Chapter 108 False Accusations, Again

Not as rage inducing as I expected, the voodoo doll I prepared went unused. Still, quite angry though.

False Accusations, Again

The other heroes seem to have all boarded the ship. I was informed by Shadow as the ship departed.

I am thinking about the future while watching the sun set over the sea.
First of all, what are all the things that I need to ask the queen when we get back to the castle town?
Next, I need to go to the old man’s place to prepare for the next wave. On that topic, should I ask the queen for materials?
If there is time, it wouldn’t be bad to go demon hunting ourselves for the materials.
Afterwards, there is also that thing about completely tempering my shield. There is a limit to how many reinforcement materials I can get on the island.
At night, I headed up to the deck after finishing dinner .
I watch the sea and feel the evening wind.
……I found Firo exercising by swimming after her meal.
Just how obsessed are you with swimming right now.
(TLnote: マイブーム MaiBumu…… Apparently it means:” Something that a person is currently obsessed with.”
I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.


I see Motoyasu at the corner of the deck…… And I also discover Rishia there.
Flirting again? That reminds me, Rishia was also included in Motoyasu’s beautiful girl ranking.
Just how much do you want to make a harem.
Do you even know what Itsuki would say?
For the time being, I’ll warn him a bit.

Naofumi:” Hey. Motoyasu, why don’t you stop flirting here–”
Motoyasu:”Ah! If it isn’t Naofumi! I beg you!”

Motoyasu seems to have a pale complexion and pushes Rishia to me by her shoulders.

Naofumi:”What’s up with you?”
Motoyasu:”It’s fine! I’ll leave it to you!”

What’s the matter? To think that womanizer would entrust me with something…… When I look at Rishia, she seems surprised.
For some reason……Her eyes are swollen up and bloodshot.
Rishia was probably sitting down in that corner crying over and over.

Naofumi:”Wh-What’s wrong!?”
Motoyasu:”Th-Then with this I’m done!”
Naofumi:”Wait! Surely you didn’t……Not on a ship……”

Did you fall so low as to commit a crime?
Since she didn’t obey did you say: “It’s alright, it’ll only hurt in the beginning……” and rape Rishia?
It does seem like a Motoyasu’s modus operandi.That guy seems like he could nonchalantly steal someone else’s lover.
And so, it leads to her being so upset and crying.
What a terrible sleazebag. I’ll never let you escape.

Motoyasu:”Th-That’s not it!”
Naofumi:”Then prove it.”
Rishia:”Mo-Motoyasu-sama isn’t responsible……”

Rishia muttered in a hoarse voice.
Damn, was I just over thinking?
As expected even Motoyasu isn’t rotten to this degree.

Naofumi:”Then what happened?”
Motoyasu:”There are certain circumstances. But I’m no good at dealing with it. Therefore I’ll entrust it to you!”

After saying that while laughing, Motoyasu escaped back to his cabin while trembling after a large sigh.
That’s the first time I’ve seen such an expression on Motoyasu.
Or perhaps, Is that guy the type that is not good at dealing with women?
Was it because of what type Rishia is? That guy’s good luck looks a little weak.

Firo:”What happened~?”

Firo noticed the situation and asked after returning to the deck.

Rishia:”Please don’t worry about it.”
Naofumi:” I’m afraid I can’t do that, I feel uneasy thinking you might have been raped by Motoyasu.”
Rishia:”No……I just couldn’t put up with it any more.”
Naofumi:”You couldn’t put up with Motoyasu:”
Rishia:”Th-That’s not it!”

Though still tearful, for a moment she looked slightly angry. Did she get a little vigor back?

Rishia:”Motoyasu-sama tried to cheer me up at first too……As I though, I don’t think I should talk about it.”
Naofumi:”Don’t say something like that……You help me once before, I am grateful.”

It was Rishia that taught me about the ore that Itsuki uses.
If Rishia is troubled, I want to co-operate as much as possible.

Rishia:”No……Really, please don’t worry.”

After saying that, Rishia escaped by departing.

Naofumi:”……What was that about?”

In the end, only unpleasant examples of what might have happened remains.

Next morning.
I was reading a book in the cabin while questioning Rishia’s attitude last night.

Naofumi:”I’m worried after all.”

For some reason……This is something that by all rights I could ignore, but my heart is noisy.
This feeling resembles the time when Melty was attacked by the guard and when I was falsely accused by Bitch.
I have a very bad feeling about this.

Raphtalia:”Is something wrong?”
Naofumi:”Just a little. I can’t relax so I’ll just go investigate something a little.”
Raphtalia:”I see……”

I left the room as Raphtalia continued to do push-ups.
What on earth could have happened? I can’t understand this by myself.
I feel a little anxiety as I eavesdrop on Ituki’s cabin.
For some reason, happy voices could be heard.
Am I over thinking too much?


Then I see Rishia, who is for some reason staring enviously at the cabin.
When she noticed me, she ran away.
……What is wrong? Really.
I might be able to discover the circumstances by questioning Motoyasu.

With that reasoning I knock on the door to Motoyasu’s cabin.


Woman 1 Opens the door.
An amazing smile that I have never seen before was shown to me.
This girl……She can make such a face?……
Is this an act to get along with Bitch and Woman2? Frankly, it makes me sick.
To have the ability to make such a face when she habitually has a deadpan expression.
Women are scary.

Woman1:”……Ah, It’s you! If it’s just you, then I can remove the mask!”

After a few seconds, her facial expression dampened tremendously, vented her anger for acting towards me.
I absolutely cannot understand why she would be angry.

Naofumi:”Is Motoyasu here?”
Bitch:” Is there a reason why I must tell you?”
Naofumi:”Heey. Motoyasu–”
Bitch:” Don’t ignore me!”
Woman2:”Yeah Yeah!”

Woman 2 is taking advantage of the opportunity. I pretend that Bitch isn’t in my field of view and ignore her.
I would rather not come here due to the trauma from before.
This guy doesn’t matter to me.

Motoyasu:”What’s up with you Naofumi, everyone here seems to hate you.”

Motoyasu talks to me while being sandwiched in a harem-like situation between Bitch and Woman2.
What an irritating pose.
It would be impossible to ask about his position without being sarcastic.

Naofumi:”Such a thing doesn’t matter. I just want to ask about something.”
Motoyasu:”……What is it?”
Naofumi:”The matter from last night. Something about entrusting me before you left.”
Motoyasu:”……I understand. However, after that I’ll leave everything to you.”
Naofumi:”Leaving it to others……well fine. I’m acting on curiosity. I’ll accept the risk that comes along with it.”

There is an idea forming in my mind, as that guy Motoyasu comes out of the cabin with a pale face while telling his followers to stay.
When we head up to the deck, he is still looking at me with a pale face.

Motoyasu:”About Rishia-chan’s situation.”

I can’t get the reason why Rishia was crying from questioning her.
So I’ll ask Motoyasu about the circumstances, since I think he is kind to women.

Motoyasu:”To tell the truth–”

The situation was explained from Motoyasu’s point of view……
After hearing Motoyau’s story, and realising that my intuition was right, there was a lump in my throat as anger surged up.


I forcefull kick down the door to Itsuki’s room.
The door opened with a loud bang, and everyone inside stared at me simultaneously.

Itsuki:”Wh-What is it!?”
Armour:”Hero of the Shield you bastard!What do you want!”
Naofumi:”What do I want? Ask yourselves! You trashes!”

Due to my loud voice, the whole ship felt noisy.
Itsuki and Armour flinched momentarily due to my oppressive attitude.
Itsuki was the first to recover and he raises his voice in anger as well.

Itsuki:”That’s why I asked what the hell happened!”
Naofumi:”Do you seriously not understand yet!?”

This is dangerous, if I keep this resentment smouldering in my heart, then the Wrath Shield will appear.
If Ren comes, it would go on a rampage.

Armour:”I don’t know what suspicions you have, Hero of the Shield!”

Armour tried to grab me.
So I avoided Armour’s arms and applied a joint-locking technique.

[The rules of a legendary weapon, it is prohibited to have a weapon other than the exclusive weapon]

(Sfx*)Bashin*Bashin* I received pain through my arm, but I ignore it.
Am I prohibited from even doing a Joint-lock attack?
Throwing was okay though, what’s the difference?

Armour:”Ouch! Owowow!”
Naofumi:”I came here to talk to Itsuki. Don’t get in my way, you small fry!”

I thrust away Armour, and glare at Itsuki.
I haven’t felt this anger in a long time.
Since I calmed down a lot thanks to Raphtalia.
I don’t intend to suppress it now.

Naofumi:”You……For someone who has a habit of claiming justice, you know nothing!”
Itsuki:”What are you……”

While angrily looking at Itsuki, I see that Rishia ran towards the commotion and is looking in to the room.

Itsuki:”Seriously, the reason I think you are so mad, is it that thing?”
Naofumi:”So you do know.”
Itsuki:”She is the bad one.”
Naofumi:”Don’t joke around!”

The story that I heard from Motoyasu, it’s—
The reason that Rishia was grieving that way.
On the last day of activation, Rishia finished shopping for the day and returned to her companions.

Itsuki:”Rishia-san. Was it you?”
Rishia:”Eh? What are you talking about?”

After Rishia returned, she tilted her neck to Itsuki’s disappointed question.

Itsuki:”It’s not use to pretend you don’t know. You are the one that broke my accessory.”

After saying so, Itsuki brought out his cherished bracelet that was cruelly broken.

Rishia:”Eh? I-I have no idea. What is that?”
Itsuki:”To think you would tell a lie like that……There is evidence.”

After saying so, Itsuki directs his gaze to his other companions.

Armour:”Yes, we all saw it. Rishia broke the bracelet that Itsuki-sama cherished and hide it.”
No Name:”That’s right.”
No Name2:”I saw it.”
Rishia:”Ehh!? Th-That’s not it! I didn’t do anything……I really didn’t know!”

Rishia pleaded desperately.
However, Itsuki doesn’t belive it.

Itsuki:”So do I not believe in the eye-witness either?……I can’t be helped. I intended to forgive you if you apologized…… Rishia-san, please leave the party starting today.”
Rishia:”N-No way! I really didn’t know anything!”

At that moment, Rishia saw that Armour was chuckling faintly.
However, Rishia at that moment was clinging to Itsuki and pleading to not be thrown away.

Rishia:”I beg you! Please! Let me stay near Itsuki-sama!”

Itsuki’s eyes swim around and seem to be tormented with a little sense of guilt.

Armour:”It’s not okay to permit it here, Itsuki-sama!”
No Name:”There is suspicion that Rishia leaked information to the other Heroes.”

Armour argued with his companion backing him up.

Itsuki:”It’s regrettable, but…….Farewell.”
Rishia:”Itsuki-sama!? I really really beg you! Please reconsider, I’ll do anything!”

At Rishia’s tearful begging, Itsuki turned his back and didn’t respond.

Armour:”How long are you going to provoke Itsuki-sama’s pity! You liar! You don’t have the qualifications to approach Itsuki-sama!”

Itsuki’s companions forcibly expelled Rishia out.
After that, even though she wanted to approach even a little……The results were the same.
This was roughly the contents from Motoyasu’s story on Rishia.

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