Where I have been and restarting.

Hi guys. I’m sure many of you have already forgotten about me. Just an amateur translator who wanted to share some shield-bro with the world before disappearing for two years without a notice. Dick move, I know. Sorry about that by the way. I just got bored of the story and decided to drop it, not to mention that my knowledge of Japanese was absolutely horrible, many of the translations were wrong and simply misleading.

So here is what I have been doing during my *cough* Vacation *cough*. Mostly playing WoW and League,Runescape (Quit that last year),and lots of reading……Boy did I read a lot, but we’ll get to that later. I actually tried learn Japanese to do some actual not shit machine translations. Bold goal, I know. But it turns out I’m completely retarded at the language because what happened was I spent a month learning it seriously only to find that all Kanji I see is automatically translated into Chinese for me. (I’m Chinese-Canadian and grew up listening to my parents and grandparents speak Chinese). So since I couldn’t actually get any learning of the Japanese language done, I gave up and started reading English translations of Chinese novels, and boy do those suck your life away. Days would go by without noticing and the only feeling left would be a thirst for more reading. First English translation of a Chinese novel I read was ‘A Step Into the Past’, one of the best books I’ve read to this day. Anyway, what happened was the more English translations of Chinese novels I would read the more I actually wanted to read those books. So I ended up actually learning my Chinese again, since updates were pretty slow, translating takes time I know……

So with that out of the way I have decided to start translating Chinese novels into English, and this time most of it is actually correct,since I actually know what I’m doing, a miracle I know. The first series I have decided to start translations on is  ‘史上最牛轮回’ ‘History’s Best Reincarnation’ I’ll be posting Chapter 1 after. This time I’ll keep you guys updated and actually announce if I’ll take a break and if I choose to do so.

I do also work now and that was a factor in stopping my translations. Only about 20% of it though.


1.I’ve been a lazy sack of shit.

2. Retarded at Japanese, therefore learnt Chinese instead.

3. Decided to translate Chinese novels into English instead of shit Japanese translations where even I have no idea what is happening sometimes. Since I am actually proficient in Chinese, well I can at least read and understand most of what’s going on without help.

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34 Responses to Where I have been and restarting.

  1. apperus says:

    welcome back man


  2. Wow… I kind of expecting nothing will change when I saw your site again bakahou… it doesn’t matter if you think you do half assed job before. You’re the reason that I now read so many novel right now, to the point there isn’t one single day I can’t spend without at least 1 chapter of novel. And I do think you inspire maybe atleast one person to learn japanesse to translate something. Me atleast. Well I still on progress learning it. I do think you do a good job before. Not saying in sense of quality neither quantity, but in inspiring people to like reading something. So whatever you want to do. Do it with proud. Do it with DON… lol

    P.S. though I said that I can’t enjoyed chinesse novel though, maybe just the name sense doesn’t suit me well, so maybe I wont visiting your site often enough though, I’ll still drop by once at a time though


  3. sleepyimage says:

    Oh nice to see you again

    I remembered when i read shield bro wn at baka tsuki, and there’s no update, then you come to us and give your blessing oops sorry i mean you give your translation to us

    It’s like a rain in dessert land (sorry cant speak english well, pardon my grammar)

    I hope you will start to translating japanese web novel again especially isekai wn

    See you again bakahou, thanks for translating shield bro

    I’m really grateful to you


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