Chapter 114 Meteor Shield

Meteor Shield

Naofumi:”Yo. Old man, Long time to no see.”

Our carriage was stopped behind the weapon shop, and we entered.

Old Man:”Oh. If it isn’t the lad. I was surprised that you got a bounty a few days after departing.”
Naofumi:”Guess so, I was in a serious trouble back then.”
Old Man:”Apparently it looks like you were able to prove your innocence.”
Naofumi:”Yeah, thanks to your help.”

I felt glad finding out that the old man tried to prove my innocence to the false charges today.
It’s not just that, he helped me out in various other ways as well.

Naofumi:”Thank you.”
Old Man:”Stop it, it’s making me itchy.”

The old man scratches his head in embarrassment.

Old Man:”Though……I don’t think today’s parade was a good idea.”
Naofumi:”Well he’s probably like that normally.”
Old Man:”Back in day he was excellent though.”
Naofumi:”Do you know about it, old man?”
Old Man:”Hero of the Cane? Was it back when I was ten that the king was still active? I was in another country.”
Naofumi:”I see……”

Leaving aside Trash’s story, I want to move on to the main topic.
Since it’s the old man, I should be able to get favorable conditions for weapons without a problem.

Naofumi:”Since I obtained the queen’s support, I want to ask you to make weapons and armour for me.”
Old Man:”Oh? A special order? Aren’t there other master blacksmiths within the country you can employ?”
Naofumi:”I came here with expectations of your weapons.”
Old Man:”Lad……”

The old man seems to be deeply moved, and is holding his feelings back.
Since I bought most of my equipment till now from his the old man. There is also a sense of security too.

Old Man:”Then I’ll work hard to answer the lad’s expectations. What do you want made?”
Naofumi:”Here is the material list.”

I show the old man the material list I got from the queen.
I don’t know whether or not this amount of materials is too much or too little.

Naofumi:”Old man, I want you to make weapons and armour that you think are suitable for us from these materials.”
Old Man:”Understood. However, there seems to be some fairly rare materials here. I’m itching to test out my skills. What about the money?”
Naofumi:”The country can foot the bill.”
Old Man:”The lad has gotten a fairly good position.”

Well it is certainly comfortable.
There are materials, tutors, social positions, and money for equipment.
If it’s like this, there is no reason to not stay here.
I will fight against the wave after all. If there is an advantageous environment, I don’t want to waste time.
……I’m a little anxious about it, so I should take some precautions.


I glance at Raphtalia and Firo.
Both of them put their equipment, the Karma Dog Claw, and Karma Rabbit Sword on the counter.
I also point at the penguin suit, and put the ores obtained from Cal Mira Island on the counter.

Old Man:”You brought a lot lad. Is the missy wearing these like pajamas a companion?”
Naofumi:”Yeah, that’s Rishia. Though she has that appearance, the contents are human.”
Rishia:”Naofumi-sama, that explanation is indeed a little……”
Naofumi:”Can’t be helped. You don’t want to take off that costume.”

Does Rishia like it very much? She seems to be wearing it all the time.
Her face is always hidden, could it be possible a new fetish came out?

Old Man:”L-Let’s leave it at that. You brought a strange weapon……This is certainly the perfect weapon for the missy.”

The old man answers while appraising the Karma Rabbit Sword.
It is difficult to use in various ways, but the offensive power is very high.
I want to ask the old man’s opinion before we customize or replace it.
There is also the option of melting and reforging too.

Naofumi:”The problem is that this thing doesn’t have the Blood Clean Coating. Can you do something about it?”
Old Man:”To process it at this stage…… It’s accuracy would decline. Is that fine?”
Naofumi:”I’ll be relying on you.”
Old Man:”Fumu…..That’s fine, but it might be interesting to try some improvements.”

Are you going to add some parts like the barbarian’s armour?
It might be good to ask about it.

Old man:”You keep brining me interesting requests lad.”
Naofumi:”I guess. Oh right, old man. Can this child Rishia choose a weapon?”
Old Man:”Hm? Go ahead…..Take off the suit and show your hand.”
Rishia:”I-I like swords.”
Naofumi:”I want to leave the rearguard to you though……”

After looking at her status I don’t really want her to take the front.
If she suffers even a scratch, she may just die.
Both her defence and agility are low. Worst case scenario, she gets caught up in Firo’s kick and dies.
If it’s the power of magical attacks, even Rishia may be able to manage to some extent in the rear guard while I protect her.
I’ll ask whether or not she can use ranged magic later, if she can use it, then she can support Raphtalia and Firo from the back with magic.

Rishia:”I can do either!”
Old Man:”I appreciate the enthusiasm, but for the time being let me take a look.”

Rishia timidly takes off the suit and extends her hand to the old man.

Old Man:”Another beautiful woman. The lad must be happy.”
Naofumi:”Happy? You think that I’m anything like Motoyasu?
Old Man:”A blockhead as usual huh, the young lady’s troubles increased again.”

The old man says that and Raphtalia nods in understanding.

Old Man:”Fumu…..It looks like you have good compatibility with a rapier. If you want to become a rearguard, then one with a defensive blessing will be good.”
Rishia:”I see, can you choose one for me?”
Naofumi:”Wait, is there a bow or a spear she can use as well? She doesn’t have any power so I can’t really recommend it.”
Rishia:”Fue……A bow is no good!”
Naofumi:”Is it unpleasant due to Itsuki?”
Rishia:”That’s not it, I’m just scared that I will hit somebody.”
Naofumi:”Ah, so that’s it.”

Do I have to worry about friendly fire by accident now?
It seems her respect for Itsuki is still there……Is he still a hero to her?

Naofumi:”Anyway, how long would it be?”
Old Man:”The wave is soon, so a little over a week. I’ll do the best that I can within that timeframe.”
Naofumi:”Understood. And……”

The Old man asks about the penguin suit.

Old Man:”How is this done? Can it be disassembled? I mean……Who was it that made this.”
Naofumi:”Ah, that. It’s performance is excellent, but the appearance is bad. A demon dropped it……it’s bad, to put it simply the legendary weapon produced it from the demon’s materials.”

That’s about it. These kinds of things are dropped by demons.
It makes me realize again that this is a different world. I didn’t realise .
It’s not funny that I didn’t realise before. Those guys that knew before are strange.
In the first place, how does a porcupine like animal drop a weapon that has nothing to do with its physique.

Old Man:”Don’t make such unusual things……Though it’s clear that its effects are excellent……”
Naofumi:”Can you transfer the effect on to something else?”
Old Man:”It would be difficult. I’ll give it a try from various angles, but don’t expect too much. At that time, I’ll ask you again since some fine tuning would be needed.”
Naofumi:”I’ll be relying on you. Should I leave the barbarian’s armour here?”
Old Man:”That’s fine……Just, I’ll be using it as an experimental basis for the missy’s armour.”

For Raphtalia huh. I hope it goes well.

Raphtalia:”Wh-What is it?”
Naofumi:”Don’t worry about it.”

A rather unpleasant feeling aches, I don’t know if it’s a bad premonition.
This feels like a reconstruction that will go bad.

Rishia:”For some reason it feels exciting.”

……The expectations of a fan of stuffed animals.
It seems like this will go down a bad direction.
For someone like Rishia to excitedly anticipate something, it’s quite a flag.
At worst, would I have Rishia wear it?

Firo:”Master~ can we go yet?”
Naofumi:”Yeah, ten more minutes.’

Throughout the whole thing, Firo has been quietly carrying the materials.
That reminds me……There are some other materials that I unexpectedly got on the island.
Materials not available when I give priority to drops.
Drops not obtained when I give priority to materials.
It was difficult.

Naofumi:”Oh right, I completely forgot about it. Hey old man, can you show me your shields?”
Old Man:”I don’t really think you need a shield right……? Ah, is it for the young ladies?”
Naofumi:”It’s something else. It’s fine to tell you about it.”

I tell the old man about weapon copy.
As expected, he is frowning.

Old Man:”To blatantly say towards me the shopkeeper, that you are performing a theft.”
Naofumi:”Should I do it silently instead? I think it should be a service provided by the country.”
Old Man:”Well……The other heroes are doing it silently……. Can’t be helped. It doesn’t matter if its the lad’s request. I’ll show you my favorite.”

With that, I copied every shield that the old man had in his shop.
I copied various shields, such as the Magic Silver Shield, Heavy Shield, Iron Shell Shield, Magic Shield, and so on…….
Is the Iron Shield and Iron Shell Shield different?…… Magic Shield seems to be a shield that can convert magical power in to a shield.
I mean, I have heard it before, but is the shield an item that is considered a weapon after all?
It’s naturally being sold at a weapon store.
I’m not complaining since I am copying the shields one by one.
Well I have consent from the owner.

Old Man:”That should be it, ah wait a moment lad.”

After saying so the old man goes to the back of the store.
I heard the sound of him going upstairs, and there is a lot of clanking going on.
The old man returned after a while.

Old Man:”Thanks for waiting. This is a shield that is rare in this country.”

It’s quite boorish…… However the shield that the old man brought also has a strange luster to it.
Is the metal used iron? However, there is a strange atmosphere.
I appraise and judge it.
Iron Meteorite Shield Quality: Normal

Naofumi:”Iron meteorite?”
Old Man:”Yeah, this shield is made of an unusual ore that fell from the sky. It’s a display product of Zeltbull. A prototype of the iron meteorite series.”
Naofumi:”I see……Hm? Display product? Why do you have it?”
Old Man:”It’s from back in the day.”
Naofumi:”Uh huh.”

I wonder why this article is not for sale.
Ah, Motoyasu was saying that Zeltbull had a good assortment of weapons.
Did he touch and copy one?

Old Man:”Here, try it.”
Naofumi:”Ah, Right.”

I take the iron meteorite shield handed to me by the old man.

And I activate Weapon Copy!

Iron Meteorite Shield 0/20 C
Ability Unsealed……Equipment Bonus: Skill [Meteor Shield]
Proficiency 0

It finally appeared!
The shield version of the meteor series those other heroes used!
By the way, there are various colours, but that’s normal in the status system.
Am I now part of the foolish four?
Well, that depends on its efficiency.
I change my shield to the Iron Meteorite Shield.

Old Man:”Ooh”

The old man speaks in surprise.

Naofumi:”A strange skill appeared, let me try it out.”
Old Man:”Wha—-Hey!”
Naofumi:”Meteor Shield!”

And, I shout. A thin wall of light appears around me. it’s effect is 2 meters centering around me.
Sp consumption is……Around 5% of it all. The cool down time is short, 15 seconds huh.
Based on what I saw, I have a feeling that this is a skill that creates a defense wall.

Raphtalia:”What kind of skill is it?”
Naofumi:”I think it’s a skill that will create a defensive wall……”

Raphtalia touches the wall surrounding me……for some reason she slipped right through.

Raphtalia:”Is it something different?”

Rishia and Firo slip through the same way.
Since the Meteor skills of those other guys had such high-efficiency, I didn’t think it would be a garbage skill.

Old Man:”Seriously, don’t do something strange within the shop—Fube”

The old man tries to pass through the wall but gets knocked back.

Naofumi:”Ah, can only party members pass through?”

Depending on its durability, it is a skill that can work as ranged protection.
If I think of its uses, it’s quite excellent.
And……The effective time is about 5 minutes. While factoring in the cool down time, this is quite an excellent skill.

Old Man:”Good grief, think about it for a little before you do anything lad.”
Naofumi:”Sorry, I wanted you to see it since it is your best.”
Old Man:”If you say any more, it will become a complaint.”
Naofumi:”I’ll leave it at that for now.”

Afterwards, I told him about Motoyasu’s tempering technique with ore.
There is some in the material list, there is a delicate line to align until it’s satisfactory
There is fewer compared to other ores.
It’s possible that Trash wanted to gather it for Motoyasu, but the queen was a step ahead.
Since a lot of it is necessary, I need to think of a different way to obtain it.

Naofumi:”See you later old man. If you need anything for the weapon shop, just ask the castle with these documents.”
Old Man:”I understand lad. Please wait expectantly.”
Naofumi:”Yeah, I’ll be relying on you.”

Thus we left the weapon shop.

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