Chapter 92 Being Companions to The Hero of The Sword

Wow, it’s been a month since I started doing this……time sure does fly. The last paragraph about games was particularly difficult, so I would appreciate it if someone went and translation checked it.

Being Companions to The Hero of The Sword

Firo:”Welcome back Master~”

After returning to the hotel at the main island, Firo greets me at the main entrance.
I wonder. I have a very bad feeling about this.

Naofumi:”I’m back. How was it?”
Firo:”Nn~…..Umm you see. Onee-chan got angry.”
Naofumi:”Not again……”

I wonder what the reason is-……While hunting together with Ren’s companions I had a foreboding feeling.
I enter the hotel timidly.
There I see Raphtalia, sitting where Motoyasu was last time waiting for me.

Naofumi:”Where is Ren?”

I mutter while looking around.
As I say so, from the entrance of the hotel Ren walks in.
Should I heard what he has to say before speaking to Raphtalia?


Ren sees me and his facial expression turns grim.

Ren:”What is with your companions? They don’t listen to my instructions and go to other hunting grounds without my permission.”

What’s that? He’s speaking like he’s the victim.
Even if Ren is blaming her, Raphtalia is not one to cause problems without reason.

Ren:”If you don’t mind, I would like to point out that the problem lies with your training policy.”

I determined that I should hear it with Raphtalia.
I don’t really want to approach Raphtalia, so I’ll just call her over.

Raphtalia:”Naofumi-sama! And……”

When Raphtalia sees me she smiles, but once she finds Ren, it turns into an angry look and her tail bristles up.
I think that she is even angrier than that time with Motoyasu.

Naofumi:”What the hell did you really do?”

It wasn’t simple when Motoyasu angered Raphtalia that much.
To be honest, I am a little anxious to find out what upset Raphtalia so much.

Ren:”No clue, she just operated as she pleased.”
Raphtalia:”As I please? Don’t joke around!”

When Raphtalia approached and heard Ren’s complain she snapped.

Raphtalia:”This person–”

This is Raphtalia’s description of the events.
After I left, Raphtalia was becoming anxious when waiting for Ren, due to what happened with Motoyasu.

Firo:”Is someone coming today?”
Raphtalia:”Yes, like Naofumi-sama who is a hero, the person coming today is called Ren-sama.”

Much earlier than Motoyasu, Ren showed up at the room.”

Ren:”I’m coming in.”

Ren enters the room after a knock.
The first impression Ren received seemed to be a more tranquil feeling compared to Motoyasu.
If anything, Ren doesn’t talk very much.

Ren:”First of all I’ll introduce myself. I am Amaki Ren, also known as the Hero of the Sword. My best regards for these next two days.”
Raphtalia:”My best regards. My name is Raphtalia.”

Ren crosses his arms and looks at Raphtalia and Firo from head to toe.
An awkward atmosphere was covering the area.

Ren:”Tell me what level you are.”
Raphtalia:”Ah, sure it’s 42. Firo is the same as well.”
Ren:”42 huh……Isn’t it impossible then?”

Raphtalia did not understand what he meant by saying it was impossible so suddenly.
Ren’s companions were the same, they did not ask for any explanations.
Maybe they got used to it after being together with him for so long.
Well due to following my efficiency principle……Rapthalia listens obediently.

Ren:”Oh well, let’s just go raise our levels for now.”

While saying that Ren sends a party invite and Raphtalia accepts.

Ren:”Before we leave, buy some medicine if necessary.”
Raphtalia:”Ah, Okay.”

Though Ren is blunt, Raphtalia responds willingly since they will be leveling up properly.
Since I already distributed medicine, there was no need to buy any, thus they arrived at their island.

Ren:”Well then, I’ll judge how much you are able to fight. I will watch while we advance.”

Raphtalia has a sense of discomfort from the words Ren said.
And so, they fought demons that came from the mountain-side of the island.

Ren:”Hmm……well, the enemies around here should be at an appropriate level.”
Raphtalia:”There is little resistance though……”

Due to the Class up, Raphtalia and Firo’s offensive power rose considerably.
As a result, the few demons felt weak.
In fact, the enemies are being slaughtered with a single attack.
What would the appropriate level be? Actually, is it even something you can compare with game knowledge after seeing?

Ren:”This area is appropriate for level 40s. You guys continue leveling here, I’ll be heading somewhere else. Well, you guys seem pretty strong for level 40 anyway.”

While leaving that message, Ren runs off from the party.
Those last words were a little unnecessary. If this is a net game, I’ll return.

Raphtalia:” Ah, Excuse me-”
Ren:”I’ll return in the evening. Fight until then. Gather the demons.”

Though the demons were weak, they still gave good experience, so Raphtalia continued to defeat demons.
When it was evening, Ren returned and absorbed all the demons Rapthalia defeated into his sword.
Raphtalia had slight feelings of having her commission stolen from the demons she defeated herself.
Is she an NPC? Respect the other party a bit more.

Ren:”What’s up?”
Raphtalia:”Are we not going to fight together?”
Ren:”Your levels are not sufficient enough to fight. It is common sense for the weaker ones to make an effort to catch up.”

……Raphtalia felt irritation at Ren’s attitude.
Do you lack common sense?……I feel there is a large gap of common sense between me and Ren.
If it was me, I would be going with them first and then ranking them.
But, in net games there are restrictions one experienced gained when the levels are too far apart, however in this world there doesn’t seem to be such a restriction.
Otherwise, when Firo was still a chick she would not have been able to level up so fast.

Anyway, after they entered the hotel they had a meal.

Ren:”Well I’m off to level up a little more. See ya.”

After Ren says so, he leaves quickly.
Those words show that he is at least diligent in this world……Raphtalia convinced herself to go take a rest.
So, the next morning.

Ren:”What is your level now?”
Raphtalia:”Let’s see, it is 48 now.”

Raphtalia and Firo both leveled from yesterdays fights.
By the way, even if they aren’t in the same party as me, the growth correction is still in effect since I am their master.

Ren:”Well……It might be a little harsh……”

Ren looks up and mutters to himself for a bit before answering.

Ren:”Let’s go deeper today. We’ll defeat demons together this time.”

Raphtalia was secretly relieved that she could finally have a proper fight.
But not even an hour passed before she noticed that was a big mistake.
Along the way, Ren asked about the magic and skills that Raphtalia and Firo could use.
So Raphtalia explained her illusion magic, and Firo’s sure-kill technique.

Ren:”Hmm……There was a similar skill, is it an original name?”

While crossing the mountainside, they entered the hinterland in the middle of the island.
A big demon with a single head called Karma Dog Familiar showed up.
It seems to be a demon with long ears, and it resembles a big black dog.
I wonder if the enemy was unpleasant enough to trigger Rapthalia’s trauma.

Ren:”Alright! You guys, fight as per my instructions!”
Firo:”What are we going to do-?”
Ren:”First, attract the demon’s attention and avoid its attacks. Then, use your finisher attacks on it!”

A very sloppy strategy.
Assault! Smash! Victory! Nothing is going to change.

Raphtalia gave up on attacking the Karma Dog Familiar according to instructions and dodged.
However, Ren was dodged to the spot first, so she had to move somewhere else.

Ren:”Don’t stay so close to me! Think about it!”

If it was me I would have praised her. While I think about it, Raphtalia and Firo pulled maximum aggro on the enemy.
Thanks to having never co-operated with Ren before, their timings didn’t match, and his order to prioritize dodging.
The result was, battle time was prolonged, and the battle with the Karma Dog continued while tiring out.
During the fight, Firo concentrated on attempting her arrow attack called High Quick.

Ren:”Meteor Sword!”
Firo:”Ah-! Move-!”

Just as Firo was charging out of the thicket, Ren appeared in front of her.
Due to that, the magic was forced to change direction and fail.
Karma Dog Familiar screamed and attacked Ren.

Ren:”Damn, so it was too shallow! What are you doing!? Hurry up and fight!”
Raphtalia:”……Illusion Sword.”

Ratphalia as uses her special skill and hides herself to attack the Karma Dog Familiar’s rear.


Ren failed an attack and dodged towards Raphtalia, while he clicked his tongue.

Raphtalia:”Wh-Why did you come here!?”
Ren:”Think about it a little!”

After a while the Karma Dog Familiar was finally defeated.
No wonder. Not only Raphtalia, but I am also getting irritated just listening to the story.

Ren:”Seriously, when you guys fight, look around a little! You guys should be focusing on attracting it’s attention!”

Ren told Rapthalia, while confirming the Karma Dog Familiar’s death.
Imediately afterwards, something inside of Raphtalia snapped.

Raphtalia:”Look around? That should be you!”

After watching Ren fight, Raphtalia brought it up.
First of all, the Karma Dog Familiar is a boss-class demon that Ren had trouble fighting with himself.
Also, during the fight, Ren was only focused on fighting alone.
The boss was one that even Firo’s kicks only bent it back slightly.
In Raphtalia’s honest analysis, it would have been stronger than the Zombie Dragon.

Raphtalia:”You are the one that lacks strategy. You were the one that told us to avoid the attacks and use our finishers. However, you kept blocking our way!”
Ren:”There is no mistake in my strategy. You guys just suck.”
Raphtalia:”Please don’t joke around! I explained our finishers properly! Yet, why did you still obstruct us!?”
Ren:”I didn’t obstruct anything! You guys just had to attract the enemy’s attention.”
Raphtalia:”Then why did you not explain it!?”
Ren:”You should have known from observation.”
Raphtalia:”……Please stop it!”

Raphtalia’s patience reached the limit.

Raphtalia:”We do not get along well enough to co-operate together, there is no way we can fight together easily!”
Ren:”That’s why I am the damage dealer, defeating this guy–”
Raphtalia:”Honestly, you are a hinderance!”

Raphtalia personally disables the party and instructs Firo.

Ren:”Wha—-You, what are you doing without permission!”
Raphtalia:”Please remain silent!”

While wading through the bushes, another Karma Dog Familiar appears.
Raphtalia made a party with Firo who consented.
After that, Raphtalia and Firo killed the second Karma Dog Familiar in one-third of the time it took fighting with Ren.

Raphtalia:”We shall take our leave now. Since it is more inefficient with us here.”

While being sarcastic, Raphtalia left with Firo and fought easily until evening.
Being concerned about the time wasted with Motoyasu, they hunted until it was very late.
Ren:”Do you think such selfishness will be permitted!?”
Raphtalia:”What are you arguing about. Whether or not I have permission……Who are you to decide?”
Ren:”What was that!?”

Truthfully…… He is talking with a lot of assumptions.
Requiring permission……It’s something that players get reported to administration for.

Naofumi:”Hey……You, who are you to give permission for anything?”

Ren averts my gaze and mumbles under his breath.
Did you say it carelessly in a fit of rage?
Still, I don’t think Raphtalia is in the wrong after all.
Though it wouldn’t be beneficial to leave on bad terms.

Naofumi:”Or do you really have such power? Raphtalia is my companion. If there is something she did wrong then I will punish her. If Ratphalia did something, then explain the reason so I can understand.”

Hey there, something might be said to Shadow later.
In any case, no matter the circumstance I will defend Rapthalia. There is no reason for her to do anything wrong.

Naofumi:”What do you think a companion is? Do you think they are a chess piece that attracts attention from the enemy so that it doesn’t come for you?”

In any case, this morning meeting……is even shorter than with Motoyasu?
Oh my……

Raphtalia:”If you keep doing such things, you will kill one of your companions someday!”

With that, Rapthalia angrily walks off back to the room.
Ren shrugs selfishly and glares at me.

Ren:”Your companion is selfish. Selfish people will die sooner.”

That remark could be called the howling of a loser. I sigh while looking at the sky.
Ignoring your own rules and complaining……
What can I say, there are more important problems to be worried about.

Representative:”Are you alright? Ren-sama!”
Ren:”Yeah, it’s no big deal.”

Ren walks off with his companions……It is a little ironic, it looks like he’s walking off with a junior in a guild.
I should stop worry about it.
There are such……types. Those people who follow rules without question, and those that make them selfishly.
There are those that will take their juniors to a strong hunting field and kill them off, there’s no meaning in co-operating.
With that said, I would rather not challenge someone who I might not be able to beat.
Well, that guy puts on a show of hunting alone. That might be the cause of their blind belief in Ren.
They are annoying in games, guys that only seem reliable at first.
When rare items appear those types monopolize the rare items. The only thing you can do is watch while that happens.

MO Type…… an episode is chosen while going through the story, in net games it’s possible to enjoy it by solo beating the last boss of the stage…… However when compared to a complete MMO game, the bosses there are terribly stronger.
(Tlnote: Multiplayer Online and Massively Multiplayer Online. MOタイプ )
I remember attempting such challenges and some one not getting the equipment he wanted.
I remember the complaints of that guy.
His occupation has a strong finisher, and he used a junior to stall for time in order to shoot it.
In addition to challenging first-class dungeons, it was a wipe-fest for members. Those that usually played solo would start complaining.
And then, when participating in fights at a high level, their friends were unable to catch up.

There are some net terms fit that hero-sama. There are various other nicknames as well. Besides, those that don’t abide by the rules and slander others are reported to administration.
since I also ran a guild, I remember having to ban a few of those types.

I thought he would be a bit more competent, was it just my misunderstanding?
I didn’t think there would be someone besides Motoyasu that would anger Raphtalia so much.

This……Itsuki might also cause something as well.

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  1. Epithet says:

    I have a theory about why Ren absorbs everything, and no, I haven’t read ahead. I think he doesn’t want anything to happen again like that dragon, so he always gets rid of the corpse by absorbing it no matter what. Well, there might be some secret reason like a versioning system for each weapon type.


    • lozlo says:

      Sounds reasonable enough. But I don’t think they bring back the full bodies of everything do they? Don’t they only bring back pieces of it? Either way there’s at least one thing we don’t know about too. Motosayu did something with a tool that hasn’t been explain yet. Although it could just be something related specifically to the Spear. It should be interesting since the possibilities with this upgrade system are relatively limitless.


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    Ren is gonna die a very sticky death. The way he treats his companions is gonna end up with him being left in the lurch.

    Anticipations list:
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    3)Naofumi kissing Raphtalia (Hopefully, years later)


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      I wonder if they’ll actually kill any of the heroes later. I’d be amused to see Motosayu ‘s party die infront of him, and then him freak out at the realization and run away, or something like that. But Bitch probably isn’t suppose to die either.


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