Chapter 106 Days on Cal Mira Island

Yes, it’s that time of month again. No, it’s not a period.

It’s payroll time (As an accountant, I am the one writing the payrolls.). ;–;

Days on Cal Mira Island

For the time being……We are travelling by ship.
It seems Firo has completely mastered swimming. When she swims she looks like a penguin.


While floating in the water Firo grabs onto the reins for the boat that I am holding .
……I have a very bad feeling about this.

Firo:”Let Firo ferry the boat.”

While sitting on the boat with one hand on the oars, I think about the request.
Well, I understand what she is trying to do.

Naofumi:”Raphtalia, you don’t seem to be vomiting.”
Raphtalia:”I am fine on boats!”

That’s a relief.
I nod and strongly shake the reins.


Firo gallantly swims forwards while pulling the boat at high speeds.


As we were being ferried a funny voice was heard.
Well, it is normal to be surprised.

Raphtalia:” It’s just like a foreign Dophi Ship.”

What’s that?
If I remember correctly, a Dophi is a demon that resembles a dolphin.
I can somehow imagine that.
Ships being pulled across the sea by large quantities of Dophi……I imagine it to be such a place.
We are being very efficient, since Firo is able to do it herself.
Or rather, does Firo even know where she is heading towards? ……In more ways than one.

Firo:”Where is the island?”

Raphtalia:”Over there.”

After confirming where the island Firo is supposed to ferry us to, she changes the direction she is swimming in.
This fellow sure adapts quickly.

Firo:”Master~, next time we play, dive with Firo to the bottom of the sea, it’s very beautiful.”
Naofumi:”I’ll suffocate.”

How long and how fast can you dive for in the sea?
I would hate it. Coming to a different world, and drowning while playing in the sea.

Firo:”Onee-chan can dive for a long time, she won’t lose to Firo.”
Raphtalia:”Y-Yeah…… Diving is my forte.”

Well, if she couldn’t swim, her parents would not have pushed her into the sea, away from the demons when the wave happened.

Raphtalia:” Shall I fetch some seafood for later?”
Naofumi:”That’s fine….. But it always comes out at the hotel.”
Raphtalia:”…….That seems be the case.”

I’m getting slightly tired of seafood. Well, the dishes here are mostly in Meunière style, there is an absence of sashimi.
(Tlnote: Meunière: Rolled lightly in flour and sautéed in butter.)

Raphtalia:”Is it safe to eat it raw?”
Firo:”Is it delicious?”
Naofumi:”Let’s feed it to Firo and see.”

The problem with feeding it to Firo is that there is still the possibility that it isn’t safe for us.

Naofumi:”Next time I’ll make some food from my world.”
Raphtalia:”I’m looking forward to it.”
Naofumi:”……Though it’ll probably be from the East.”

A cook book would be something I would like to search for soon. Incidentaly, it also seems that my shield has a cooking skill.
And so, while chatting idly, we arrived at today’s destination surprisingly swiftly.
Well, we were able to see it from the start, it barely took us any time at all to get here.

Naofumi:”Th-That was surprising.”

While getting off the boat, my legs were trembling, and I am having trouble standing.
Knowing the ridiculous speed that the boat travelled to its destination at is surprising.
Firo’s speed is quite considerable.
After arriving at the island, we comfortably move to the hunting grounds.
As a result, the experience points that demons give are increasing every time. Of course that’s excluding the Miraka Bracelet.
If equipped, the experience increased even more.
Anyway, for the time being since Raphtalia is the lowest level, she equips the bracelet first.

Raphtalia:”It’s been a while since I hunted demons with Naofumi-sama.”
Naofumi:”Now that I think about it, that’s right.”

Due to one thing or the other, from the fight against the pope all the way to Cal Mira Island, the only fighting that was done was from Firo.
Though I don’t think it has been that long either.
I mean…. when we were living as fugitives we had to hunt demons in order to procure food.

Naofumi:”From now on let’s level up together at this Cal Mira Archipelago. Do your best.”

As we chatted and worked on raising our levels, we noticed that there were more people on Cal Mira Island than the day before.
As expected, the adventurers don’t really head towards the center of the island much.
Well, usually the upper limit for them is level 40. Unless they are a chosen adventurer it would be dangerous.
Though that might not be the reason I rarely met them……

Just that……How should I say it, those who are overly greedy will turn into bone……
I am reminded of the law survival of the fittest.
How many adventurers have died on this island?
I refrain from questioning it too much since they aren’t in the same class as us……


Demons are cut apart in a single one of Rapthalia’s sword strikes, and the demons that are kicked by Firo resemble meat paste.
……Correction, Raphtalia and Firo still have quite a lot to spare.
Furthermore, since I was strengthened, I can efficiently and safely defend against large numbers of demons.
Oh right, there is that Shield Bash.

Naofumi:”Shield Bash!”

I set my sights on an enemy, chant the skill to hit with my shield. Therefore, the demon was hit by the shield.
I watch as the Yellow Beetle is smashed……and I hear a nice smack.
Though, it didn’t seem to do very much damage.
However……Its movement stopped.
It seems to have been stunned for about three seconds.
This is a skill that inflicts an abnormal state called Stun or confusion.
Though it’s still a problem that i can’t do any damage……


Some munching sounds resounded.
……During the opening that the yellow beetle shown when its movement stopped, it was pitifully finished off with Firo eating it.
Cool down time is 5 seconds. It is easy to use. Doesn’t cost much SP either.
(Tlnote: WHAT!? 3 second stun on a 5 second cooldown that doesn’t cost much SP? Can somebody yell: “NERF!”?)
As we approach the center of the island, the demons increase in levels, and Raphtalia was struggling slightly.

Naofumi:”Are you alright?”
Raphtalia:”There are no problems!”
Firo:”This is nothing~”

Well, by struggling I meant, instead of needing one attack, now it’s two.
So, at the center of today’s island, we encountered a Karma Dog Familiar.
Similar to a circular orb……A big dog with a pitch black body, had wings growing out from some magic-lens object from it’s back.
This breed of dog……similar to a Golden retriever? It’s an indescribably deformed demon. However, it doesn’t change that this is still a brutal demon.
I confirm the displayed name as Karma Dog.
Is it the boss of this island?
I can’t imagine the guy that summoned something like this Karma Dog Familiar as his familiar.

Naofumi:”Tzuvait ・Aura!”

I use support magic on Raphtalia and Firo who challange the Karma Dog.
The Karma dog tries to attack me by biting me with its enormous fangs.


The karma dog clamps down on my hand with its mouth, as I try to hold it down.
With a loud clang, I stop the movements of the Karma Dog.

Naofumi:”Shield Bash!”

I use one strike of Shield Bash on the Karma Dog.
If Raphtalia and Firo can take advantage of this opening it would be good.
And, contrary to what I thought, the Karma dog wasn’t showing any effects from the Abnormal state, does it have a resistance?
For just a moment, I felt the power of its bite weaken, but it seems to be recovering quickly.
Its movements are fast though, but thanks to me holding it down, we can fight it safely.
After defeating it, we are able to catch up since the experience gained is considerable.

And so our everyday life on the island continued as such.
The next day we defeated a Karma Squirrel. Of course, it included the Familiar.
During yesterday night I checked the skills included in the shields that I obtained.
It was quite fortunate that I got a skilled called Highten Reaction that informed me of any hostilities from demons.
I used it in the beginning in the hunting grounds.

Naofumi:” Highten Reaction!”

I tilt my neck, puzzled, as nothing happened. Then Firo blinks several times.

Firo:”Master, there’s a strange feeling of something flying around everywhere.”

It was brought to my attention.
At first I didn’t understand what happened, but I immediately thought about it.
It was due to the swarm of demons aiming at me.
Of course, it included the ones that other adventurers that were fighting.

The effective range is about 15 meters.
As expected, I had to return their demons and apologize to the other adventurers for troubling them, during that time it came to light that I was the hero of the shield.
I had no intention of hiding it, but there are some obstinate guys that have a problem with me.
Still, Highten Reaction has no effect on demons that are above a certain level of intelligence.

Similarly we defeated a Karma Rabbit, and I absorb it into the shield.
Ah, it had a charm that was considered a good rare item. Of course, when a demon is defeated it will be dismantled before absorbing.
I wonder what principle they appear on? It’s quite likely that it could be from the dimensional crack.
And then, an ore called Oracle Ore dropped. After confirming the ore, it seems to be one of the necessary materials used to reinforce a weapon.
Therefore I started gathering it.

Since a weapon called Karma Dog Claw dropped, I took it out and gave it to Firo to equip.
……But it’s size didn’t fit. We were fighting against Karma Dogs for a while, and a larger sized one dropped so we finished without trouble.
Though the size is all over the place……Can’t anything be done about it?

Firo:”Master~ This is claw is ominous~”
Naofumi:”Don’t worry about it. It’s probably not particularly cursed.”
Firo:”Though-…..When kicking, some black stuff sprays out and the demons become unappetizing. The enemies before were more tender~……”

Hmm……I wonder if it’s because the weapon has a darkness attribute. Do you want a different weapon to make your food with?

Naofumi:”How about you Raphtalia?”

A Karma Rabbit Sword dropped from a Karma Rabbit for Raphtalia.

Raphtalia:”For some reason my body has become very light, it is very peculiar.”

Before coming to a different world, using weapons dropped from bosses would be very exciting, but for some reason it doesn’t seem so good.
I should probably ask the old man at the weapon shop to make weapons from the materials from the Karma bosses.
Well, it should be fine since the offensive power is good.
Though the bad point is that it doesn’t have blood clean coating, so the weapon won’t last a long time.
While staying at the hotel, I can make my shield a whetstone, and there are also a lot of other shields to go through.
Let’s give priority to that.
I should take the weapon to the old man for the coating……It is necessary to prepare for the next wave too.

It would be best for it to pass anti-climatically.
As our levels rise steadily, a sense of impending crises also rises.

For the time being, to combat the anxiety, I will continue to collect shields from new demons and open up more possibilities to deal with any problems.
I cannot do anything without being careful……
Well, should I check out the area where unknown demons inhabit after the wave……?
I have the queen’s funding so gold should be no problem.

Anyway, Including Raphtalia and Firo, we started strengthening ourselves.

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