Chapter 98 Evaluation Meeting

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Chapter 97 is done by Yoraikun:

Evaluation Meeting

Edited: EverydaySoCloudy

Itsuki:”St-Stop it.”
Armour:”But Itsuki-sama!”
Itsuki:”The truth is different, she is only judging me. I’d prefer if we could settle this opportunity to settle in a peaceful manner.”
Armour:”I-Is that so. I understand.”

Armour realises he’s at a disadvantage and relaxes. Raphtalia also loosens her grip on his arm.

Raphtalia:”Don’t bother even trying to lie. Now, when will your companions be informed about your need to satisfy your sick sense of justice.”

This severe remark was fired at Itsuki.

Itsuki:”……I pray it doesn’t come to that. At any rate, there will be a time in the future where you will be forced to rely on me.”

What’s that.
I have concluded, that is the howling of a loser.
In the first place, why would Raphtalia ever need to rely on Itsuki, before me.
I can’t imagine a situation like that.

Is he in some way be similar to Motoyasu?
Could it be, his sense of justice isn’t strong, but he just wants to be praised?
Could his strong sense of justice actually be……His sense of self-satisfaction?
Am I thinking too much?

I doubt that it’s probably not that awful.
I just want to believe it. Otherwise, it would be hopeless.

Itsuki:”Well then, I’ll be looking forward to tonight’s meeting.”
Naofumi:”Uh huh, there are a bunch of things that I need to ask as well.”
Itsuki:”Right, this way I can also inquire some things from Naofumi-san.”

And with that, Itsuki and his companions went back to their rooms at the hotel.
However…… Originally it was Motoyasu, and then it was Ren. It appears as if Motoyasu is the most decent out of the three.

Raphtalia:”Good grief! Why are all the heroes except for Naofumi-sama like that!?”

She’s at her wit’s end.
It’s not that I don’t understand her feelings. Regardless of his merit, that guy is called a hero.
I know of a guy in a game that would call this so-called hero a hypocrite. This Hero is like a thief after all.
Not to mention, that selfish sense of justice, concealment principle, and focus on self-satisfaction.
Though……This one time evaluation meeting might not do any good.

Naofumi:”Raphtalia, Firo as well, listen to me together.”
Raphtalia:”What is it?”
Naofumi:”Raphtalia, I think your ideals are just a little too far-fetched.”

Raphtalia answered with a surprised expression.

Naofumi:”I guess I may be the cause, but at the end of the day, they’re human being’s first and heroes second. What you know about the heroes in legends, they most likely were all told only their grandest moments, but in reality they could have one, two, three, four, five, or even six kinds of defects.”
Raphtalia:”That many?”
Naofumi:”……Don’t mind that. Legends are meant to be dramatized. Look, for example that saying of great men have great fondness for sensual pleasures, if this world’s heroes were truly like that, would it have ended the way it did?”

I just learnt this proverb, but I understood it since there are similar words in my world.

Naofumi:”So, there is no need to mind every single detail. Those guys have their own way of fighting. Just take a good look.”
Naofumi:”If you take a good look at how Motoyasu fights, you will know that instead of having his companions get hurt, he would personally go out and fight. Is that the attitude of a hero?”
Raphtalia:”I-It is.”
Naofumi:”If you take a good look at how Ren fights, he doesn’t make his comrades do the impossible, and if they fight a tough opponent, he will lend his power as a hero.”

Was I a little harsh on this?
Well, that guy lacks strategy, but I feel that it’s just from his habits. It would only be possible to judge if I experienced it.

Naofumi:”If you take a good look at how Itsuki fights, he would absolutely never let his companions get hurt, it would be impossible to fight if he didn’t have confidence in himself. Heroes are meant to be relied on.”

Well, all of his followers are out of control.
Even I think it’s a little painful.
However, we haven’t even started looking at where they were bad, but we don’t even understand our own bad areas.

Naofumi:”I am also the same, perhaps I too was following my ideals too much.”
Naofumi:”From the beginning, there are no perfect humans. The reason why heroes are powerful is due to their weapons…… for example, even if they are strong, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are also strong mentally as well?”

I am the same, before I came to this world I was very carefree.
Then, I had to deal with a world of swords and magic.
To know that it’s reality is a little unpleasant, and instead I embrace it as a dream.
Giving a normal guy special powers, and lifting him up with praises of “Hero”.

If you observe and think about it, the four heroes summoned, for better or for worse are all humans.
There is no perfect human.
I don’t know the criteria used for the selection……But, thinking about it there are certainly some heroic dispositions.

Take Motoyasu for example, he is a feminist who is incredibly fond of women. Thinking back, when he heard about Raphtalia being a slave, he took the righteous action to release her, although from my standpoint he is just an annoying guy.
Ren wanted to go save the village that was in trouble.
Even Itsuki, though he’s a little inconsiderate, I think that his attitude on not allowing bad things to happen is to some extent, Hero-like.

While this may all be true, I naturally still have no reason to get along with those guys.
Even after considering all that, their problematic behaviour stands out too much. However, it’s not as if I am defending those guys, I just want Raphtalia’s consciousness of a party to improve.

Naofumi:”After being with me for some time, do you know where I am lacking?”
Raphtalia:”……Naofumi-sama is……There are times when you smile while looking at the misfortunes of others.”

Gu…… I was self-conscious of that, but Raphtalia still had to say it.
In fact, when I heard about the misfortunes of merchants and villages, I was happily thinking about all the business and profits I would be making.
Most recently, I was laughing at bitch while she burned from doing bad things.
I don’t intend to fix it though.

Raphtalia:”Also, you are not a polite person, you don’t lie, but there are times when you argue out of a promise.”

Wow…… her words really cut.
Even if you don’t say it, I am still somewhat self-conscious of it.
I think it would be fine to not keep some of those promises.
Though it’s not like I’m going to change that, is that where I’m lacking?

Raphtalia:”Your words are bad, you are naturally insensitive sometimes, and also naturally dense, you are not thoughtful and you don’t understand what’s on people’s minds.”
Naofumi:”That’s an overstatement.”

I question what was just said.
Who is naturally insensitive. I am aware that I’m not thoughtful though.

Naofumi:”W-Wow. When you put it like that, perhaps I’m not even recognized as a hero by Rapthalia after all.”
Raphtalia:”There is no such thing!”
Naofumi:”I’m glad that you think so. Still, just like I have bad traits, those guys are also the same. Just look at the big picture this time.”

Though, it looks like she still doesn’t understand.
If you understand the weakness of those guys, then it would be easy to set up counter-measures in the future.

Naofumi:”Raphtalia, if you don’t mind me saying, your ideals are too high and wilful. When things get unpleasant, it’s fine to run away. Just understand that.”

Raphtalia casts her eyes downwards and stays quiet.
It feels like what I said is a little exaggerated, but you can improve yourself by observing others.
Something that could be applicable to the bad parts of those heroes, but there are many things that might happen in the future.
It is important to be cautious for anything in the future.

Firo:”Heeeey, what about Firo?”
Naofumi:”You’re noisy.”
Firo:”So mean~!”

Thus our little party comes to a conclusion……But when people gather, problems will occur.
Although those three are having a problem now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen to us.
In order to avoid that, it is necessary to properly observe all the party members.

Naofumi:”You must pay attention to yourself and your companions, view things objectively.”

Princess play, Solo play, and establishing recognition, looking at the companions of those guys I feel that I must prevent my companions from getting those problems.
As for hierarchy, jeez give me a break. A New companion……If I get a new slave or demon, it would be unpleasant if Raphtalia and Firo bullied them.
I want to believe they aren’t that kind of children but, it things like bully may take place.
That said, if a new guy joins, it would be impossible to promote him immediately.

This isn’t just limited to Raphtalia and Firo, it also applies to me.
Hypothetically speaking, if the problem occurs from me, it’s likely that in the future there would be no improvements.

I’m the Hero of the Shield, the companions of the other three have directly received my influence.
It’s expected, Raphtalia and Firo aren’t enough, it’s necessary to increase my companions.
If the number of companions increase, leading becomes more difficult. Considering the problems caused by the other three and the possibility of it happening, it is necessary to improve my party’s relations from now on.

Naofumi:”You guys must not think that just because you are a companion of a hero that you are right. Avoid causing trouble. During the meeting, try not to give up half-way.”

With that said, it is troublesome to associate with that guy.
There is probably going to be some false accusations on Raphtalia at the meeting.
Honestly, I want them to give me a break.

Raphtalia:”……I understand. I apologize.”

Raphtalia seems to have understood my position and reflected.

Naofumi:”Well, it’s not bad to chase your ideals, but it’s not good to dwell on useless things.”

Both of them mutter and nod their head as I watch.

Naofumi:”In any case, it would be good if it was someone like Raphtalia or Firo.”

Before being strong or weak, it would be someone who will always avoid causing problems.
This week, I was painfully able to realise how easy it was to associate with Raphtalia and Firo.

Naofumi:”So with that said. I have high hopes for the both of you. My best regards for the future.”

When the reflecting meeting was finished, Raphtalia was depressed.
There are still some other things I haven’t heard……

Naofumi:”By the way, Firo, you were together with Itsuki the whole time?”
Firo:”Uh huh.”
Naofumi:”Did he do something different from me?”

Firo plays with her ahoge while thinking about it.
What could it be?

Firo:”Uhh, you see. He said something about Bonuses and Percentage from the demons.”

Percentage? Bonus?
Was he hiding something after all? Bonus……something like equipment bonus? As for absorbing the demons…… I’ll try to use multiple materials.
There is also that ore that I got from Rishia, I could possibly discover something from it.


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    I am the same, before I came to this world I was very carefree.
    Then, I had to deal with a world of swords and magic.
    To know that it is reality is little unpleasant and instead embrace it as a dream.
    Giving a normal guy special powers, and lifting him up with praises of “Hero Hero”.

    This whole paragraph doesn’t read very well. I sorta get that it’s that whole “but for the grace of God go I” — as in if he hadn’t been betrayed by everyone he would have been the same way, but the phrasing makes it difficult to understand.

    I am the same. Before I came to this world I was very carefree.
    Then I had to adjust to a world of swords and magic.
    Rather than as reality, it’s easier if you think of it as a dream, one where a normal guy is given special powers, and lifted up with praises of “Hero! Hero!”.

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