History’s Best Reincarnation Chapter 2: Game Start

I have not read ahead on this series, so no guarantees that it will be spectacular. But from what I’m reading right now it’s quite interesting.


Chapter 2: Game Start


 “The game……has started.”

  After Waking up JiangChen calmly observes his surroundings, only to find that he is inside an ancient inn, and the weather is extremely cold, there are also a bunch of guests that are huddling around a bonfire, because for some reason they are trapped in here for the time being, and there is also one person curled up sleeping in a corner.

 At the same time he also found out that he is behind a curtain of light where can see, and hear what is going on outside, but also feels like two separate worlds.

JiangChen subconsciously frowned as he tried to touch the light curtain, it felt as if he was touching a solid wall, just as he was about to try and research the wall, he heard some hasty horseshoe sounds approaching, and before he could even react the reincarnation watch on his wrist vibrated and the relevant information appeared within his mind:

 “World of Reincarnation opened: Condor Heroes;

  Initial mission time: Sixteen years after XiaoLongNu jumped off Heartbroken Cliff*1;

  Location of initial mission: Entrance of FengLingDu Bridge, Safe Crossing Old Shop;

 Mission difficulty assessment: Martial arts plot, difficulty: Beginner;

 Main mission: Help GuoJing*2 defend XiangYang, before the mission ends XiangYang must not be captured by the Mongolian army, participants must kill at least one hundred Mongolian soldiers, completion of the mission shall be rewarded with a dragon ball*3, ability to participate in the next reincarnation, failure of mission: death;

 Side Mission: Make it to XiangYang before the beggars assembly starts, Mission success rewards the use of space inside the wristwatch*4, failure of mission: Weakened for three days;

  Reminder: As a reincarnator participating within the game, you are bestowed with certain privileges, during each reincarnation you have three chances to kill plot characters, letting you plunder their abilities, and a chance double upgrade an ability……  Therefore, youths, for the dreams and hopes within your hearts, do your best!”

 In addition to the most basic mission information, information related to this world’s plot is also included, including but not in its entirety, the whole story of how and why, being abruptly poured into his mind.

 Due to accepting too much information at once Jiangchen didn’t have enough time to digest it all before the curtain of light in front of him disappeared and he was revealed to the other guests, but strangely they acted as if they have already seen him, and just ignored that a living person just suddenly popped into existence in front of them.

 At the same time, along with the hoof sounds, the entrance covered with the inn’s thick curtains was  pushed open, and a woman of about thirty walked inside, very beautiful face, dressed in a luxurious navy blue brocade leather jacket, with the neckline wrapped in mink fur.

 Behind the woman is a boy and girl, both looking fifteen to sixteen in age, the boy has deep brows, big eyes, looking very rough, while the girl is elegant and beautiful.  Both are wearing pale green satin jackets, the girl’s has a necklace of pearls that is emitting a faint glow, each the size of a pinky.

 When JiangChen saw this, he couldn’t help but be surprised. As a normal Chinese person who watches or watched television before, most people have seen the Condor Heroes, in addition to the wristwatch of reincarnation information provided to him, this scene was very familiar, he could also guess the identities of these three:

 GuoFu, GuoXiang and GuoPoLu!*5

 After a few deep breaths, JiangChen finally calmed down and accepted that everything is real, the world in front of his eyes is really the world of the Condor Heroes!

 In the next second, JiangChen’s brain started calculating on how he would make himself stronger in the shortest amount of time.

 This is a martial arts world, therefore, the quickest way to get strong is martial arts, but with his ability even if he had the some kind of peak martial arts like Nine Yin Nine Yang*6, he couldn’t even learn it.

 As he thought about it, he couldn’t help but have a bitter smile, truthfully, he really envied those so-called

Protagonists, born with language and text translation of basically all martial arts knowledge, so after they get a godly cultivation technique, after three years of cultivation they become undefeatable, can rip apart space itself, and ascend toward the heavens.

 But in reality, are martial arts masterpieces really that easy to cultivate? JiangChen’s answer to that question is, he did not have that ability, so if he want’s to get strong quick, the most practical way would be to take advantage of the privileges received from reincarnation to kill a plot character and obtain their ability!

 Though, this method is dangerous, but there is at least a glimmer of hope, especially since he is familiar with the story-line, so he knows that there is a great opportunity right in front of his eyes.

 JiangChen couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he thought:“Looks like I can become a supporter for once by following that girl GuoXiang to experience the Condor Hero Yang Guo’s*7 style!”

 This trip could lead some big results, but the danger is not small: firstly, it’s hard to guarantee that the cave of ghosts in the western hills*8 won’t kill people; next is the ten thousand beasts villa’s beasts going crazy, even then GuoXiang almost died there, he unfortunately won’t have the luck to live, so this trip is going to be extremely dangerous, but he did grow up on leopard’s milk*9.

 However, f he wants to get as strong as possible within the shortest amount of time, he must go on this trip, the so-called, wealth can only be found within danger, if he wants to live comfortably after he must take a bet!

 Just as these chaotic thoughts were going through his head, the guests within the inn started talking about the Condor Hero Tang Guo and his accomplishments, GuoXiang listened happily and took out her hairpin to treat everybody present to a meal, JiangChen was also included so he started listening while eating and drinking, the guests were talking about how Tang Guo saved WangWeiZhong’s children, killed ChenDaFang, judged DingDaQuan, redeemed SongWu, along with other gallant killing and saving stories, even though JiangChen already knew all of this, in the actual environment, listening to people talking about it, he could not help but feel his blood boiling.

 GuoXiang in particular, because according to her sister, when she was a baby YangGuo held her before, this set her heart on fire, and became anxious to see him one, but sighed once she heard that he might not participate at this hero’s assembly and said:”All of those who participate in the hero’s assembly are not necessarily heroes, the real big heroes may not even be willing to participate.”

 Suddenly with a “Bo”, the person who was curled up and sleeping in the corner stood up, JiangChen knew, this person is the head ghost of the ghosts in the western hills.

 He spoke out loudly to GuoXiang:”Girl, it isn’t hard if you want to see the Condor hero, I’ll lead you to him tonight.”

 Everyone who heard him first was shocked, then when they saw his appearance they were startled, because he wasn’t even four feet tall, very thin, but he had big arms, hands, feet, and head, this look was very disproportionate since his body was short, and it made him appear very strange.

 GuoXiang rejoiced and said:”Sure!” At the same time JiangChen also timidly stood up and mumbled:” I, I want to go too.”

 The big-headed ghost stared at him and when he saw JiangChen scared, but unwilling to back down couldn’t help but laugh out loud saying:”That’s fine, one more person to see him off should make him worth of his name.”

 At this time, a whisper was heard in the distance:”ghosts in the western hills, nine out of ten have gathered, head ghost, head ghost! If you don’t show up now, when will you?” This voice sounds weak and broken, but is full of a ghostly feeling to it, and every word could be heard and understood by everybody.

  One the big-headed ghost heard this he first paused, then immediately seized GuoXiang in one hand, along with JiangChen in the other, then after shouting loudly a sudden bang could be heard, the fire dimmed, and he was gone, along with GuoXiang and JiangChen. Everybody was stunned, and only understood that he went out by breaking the door when they saw a giant hole made in the door.

 GuoFu was aghast, and hastily leapt up, trying to chase out the door. Just as she was about to go through the door, the hole suddenly disappeared, GuoFu hurriedly changed her center of gravity to stop before hitting the door, as her feet hit the floor she was already less than a foot away from the door. When looking clearly, she exclaimed out loud, because the big-headed ghost used his body to cover up the hole in the door, and his face was close enough to almost touch her chest, how could she not panic? Just as she backed off, a gust of cold wind and snow blew inside, and the big headed ghost was nowhere to be seen.

 “Second sister, come back!” shouted GuoFu as she jumped out the door, but all she could hear was roaring laughter off into the distance with GuoXiang nowhere in sight.


Translator Notes:

*1 小龙女 XiaoLongNu and 断肠崖 DuanChangYa This whole mission is about the story of the Condor Heroes written by 金庸 Jin Yong. Where due to poison XiaoLongNu jumped off the DuanChangYa(Heartbreak Cliff) to save her husband 杨过 YangGuo while carving “十六年俊在此重合, 夫妻情深勿失信约“

Which means “I will meet up with you here after sixteen years, love between husband and wife is on the line so don’t break your promise.”

*2 郭靖 GuoJing. One of the main characters of Condor Heroes

*3 龙珠 LongZhu Dragonball/pearl. Yes. I know. I’m reading as I translate so I also have no idea, it could be what we all think it is, or it could be some medicine item. Fingers crossed for gathering seven to make a wish.

*4 I’m sure many of people who have read similar novels already know what this means, but I’ll explain it anyways. Space within an item usually means spatial storage, or some kind of space magic in where you can store a bunch of items inside some sort of enchanted accessory, making it extremely convenient to carry items around. Most of them have the option of reducing weight, but not all, so we will have to wait for an explanation.

*5 郭芙,郭襄, and  郭破虏 GuoFu, GuoXiang, and GuoPoLu are all characters of Condor Heroes and are all children of  郭靖 GuoJing and 黄蓉 HuangRong.

*6 九阴九阳 JiuYinJiuYang Nine Yins Nine Yangs. This is basically referencing those cheat-like martial arts/immortals cultivation methods such as the 九阳神功 JiuYangShenGong Nine Yangs Godly Arts where you basically become a god after cultivating for a few years.

*7 神雕侠 杨过 ShenDiaoXia YangGuo Condor Hero Yang Guo. Another Main character of the Condor Heroes, is the lover of *1 XiaoLongNu.

*8 西山一窟鬼 XiShanYiKuGuiCave of ghosts in the western hills. 10 dudes who call themselves 西山一窟鬼 XiShanYiKuGuiCave of ghosts in the western hills. Not very strong, but do have backbone.

*9 喝豹子奶长大 He BaoZiNai ZhangDa. Grew up drinking leopard milk. There is a saying in chinese about leopards and their courage. This phrase is just referencing JiangChen’s courage.


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