Update Schedule and other thoughts

So I have gotten some advice on how to effectively run a translation site, and having an update schedule is probably going to help me out the most in translating long term. I am not entirely set in stone on the amount of chapters I want to do a week considering there will be days where I am just swamped with work, therefore unable to do anything else. My plan at the moment is to update once every two days, so I have time to build up a backlog. I have been working without one before, fast updates for sure, but the work is sloppy and puts me under a lot of pressure to keep the pace up, which I assume led to my burning out(Shh the excuse sounds legit enough).

As for this series that I am currently doing, to be perfectly honest I have only read about seventeen chapters (started reading ahead after I posted chapter 3), as to how the story is progressing and how much I enjoy it. It’s keeping me entertained, I’ll give it that. Lot of meta story telling, kind of similar to History’s Number 1 Founder (One of my favorites), and the main character seems to be transported into a bunch of different worlds later on, some of which I can see from the chapter titles including zombies, so a left for dead world or something similar I assume, which makes the whole concept pretty fun. As to whether it turns to shit remains to be seen.

If anybody has any requests on what I should translate instead, Chinese only of course (Well Jap->Chinese->Eng also works but it will be pretty wonky), or as a second project (will definitely slow down the release of the current one) feel free to leave a comment (General translating etiquette applies)



  1. Adding a schedule. One chapter every two days at least (not set in stone)
  2. Current project is interesting as of chapter 17, it being great or shit remains to be seen.
  3. If anybody has translation requests leave them in the comments (Chinese only)


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4 Responses to Update Schedule and other thoughts

  1. ringong95 says:

    Can you do Pico no chico


  2. @Bakahou sama: May I ask you to help finish translating Tate no Yusha no Valentine(also redo chapter 2) and White day?


  3. Anonymous says:

    can you do star martial god technique


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