Chapter 89 The Birth of Cal Mira Island Sports I CANNOT STOP.

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Chapter 89 – The Birth of Cal Mira Island Sports

After listening to Raphtalia’s story, it was already evening, and the timing to go out has been missed.

If we go out now, it would be to another island for a night hunt.
Though time is precious, I would rather not night battle too much. It is dangerous……
Shopping at the market would be fine, but……I already went yesterday.
Till now I was making medicine and accessories, or studying magic, but as for the former, I am out of materials.
After returning I will be taught the latter by someone the queen prepares.
We who had free time were bored.

With that said, we decided to play at the beach until dusk.


Firo is playing in the sea.
She is having fun in water and noisily trying to dive underwater like a waterfowl.
It’s that isn’t it.
I feel that is swimming practice.
At first glance it seems she is drowning.
I mean, can you even sink?…… floating while her feet stick up through the surface. It is a very funny appearance.
Her pose reminds me of a guy that was killed in the same position somewhere. What was it again?
It was a village with a dog. I cannot remember the details.
These four months here of being separated from the Otaku culture, and originally I could only inference animes based on their titles.

Naofumi:”Levels did not rise at all. Bad Raphtalia.”
Raphtalia:”Ehh……It can’t be helped. After moving it was night…… It was also trouble since we had to return the next morning.”
Naofumi:”This staff exchange is evil.”
Raphtalia:”That’s right……I hoped that time back then would pass faster, though it is enjoyable right now.”
Naofumi:”I guess……”

We borrowed bathing suits from the hotel to play at the beach.
What can I say, a tropical country’s sea is beautiful.
Really, I’ve had this thought before, it feels like I came to Hawaii and Guam.

Naofumi:”Looking carefully, a lot of other fellows are playing on the beach like us.”
Raphtalia:”Yeah, certainly……”
Naofumi:”Raphtalia, do you have the ball?”
Raphtalia:”I put it in the room at the hotel……”
Naofumi:”I see……It should be possible to rent a ball somewhere.”

For some reason even though I look around, there is no shop dealing with recreational goods.
There is a resting place, like a seaside clubhouse, but there are no stores for toys in order to play at the sea.
Since it’s hot, there is a store that sells cold items.
However, a shop meant for playing at the sea doesn’t exist.
……There are no surfboards either.
For a guy like Motoyasu, surfing cannot be just a hobby. That’s it.
While thinking and looking around I spotted Motoyasu.
It seems he has recovered from earlier, and is accompanying Bitch.
He didn’t learn his lesson. It would be annoying to speak to him since Bitch is there, I don’t feel like it.

Raphtalia:”What are you thinking about?”
Naofumi:”With great pains we are finally playing on the beach. I think beach volleyball would be fine.”
Raphtalia:”There is training for the lower body on the beach that requires keeping the ball in the air! I’ll get it!”

After listening to my suggestion Raphtalia ran selfishly.
……I seemed to have raised a little bit of a muscle brain.
This was not aimed at training in particular……
Raphtalia’s criteria is fundamentally mistaken……Though that’s probably my fault.

Firo:”What happened to onee-chan?”
Naofumi:”She went to fetch a ball.”
Firo:”Hmm. Play ball?”
Naofumi:”It seems so.”
Firo:”Firo is bored. Going to play more.”
Naofumi:”Oh. Do your best.”

While drawing the lines for beach volleyball……Raphtalia brings the ball.
The ball that was made from balloon for children, has been cherished by Rapthalia for a long time.
Training to strengthen the lower body on the beach, huh……

Naofumi:”Raphtalia, you got a second?”
Raphtalia:”What? Go ahead.”

I take a good look at Rapthalia’s upper arm.
Always doing muscle training, though her muscles don’t seem to be in proportion to her status gained from killing monsters.

Raphtalia:”What is it?”
Naofumi:”Raphtalia, are you hiding your figure with magic?”

Raphtalia is part of the raccoon race, specializing in illusion magic, and has affinity with light and darkness systems.
In other words, it is possible to fake her own appearance.

Raphtalia:”Why would I do something so useless?”
Naofumi:”……Raphtalia, stay as you are. ”
Raphtalia:”What…….? I understand.”

Ratphalia’s aspiration to improve herself is excellent.

After that, I explained the simple rules of beach volleyball.
It’s not the full-fledged ones, just not dropping the ball, how to handle the ball, and passing to the other party.

Raphtalia:”Then I’m starting! Tei!”
Naofumi:”What kind of-!”

A fierce beach volleyball match on the beach began between Raphtalia and Firo.
From the beginning they start rushing to spike, it has already surpassed a competition and has become a fierce battle.
Both of their movements are quick. It’s like watching wire action
When I looked around, I noticed that people began to gather and happily mimic what they were doing.
Well, since there aren’t that many people with balls, there is one that substituted a ball with a round cloth……
Those who are imitating the offense and defense of Rapthalia and Firo can be called beach volleyball.

Raphtalia:”Is Naofumi-sama not going to do it?”

While performing a dash Rapthalia asks me.

Naofumi:”Nope…… I cannot do that.”

Did I say something strange? Raphtalia and Firo look like they are playing with the ball leisurely.
What a high level.
I could not keep up with their physical strength.

Naofumi:”I’m fine with just watching.”
Firo:”Really? It will be more fun if Master plays together.”
Naofumi:”This is closer to actual fighting than playing.”

Is this is influence of Class Up, they’ve become superhuman. These guys.
If I keep them company I will have to get serious, and that’s tiring. I’m also still in treatment.

Naofumi:”Oh right. There is also beach flag.”

When I say that, Firo’s eyes sparkle. The beach volleyball game was interrupted, she runs up to me.

Firo:”What is it!? How do you play!?”


Naofumi:”Anyway, stab a stick in the ground first”

I pick up a stick and stab the ground with it.


Walk 20 meters from the stick and turn around.

Naofumi:”In the mean time, Raphtalia and Firo, come here.”

Both of them obediently come to me.

Naofumi:”Then, face each other on the other side of the stick while lying down.”
Raphtalia:’Like this?”
Firo:”This way?”

Both of them lie down according to my instructions.

Naofumi:”I’ll say Ready, and Don! After I say that, get up immediately and pick up the stick I stabbed in the ground, the one who gets the stick wins. However, you must not interfere with your opponent.”
Raphtalia:”That sounds fun.”
Naofumi:”Now for practice.”

A gallery was made. It looks like some adventurers are excitedly watching with expectations.
Is it because this is a different world? There doesn’t seem to be much playing here.


Both of them are waiting for me to speak.

Naofumi:”Don! Go——-!”

Immediately after, I was blasted with, and buried under a mountain of sand.
Raphtalia and Firo are the criminals. Even if just a little quicker, for the sake of winning they simultaneously kicked the sand.
By the way, it seems Firo won.
I was buried in sand and couldn’t tell.

Firo:”This is Firo’s victory!”
Raphtalia:”Next time I won’t lose!”
Naofumi:”Kicking sand everywhere with such power! Know some limits!”

What we were playing at that time…… Carried on to become a major competition after.
Having said that, I did not know that this was a prototype for something else in this world though.

Rapthalia and Firo played at the beach until the day was over.
Some adventurers joined too, and the beach volleyball and beach flag ended in success.
Well, it was good for killing time.
Raphtalia seemed to be satisfied with body strengthening as a principle.

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