirit turtle’s heart.

Spirit Turtle:”——-!?”

The movement of the eye on the heart weakens remarkably.
With this we should be able to buy some more time before the sealing magic completes.

Soldier:”It’s completed!”
Naofumi:”Alright! Go!”
“””We command the origin of power. We have read and deciphered the truth, Four spirits of calamity, become the wedge that stops the spirit turtle here and now!”””

The spirit turtle’s heart starts to move suspiciously.
A large white mass circulates through the heart and scatters in all directions!

Solider:”High Class Group—-!?”

The white mass flies everywhere, including towards the allied forces.
I use Meteor Shield, Shield Prison, Air Strike Shield, and Second Shield to defend the magic corps as much as possible.


However, a small part of the attack wasn’t prevented completely, and it hits the rear.
As I was holding the shield in front, I look back.
Damn……There were an unexpectedly large amount of casualties.

Naofumi:”A-Are you guys okay!?”
Soldier:”My apologies, we have failed……”

A person from the magic corps reports to me.

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