Chapter 112 Warehouse

Alright let’s go.


At the warehouse that stinks of a dusty castle. It seems the equipments for the knights order is kept here.
A place where excellent equipment is located in a RPG.
I will confirm it one by one.
Wow……Most of these are expensive all-purpose equipments but they have strict requirements.

Queen:”The demands of Iwatani-sama were not finished yet……I apologize.”

The swords that are lined up here are already better than the magic silver sword that Raphtalia was using…… The problem is that the offensive power of the Karma Rabbit Sword is still higher.
It seems quite hard to use…… Let’s go ask the old man at the weapon shop.
I mean, the direction this is heading in isn’t bad

Naofumi:”Don’t worry about it. Let’s makes some compromises.”
Queen:”Thank you very much. You can use the materials collected here instead.”

Next, we are shown the warehouse keeping various materials.
The queen passes me a document that has letters written on parchment.

Queen:”This is a list. You can make a custom order to a blacksmith master for your orders.”
Naofumi:”Mhm…..I appreciate your cooperation.”

Material System……

Naofumi:”May I take a little?”
Queen:”Go ahead.”

I absorb a little bit of each material stored within the castle to unseal new shields.
There are a ton of things that are too far down the skill tree, but a lot of excellent ones increased.
It would be impossible to unseal all of them before the next wave…….

Naofumi:”Afterwards, for the blacksmith, I have a guy that I want to request from.”
Queen:”……Is that so. If that’s how Iwatani-sama wants it.”

The image of the old man in the weapon shop that took the trouble to make my protective gear and our weapons springs up.
He has helped me out in various ways.
It feels like I would be returned good with evil if I order equipment or weapons from places besides the old man’s weapon shop.
Above all, that guy’s skill can be trusted.

There are a few more problems to deal with before the wave.
I just noticed something this place.

Naofumi:”Where did the other heroes go?”
Queen:”I had them go quell a wave in the neighboring countries.”
Naofumi:”……Come again?”

That reminds me……There certainly was such a feeling.
That waves are happening not just in Melromarc, but all over the world.

Naofumi:”How do they participate.”
Queen:”It is possible to fight the waves of a region by letting your weapon resonate with the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era in their country.”
Naofumi:”Wait……That means it’s possible to not participate when the wave is happening in Melromarc?”
Queen:”Yes. That’s what it means.”

Won’t it be bad for you if I found that out? to think she would explain it and point it out naturally.
If I knew about this before……I would have already quickly escaped from this country.
But I wonder……The situation right now isn’t bad, and I will have to fight a wave eventually.
I wonder if the Hourglass of the Dragon is a device that works like a save point in net games.
I wanted to know this before!

Queen:”Iwatani-sama? Do you know there are appearances of heroes other than the four holy heroes?”
Naofumi:”Come again?”

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such a story.

Queen:”Then shall I explain?”

The queen’s eyes sparkle.
There was a time when I heard about the queen liking legends, from Melty when we were talking about the legend of the Queen of Philorials.

Queen:”There is a legend about the Seven Star Heroes almost as famous as the legend of the Four Holy Heroes.”
Naofumi:”Seven Star Heroes?”
Queen:”Yes, it is a legend of heroes that are chosen by seven weapons, just like the Four Holy Heroes.”

As many as seven huh……
If all of the other weapons are on a different system, it feels more like a game.
In an RPG it would be certain that one of these guys will become a companion in the future.

However……In this world, when I hear about guys that use legendary weapons.
I think about some people who only make matters worse.

Queen:”Due to the problem in our country created from Trash and the Three Heroes Church, we had to close our eyes and abandon the power of the Seven Star Heroes.”
Queen:”The thing is, it is said that the Seven Star Heroes and the Four Holy Heroes are deeply related to each other, they are called Supplementary Heroes–”

The queen continues to talk about legends for a long time.
Raphtalia only knew about the Four Holy Heroes and listens intently. Firo is dozing off to the queen’s story.
For some reason Rishia seems to already know about it and keep calm.

Naofumi:”Then, just like me, are there as many as seven other Heroes that were summoned?”
Naofumi:”Is it something else?”
Queen:”It is common throughout adventurers to yearn to become a Seven Star Hero. In short, there are those that become heroes by answering the summons, and there are those from this world that can become heroes.”
(Tlnote: For those that read the christmas side story……So many things just clicked.)

Someone from this world that can by-pass the summoning limitation and become a hero……
Is it something from the common sense of this world?
Since I am called a hero, some strange person would probably not be chosen.

Queen:”Tentatively, if the hero summoning using a legendary weapon fails, the weapon will be available to look for chosen ones among the commoners.”
Naofumi:”……Isn’t there a feeling of a legendary sword sticking in the ground?”
Queen:” The sword is a weapon of one of the heroes among the Four Holy Heroes, I’m certain that it would not be stuck in the ground.”

Indeed. There will be plenty of those that will want to challenge it.
If they are chosen, they get stronger and national aid will be received.
There is no reason not to yearn for it.

Queen:”There are many more heroic epics about the Four Holy Heroes around the world. There is a possibility of a Seven Star Hero appearing whenever a war occurs.”
Queen:”After the recent wave happened, a majority of the Seven Star Heroes appeared.”
Naofumi:”Was it that much of a crisis?”
Queen:”Yes. Well……Iwatani-sama has already encountered one of the Seven Star Heroes already.”
Naofumi:”What? Who?”
Queen:”That is……It’s better for you not to know.”
Naofumi:”Speak. I am bothered by who.”
Queen:”There is no advantages to finding out. That one is already……”

A cautioning tone could be heard from Shadow.

Queen:”That is a state secret. If it leaks out I don’t know if it could lead to a war or not. Please excuse me.”
Naofumi:”……I still want to know.”
Queen:”If that person was as splendid as before, I would have gladly talked about it. Someday……Please wait until that time comes to talk.”
Naofumi:”Is just the name fine?”
Queen:”The name of that formerly excellent person is Rouge. Twenty years ago, he is the Seven Star Hero of the Cane that saved a lot of countries, including this one by facing off against Silt Welt, which at the time was scheming world domination.”
Naofumi:”You’re praising that guy very highly. Are you acquainted with this guy?……”

If it was twenty years ago, he must be considerably old.

When thinking about my acquaintances, the grandmother, slave trader, and accessory merchant.
The latter two are out of the question, the grandmother would be someone to consider.
That rampage after her dramatic revival with the medicine.
But, I feel it’s someone different.
……Who? I seriously don’t know!

Queen:”It’s a story you will hear someday.”

In other words, the queen won’t tell me.

Queen:”That person was remarkable back in the day too……”

…… She said the same thing about trash with this expression……

Naofumi:”Rishia, do you know?”
Rishia:”Ah, yes. King-sama is the Seven Star Hero of the Cane-sama.”
Rishia:”Right now, it’s a fact that thanks to the king the country of Melcromarc exists now. I heard stories from papa that he was a great person, known as the Virtuous King of Wisdom.”

No No No way, that lump of foolishness called trash has the power of a Seven Star Hero?
Impossible! I couldn’t even see a cane on him.
What Virtuous King of Wisdom. They might be mistaking it with Foolish King of Ignorance.

Naofumi:”Don’t say such a funny joke Rishia.”
Rishia:”It’s not a joke though……I think his figure a while ago is surely a plan or something. my mama said that as long as King-sama is hero, Melromarc would be peaceful.”
Naofumi:”……Therefore your papa and mama become fallen nobles.”
(Tlnote: Holy shit. Low blow dude.)

According to what I heard, it might be some famous scheme mentioned in my world.
Laying a trap by acting foolish or something. I have a feeling not to carelessly read too deeply into this……
No way.
This has got to be that. That is the real thing.
The real one could be dead, and Trash is just inheriting the place.

Queen:”By the way, it looks like the one wearing the suit recently joined.”
Naofumi:”Yeah, she came from Itsuki’s place.”
Queen:”I know the circumstances. Was it house Ivy Red?”

Was there such a name?
Incidentally, she is from a fallen noble family.

Queen:” I remember those local nobles. By all means, I hope that you fulfil the mission of saving the world with Iwatana-sama.”

With that, the conversation and getting was done.
Looking at the suit Rishia is wearing, it’s impossible to tell whether or not she is embarrassed.
I mean, to be able to notice that is a human.

Naofumi:”That reminds me, Rishia what do you want to do in the future?”
Rishia:”What to do?”
Naofumi:”Yeah, did you not hear it from Itsuki? The reason why Raphtalia and Firo are so strong is due an ability within my shield. I am asking whether or not you want to apply it to yourself as well.”

I explain the power of growth correction.

Rishia:”There is such a power? Just by raising levels…… To be strong.”
Naofumi:”Normally you would have been strong, but you are a jack of all trades and master of none, I though it would be best to apply some protection.”

Rishia approaches me and leans forward.

Naofumi:”Rishia, do you want to become strong?”
(Tlnote: Is it just me, or is this really creepy?)

A good answer with strong enthusiasm.
To answer those feelings, I clearly say.

Naofumi:”Then, become my slave.”

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