The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 105

Chapter translated by Yoraikun!

Inlitify OA


That day, I went back to the inn and tried feeding ingredients into my shield. An Icon popped up.

For now, I want to make a basic Heal pill.

…To make one pill, the mix time is 5 minutes.

It seems the required time increases based upon the level of the recipe.

5 minutes later.

A chime sounded off, and the system message, ‘Mixing Complete’ appeared before my eyes.

I confirm the result.

Heal Pill

Quality: Normal

Did it come out as ‘Normal’ because the materials used were bad? No, the quality decreased too much

I’ll try using better materials.

Heal Pill

Quality: Normal

I ran some more tests, and it seems that the Quality is stuck at normal.

So even if all I have is ‘Poor’ materials, I will be able to make ‘Normal’ goods? This might be a good source…

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19 Responses to The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 105

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you


  2. Anonymous says:



  3. Anonymous says:

    Bakahou probably, also he must be busy otherwise I feel he would have posted it around this time since he usually posts it at night or early morning, THANKS for the latest chapters, although been kinda boring since its just a lot of story and game mechanics lately


  4. Fluta says:

    thank you!!!!! I really miss you morning updates, they make my bus ride so much more enjoyable! plz bring them back!


  5. wert says:

    I love this serie thanx for translating it


  6. ash says:
    can you try doing this aswell fi you get time when you get back?


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