Chapter 94 Hero of the Bow’s Companions

The names get somewhat confusing, Naofumi just calls the dude in the flashy armour “Armour” later on, similar to Trash and Bitch.

Being Companions to The Hero of The Bow

Morning the next day.

Naofumi:”Today I’ll be heading to Itsuki’s place.”

Raphtalia frowns slightly.
For something to already happen twice, I hope it isn’t going to happen a third time.
Since Itsuki has a strong sense of justice. He shouldn’t be doing the same thing as Motoyasu and Ren.

Naofumi:”Itsuki only cares about his sense of justice, so don’t worry too much. The other guys had their reasons. And it’s only for two days……”

Just to be sure, I caution her. I think they would be fighting around that neighborhood.
I’m not saying they should get along. I just hope that they can level normally.
Still, unlike Motoyasu and Ren, the bow can’t fight alone.
If I remember correctly, Itsuki’s vanguard was his companion with flashy armour.

Raphtalia:”O-Okay. I’ll do my best.”
Firo:”Have a nice day master~”

After leaving the room, something pulled on my hair.

Shadow:”The Hero of the Spear-dono is taking a rest for today’s companion exchange degozaru.”
Naofumi:”Did something happen?”
Shadow:”Treatment for Rokuru Fruit poisoning degozaru.”
Naofumi:”That fruit huh–……”

Is it due to constitution? I had no problems with it at all.
It seems even in a separate world, I’m still as unaffected as I was in Japan.
Isn’t it a little strange that my body’s constitution didn’t change at all?
Or, maybe the one Motoyasu ate was just laced with poison.
Also……The reason I am fine might be due to the poison resistance granted from my shield.

Is Motoyasu going to be sleeping all day?
Since it’s that guy, there should be a delicious event of being nursed by various women.
His party structure is totally one from a Gal Game as well.

……I don’t doubt that he’ll rebound without trouble though.

Shadow:”Due to that, the exchange between Hero of the Sword-dono and Hero of the Spear-dono will just be for tomorrow degozaru.”

It’s just right for Motoyasu. As for Ren……There shouldn’t be any changes.
Well, it’s good for him since he won’t have to deal with Bitch and her party for another day.

Shadow:”I received a strange report saying that the Hero of the Shield-dono can really hold his alcohol degozaru.”
Naofumi:”Those fruits were extremely delicious. Did you pay the bar for me?”
Shadow:”It was paid properly degozaru.”
Naofumi:”Then it’s all good.”
Shadow:”There is a rumour on the streets that you became the Hero of the Liquor you know degozaruyo.”

I got attached to a strange rumour.
How can I be anything with alcohol if I can’t even get drunk.

Naofumi:”That’s not me. Stick that title to Motoyasu.”
Shadow:”It has already been stuck to Hero of the Shield-dono degozaru. Rather, I am interested in why you are denying it degozaru.”

Seriously……It’s gotta be one of those. Either the poison resistance keeps me from getting drunk, or the alcohol here doesn’t work on humans from my world.

Shadow:”You have arrived while we were talking degozaru. This is the room where the Hero of the Bow-dono’s companions are staying degozaru.”

After saying so, Shadow’s figure disappears.

Naofumi:”Now then……”

I knock on the door to the room anxiously.

No Name:”Go ahead.”

A normal reply came.
It seems Motoyasu’s place was the strange one.
The door opened from the inside.

No name:”Please come in. Hero of the Shield-san.”

After entering the room, I see Itsuki’s companions all in relaxed positions.
Different from Motoyasu’s place where they were selfish, they are polite like Ren’s.
They are very relaxed as well.
However……Didn’t Motoyasu come earlier?

Naofumi:”I am Iwatani Naofumi, Hero of the Shield, I will be responsible for the last personnel exchange. We will be acting together for two days. Nice to meet you.”

I confirm the number of companions Itsuki has while exchanging greetings.
Hmm……5 people huh? That guy wearing the armour is crossing his arms patronizingly.
I have a bad feeling about this.
However, when our eyes met, he stopped.

Armour:”Right, nice to meet you too. We are Itsuki-sama’s bodyguards, please watch us fight Hero of the Shield-san.”

An amazing word just appeared.
Crap……I just laughed. What the hell is that guy doing.
I somehow suppress my smile.

Armour:”Indeed, we five are Itsuki-sama’s guards–”
Girl:”I’m sorry! I was asked to go buy something!”

The door behind me flew open and someone ran in.
When I turn around, I see a single girl carrying a tool bag on her back.

Girl:”Eh, Ah—-Hero of the Shield-sama has already arrived?”

I wonder how old she is……Should be around 14 years old? She gives off somewhat of a childish feeling.
She looks to be brought up well, and her genes look good. If it was Motoyasu, he would have hit on her.
She’s petite though. Doesn’t seem very suitable for combat to me. Does she fight by magic?

Though this voice is familiar.
If I’m not mistaken, she was the one that explained the Tzuvait ・Aura that I learnt.
You can’t really tell at a glance, but it seems she may be extremely knowledgable.

No Name:”Rishia is so slow! Hey, introduce yourself.”
Armour:”The six of us are Itsuki-sama’s guards!”

Didn’t you just say there were 5 of you a while ago?
It seems one of them went shopping.
The atmosphere somehow feels disturbing…….

No Name:”Then, should we just go for now?”
Armour:”I guess so. We must receive teachings on our battling from the Hero of the Shield-san .”
Naofumi:”Ah, sure……”

I wonder. This tension.
I feel that I can’t keep up with it.
It seems there is no need to prepare anything, thanks to that girl going shopping earlier for all the necessary items.
As our party sets out, a feeling of anxiety remains.
When passing by the market, I witness a huge crowd gathering around the swindling merchant.
It seems he’s doing quite good.

We got on the ship for transportation but……
The ship is quite small for the seven of us.
Well, there isn’t any space to walk, but since it’s low-tide we should be fine.
The coral reef sure is beautiful……

No Name:”Rishia, move close to the edge more.”
Rishia:”A-Anymore and I’ll fall over.”

What is it.
Is the child-like Rishia’s position very weak……?
Before long, following a big wave a loud splash was heard.

(Tlnote: I assume she is drowning, as I do not know proper drowning noises besides Glug Glug or something along those lines. I will be sticking with the Romaji. ガボガボ”

Sure enough, Rishia fell into the sea.

No Name:”She fell!”

I grasp Rishia’s child-like hand and pull her back on the ship.

Armour:”Seriously… are bothering the Hero of the Shield-san!”
Naofumi:”Nah, the reason she fell was cause of you guys.”

Since the boat is narrow, there should be no problem for her small child-like stature.
Frankly, these other guys are taking up way too much space.

Naofumi:”Perhaps if you guys remove your armour and equipment, there would be more room.”

That flashy armour is taking up the most space. What on earth is up with this guy.

Rishia:”It can’t be helped.”
Naofumi:”What, can’t be helped……”

What is going on.
Anyway, I pass Rishia a towel so that she can wipe of her child-like body.
(Tlnote: Yes he is calling her small alot, I’m feeling a little creeped out as well.)

Rishia:”T-Thank you very much!”
Naofumi:”Make sure not to catch a cold.”

She seems like a timid child.
The ship arrived at the island, and we got off.
This place seems to be full of hunting grounds
Seven people is a lot.

Naofumi:”Well then, the question now is, how do you guys usually fight with Itsuki?”
Armour:”Hero of the Shield-san. Can you do something about how you call Itsuki-sama?”

The guy who the flashy armour has an attitude and asks me.
This guy again?

Armour:”Please, at least add some honorics when saying his name.”

……What did you just say?
Whatever I call Itsuki is up to me to decide. To think someone wants to correct me and tell me to add honorifics?
It seems that they are extremely loyal.

Naofumi:”Let me warn you, I am the Hero of the Shield, and I will be treated the same as the other heroes. Why should I have to address him like that?”
Armour:”Incorrect, Hero of the Shield-san you are not as active as Itsuki-sama, therefore Hero of the Shield-san must show respect to Itsuki-sama.”

What a complaint.
It’s an irrational argument. What this guy is getting at……When looking around I see that, excluding one person, everyone has the same opinion.
Furthermore, that one person is the child-like Rishia.
I don’t know what their real intentions are, but this is quite problematic.

Naofumi:”……What do you think you’re saying?”

In respect to activity……Since Itsuki is operating under cover all the time, wouldn’t his activities not be recognized?
He’s been going on a journey of social reforms, but there are barely any rumors.

Naofumi:”Activity? Isn’t Itsuki’s reputation as a hero the plainest? I haven’t heard anything about the Hero of the Bow’s activities anywhere.”
Armour:”Bastard……You’re just a criminal.”

In an instant, Shadow appears behind him with a dagger to his throat.

Shadow:”Hero of the Shield-dono is not guilty degozaru. By the authority of the queen, anyone ridiculing Hero of the Shield-dono will be punished accordingly degozaru.”

Armour’s face is full of surprise from the sudden events.
Just like Bitch, his eyes are swimming.
He’s just being warned for slandering though.

Shadow:”Especially since denouncing Hero of the Shield-dono is a felony degozaru. The act of betraying a hero’s trust is something that must never be done degozaru.”

It’s fine to think it, but don’t say it.
Oh well, did Itsuki’s companions not believe in my innocence yet?
Itsuki’s sense of justice is unusually strong. Did his narrow-mindedness infect his companions as well?


Armour glares at me bitterly.

Naofumi:”Hey, I think this guy wants to return first.”
Shadow:”Hero of the Shield-dono saying something like that is troublesome degozaruga.”

It’s just one person not raising his level.
I think it would be better for our hunting as well.
It seems I have become a synonym for evil somehow.
This guy has probably been with Itsuki for too long, he has been brainwashed.

Shadow:”At any rate, I expect you to answer properly when asked degozaruyo!”

After Shadow disappeared, Armour clicked his tongue in vexation.

Naofumi:”Hey, let’s talk for now.”
Armour:”……When we fight, Itsuki-sama is always defending us from the rear.”
Naofumi:”I see-……”

Well, he does fight with a bow after all.
Do the people in this world even understand the advantage of Long-ranged combat?
When anything life-threatening happens, Itsuki will always save them.
Though I think he’s only attack at long-distances when he gains favour, I’ll refrain from asking now.

Rishia:”L-Let’s just go defeat some demons for now!”

Rishia said aloud shyly, we began to talk one after another.
And then, we encounter a demon.
Armour jumps in front, and his companions follow him.

Armour:”Now! Hero of the Shield-san. Attack it.”
Naofumi:”Why are you depending on me suddenly?”

Would Itsuki nock his bow here?……

Naofumi:”Use your head a little, think about my job.”

Armour takes some damage from the demon’s attack to buy time for his companions.
Meanwhile, his companions are attacking the demon.
I get that they have co-operation, but with me here the strategy is wrong.

Naofumi:”You, stand back.”

I tell Armour to get back, and I stand in front of the demon.
It’s still small fry. It’s not even itchy.


Armour voices his vexation.
Are you envious at how calm I am?
I think you being able to use a weapon is even more enviable.

Naofumi:”And then, Itsuki would get the final attack with the bow.”
Armour:”Right, even a little of his power does major damage.”

Well……It’s just an average way of fighting.
However, it feels like these guys are a human wall.

No Name2:”Itsuki-sama has the most outstanding offensive power among us all. Our role is to maximize his power.”

A different warrior in armour answers.
There is no reason to approach if he can attack from long-distance though.
In short, wouldn’t this make Itsuki have to be careful of friendly fire by mistake?

Rishia:”Afterwards, I assist in recovery.”
Naofumi:”What about magic support?”

They can’t be just dealing with Itsuki alone.

Naofumi:”I guess I’ll do it if the occasion demands it.”
Rishia:”M-Me too!”

Well, that’s about it.
Their co-operation with me isn’t the same as Ren’s part, but at least it works.
……Though the degree of co-operation from Ren’s party is unnecessary.

Naofumi:”Alright, since the defence can be taken care of by me, you guys in armour just focus on attacking.”
Armour:”Can you take it all?”

Armour declares with a provoking feeling.
This guy again?
Does Armour have a grudge against me or something?

Naofumi:”Of course, I don’t have to act like I’m uninjured, unlike you.”

There is no need to be cautious against small fry of this level.
In the first place, I could fully block the pope’s all out attack.
This guy was there too, so he should understand.


For some reason this guy in flashy armour has quite a lot of pride.
He complains whenever I do anything.
Though I say that, our hunt proceeded without problems……Not.

Random Adventurer:”You bastard! To kill-steal the demon that I knocked down! Your right to live is forfeit–”

Armour dealt the finishing blow to a demon that a random adventurer was fighting.

No Name:”Don’t break the rules of the island! Our bad, This guy just had a slight misunderstanding.”

Enough already, I just want to return soon!
This is as difficult as Motoyasu’s party.
The lecture on our first day here was completely forgotten about.
We were warned to never steal a kill on a demon that another adventurer is fighting.
This guy seems to be convinced that he is a special existence.
What the hell did Itsuki teach……

Naofumi:”My head feels heavy……”

And then, after fighting a while, I noticed that the child-like Rishia fights very clumsily.
When I think she would stab the enemy with a sword, she recites magic and casts recovery on someone who is injured.
Though, it was already too late.
It feels like she doesn’t have a grasp on her own role. I should pay close attention……

Armour:”Rishia, Move forward more!”
Armour:”Rishia, Fall back!”
Armour:”Rishia, Recovery. Hurry up!
Armour:”Rishia, Recite magic!”

I gave up thinking about it, since her bumbling about was always late.

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