Chapter 93 Bar

I was laughing the whole chapter.


Evening that day.
Accompanying an ill-humoured Raphtalia, we entered a bar on the island for a change of mood.
At first Raphtalia had an unhappy expression, but after a few minutes it was replaced with a smile.

The bar was overflowing with vigor and noisy adventurers clamoring over each other.
Some were talking about hunting grounds to raise levels, some were talking about accessories purchased that increase experience gained.
That fraud trader is doing quite well.
By the way, any bar fees for the heroes are paid by the queen.
Such a place truly feels like a different world

Firo:”Ah! This place seems fun!”

Since Firo is a bird. Did she take an interest in the music being played here?

Naofumi:”Go for it. Don’t cause any trouble though.”

Firo runs off with a pitter-patter and starts dancing to the music.
As we sat down on a counter seat, our liquor was provided.
I drank lightly.
U-…….n. Even after coming to a different world, the taste of alcohol doesn’t change.
Feels like juice.

Raphtalia:”This is alcohol……”
Naofumi:”Well, it should be fine for you Raphtalia, since your body is that of an adults.”

Somehow, the feeling of Raphtalia putting her mouth gingerly on the cup is one of a child drinking alcohol for the first time.
Raphtalia:”……It’s slightly bitter.”
Naofumi:”Yeah, I guess.”

Though for me it still feels like juice and water.
I have never gotten drunk.

Raphtalia:”What does Naofumi-sama think of drinking alcohol?”
Naofumi:”Nothing particularly special……I don’t have a hobby of it. I just drink due to social situations.”
Raphtalia:”So that’s how it is.”
Naofumi:”There are people in my world who don’t drink it at all, it should be the same in this one.”

Ren and Itsuki are minors, but in this different world, they are probably drinking.
Ah…… I discover Itsuki participating in a feast outside the bar.
I thought you were a minor.
Oh well, it’s a different world after all. There shouldn’t be any laws to punish him.
The possibility of Ren drinking is also quite high.

Naofumi:”It might be good to measure how much you can drink.”

Raphtalia puts the cup to her mouth and gulps down all the alcohol.

Naofumi:”How are you feeling?”
Raphtalia:”Let’s see.”

I recall a banquet in my former world.
There wasn’t a sense of girls particularly avoiding alcohol.
Well, Raphtalia has been accumulating a lot of stress recently, I wonder if this would be good for her.
Since alcohol’s original purpose since the primitive ages was to relieve day-to-day fatigue.
She’s a patient one after all. I’m quite interested in her real thoughts.

Naofumi:”Hey, don’t worry and drink.”

While recommending Raphtalia to drink, the bard’s singing could be heard quite clearly.
When I look, Firo’s demon form is singing along with the bard’s performance.
At first the bard was surprised, but after hearing Firo’s unexpectedly good singing, tension started to heat up.
It’s fine if they are enjoying it……
Hm? It seems Motoyasu also notices Firo singing.
Leave it alone. Even you wouldn’t pounce on her demon form.

Motoyasu:”Sing in your angel appearance, Firo-chan~!

……Alright. Everything seems fine.
After thirty minutes.

Raphtalia:”Can we please raise our levels with Naofumi-sama today?

After drinking fifteen cups of alcohol, Raphtalia speaks her thoughts to me.
The line of being drunk is crossed ambiguously.
Except for her slightly red cheeks, she appears somewhat sober still.
The alcohol seems considerably strong.
Though it’s nice for keeping company, it would be troublesome for the effects to appear tomorrow……

The boss of the bar couldn’t hide his surprise at how heavy of a drinker Raphtalia is.
Apparently, the demi-humans aren’t especially resistant to alcohol.
However…… The grape-like fruits put on the counter are very delicious.
The impression they give me are like condensed grapes, but also have a very refreshing after taste. Yet, after eating one…… My hand inadvertently extends for another.

No Name:”And that’s game–!”

A guy that lost arm wrestling fell down over here.

Raphtalia:”Hey! We are talking here, please stop disturbing us.”

Raphtalia declares while in a bad mood.
Usually she wouldn’t say such things. Is it the effects of alcohol?
Her stress was accumulating quite a lot. The cause may not be just Motoyasu and Ren.
Thinking back, there was almost no rest while peddling, fighting the wave, and living as fugitives.
Venting may be necessary.

No Name:”Ha! Don’t complain until you win in an arm-wrestle.”
Raphtalia:”Is that so?……Fine. I’ll be your opponent.”

Raphtalia rolls back her sleeve and declares her participation in the arm-wrestling match.
Well……It should be fine. It would be troublesome if some-one got hurt though.
But……These delicious grapes.


The boss of the bar anxiously talks to me.

Boss:”Is this going to be alright?”
Naofumi:”Well, there shouldn’t be a problem.”
Boss:”No, that’s not what I mean……”

For some reason the boss of the bar’s expression is pale.
Why is he pale?

No name:”Alcohol! Bring more alcohol!”

And with a very loud voice, a man brings a big barrel of grape-like fruits from the corner of the tavern and stirs it.
Is this the secret ingredient? Oh well, the fruits are delicious so it’s fine.
The bar continues to bustle with such a feeling.
As for Raphtalia’s arm-wrestling match, she insta-killed her opponent.
Who the hell can defeat her in arm wrestling?! And, there’s yelling.
Firo is singing enthusiastically with the bard.
It seems this change of pace was good.
While thinking that, I throw more grape-like fruits into my mouth.

No Name:”Ah, What are you doing!

A man points at me and yells loudly.
The whole bar falls silent in an instant.

No Name:”You, eating the Rukoru Fruit directly, do you want to die!?”
Naofumi:”Haa? Rukoru Fruit?”

Since there was another bunch in the vicinity I threw more into my mouth.
Immediately after, the surroundings grew noisy.
Is there something strange?

Raphtalia:”Na-Naofumi-sama. What did you do?”

It seems Raphtalia has awoke from her drunken state due to the commotion.

Naofumi:”Who knows? I don’t understand why these guys are making a commotion.”

This taste could become a habit. It might even be my favourite.
Let’s have another.
I throw more into my mouth.

No Name:”Ah, You’re still eating more!?”

For some reason, the whole bar’s attention is focused on me.
Why on earth are you guys so surprised?
Another one is thrown in.

Motoyasu:”What’s wrong?”

Motoyasu sees what happens and approaches me.

Naofumi:”I don’t know, these unpleasant guys are complaining about me eating this fruit.”
Motoyasu:”Interesting……That fruit must be very expensive right?”
Naofumi:”Is that so? My bad. I’ll pay later, so endure it for now.”

Shadow will pay the money if I ask. Since the queen is on my side. I can eat in peace.

Boss:”Uhh……They are indeed expensive……but that’s not the problem……”

The boss of the tavern answers badly.
What is it?

Boss:”Uhh……Err, The Rukoru Fruit can only be drunk after mixing it with a big barrel of water. When you just eat such a thing……”
Naofumi:”Haa? What are you saying? I won’t be fooled easily.”
Boss:”No……The truth is……”
Motoyasu:”Naofumi not getting drunk. Such a lie won’t work on me.”

While saying that Motoyasu picks up a Rukoru fruit and throws it in his mouth.

Motoyasu:”Oh……What a rich taste, This is delicious–”

Right after Motoyasu said so, he fell forward and collapsed.
A loud crash resounded throughout the room.
Haha! This guy’s eyes turned all white.
Speaking of which, is this fruit dangerous?

No name:”B-Big trouble! The Hero of the Spear-sama ate a Rukoru Fruit and collapsed!”
No name:”Quickly make him vomit it out!”
No name:”Right!”

The bar was thrown into another commotion and Motoyasu was carried off.
Seriously……Isn’t the fun atmosphere completely ruined now?
However, this thing seems to be highly condensed alcohol.

Naofumi:”Raphtalia, you want to eat one?”
Naofumi:”Then, does Firo want one?”

Firo stopped singing, came to me, and brought the fruit close to her mouth.
Suddenly, Firo snapped her mouth shut and took her distance from me.

Naofumi:”You not being a glutton sure is rare.”
Firo:”That fruit, It’s disgusting!”

Hmm……For some reason her reaction is very bad.
I didn’t think Firo could possibly refuse.

No Name:”It’s an Uwabamiiiiiiiiiiii!”
(Tl note: With the power of Rikai-kun and context, I figured out Uwabami ウワバミ means heavy drinker. Google gave me an elephant inside a snake.)
No Name:”It’s a monster!”
No Name:”Even the god of alcohol would run away with his tail between his legs—-!”

The surrounding dissolves into chaos.
This fruit……Is there some kind of joke?
I won’t be fooled.

Naofumi:”I’m sorry for causing a disturbance. Shall we return to the hotel?”

As we are about to leave the bar that was still in an uproar.

Naofumi:”Oh right, the gold will be paid later, a messenger from the Hero of the Shield will pay it, I think.”

While saying that to the boss of the tavern, we left the bar and headed back to the hotel to sleep.
Later, there was an exaggerated rumor going around the island……It was about the Hero of the Shield being a monster in the shape of a person.
Is the power of the Three Heroes Church still alive?

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