Chapter 87 Being Companions to the Hero of the Spear

I’m running out of ideas to use for the title, I should probably use the actual chapter titles…….

Being companions to the Hero of the Spear

Firo:”Ah, Master~!”

When I returned to the main island hotel, Firo came out to greet me in her demon form.
I thought I told her to stay in her human form at the hotel.

Woman1:”See you. Keep your distance though.”
Naofumi:”I know.”

Woman 1 says good-bye to join up with Bitch.

Naofumi:”So what happened?”
Firo:”Uhmm you see, Raphtalia onee-chan got angry.”
Naofumi:”Angry you say……”

Motoyasu, you’ve finally caused a problem.
The person in question was sitting there stargazing while pressing his cheeks together.
I wonder why. It feels like he’s deep in thought.


Woman 1 is dumbfounded, as she sees Motoyasu like that.
……I don’t understand the situation. What’s going on?

Naofumi:”Firo, what happened?”
Firo:”Hm~? Firo doesn’t know.”

Thought so.
I am an idiot for asking Firo
Can’t be helped,I’ll go look for Raphtalia, Motoyasu can be left to Woman 1.
And there she is. Her back is turned, but it is clearly Raphtalia…… even from a distance, it’s obvious to me that Raphtalia is fuming.
The hair on her tail is bristling, and her body is emitting enough magic power to make the air around her vibrate.

Naofumi:”I-I’m back.”

Ratphalia turned around when she heard my greeting, and the anger seemed to have dissipated.

Raphtalia:”I was waiting!”

Raphtalia rushes towards me with a tearful expression.

Naofumi:”Wh-What happened?”

I pray that it is not rape.
I don’t think that is the case based on Motoyasu’s reaction, but I have no idea what is going on.


I’m told about Raphtalia’s experience.
Raphtalia tries to explain to me what happened from her point of view.

Firo:”What’s happening?”

After I left, Firo asked Raphtalia anxiously.

Raphtalia:”It’s alright. All we are going to do is hunt demons with the other hero-sama until tomorrow night.”
Firo:”Boo~. What about master?”
Raphtalia:”We’ll join him a bit later.”

And so, the situation was explained to Firo. Raphtalia was doing push-ups while waiting for Motoyasu to arrive.
I will explain. Because it has already become a routine, I forgot about it, whenever Raphtalia has free time, she trains her body.
During our travels on the carriage, when not tanning demon skins, chin-ups and push-ups are performed.
Recently, her arm strength has increased to the point where single fingered pushups are possible.
The physical training influences her status. Little by little, her status increases.

Motoyasu:”Sorry for the wait–”

Motoyasu walks in the room with a bouquet in one hand.


Firo is taking an afternoon nap.


Raphtalia wasn’t paying attention and continued doing push-ups.
(sfx) Rustle* Motoyasu dropped his bouquet.
Well, entering the room of a girl who is waiting for you, only to see her doing push-ups, Motoyasu was left speechless.


Raphtalia stopped doing push-ups and turned to face Motoyasu.

Raphtalia:”Welcome. Hey, Firo, get up. He’s here.”
Firo:”Muu……Firo is sleepy.”
Motoyasu:”Ah, right……”

While picking up the bouquet, Motoyasu enters the room.

Raphtalia:”My best regards until tomorrow.”
Firo:”Best regards~!”
Motoyasu:”Gotcha, we have already met,but let’s introduce ourselves again. I am Kitamura Motoyasu! Hero of the Spear. Please take care of me.”

Motoyasu fashionably hands the bouquet to Raphtalia.

Motoyasu:”These flowers suit you cuties well.”

Raphtalia receives the flowers and, it seems she was thinking of where to sell it.
Was it bad that I raised a girl with efficiency as a principle?
Furthermore, Raphtalia heard that flowers could be made into medicine.
I think it was an aromatic drug.

Firo:”This isn’t very tasty.”

Firo puts some flowers in her mouth.
Well, Firo prefers dumplings over flowers.

Raphtalia:”Now then, shall we go Level up at once?”
Motoyasu:”Let’s go shopping at the market first.”
Raphtalia:”I guess……”

Thus, Raphtalia followed Motoyasu to the market.

Raphtalia:”This shop……It’s closed.”
Motoyasu:”That’s strange. I could’ve sworn it was selling accessories a little while ago.”

It seems Motoyasu wanted to browse the store that was closed.
After a little looking around, it was revealed that they were just a little late.

Motoyasu:”Oh well, let’s look at various others.”
Raphtalia:”Ah, okay.”

Like that, following Motoyasu, various shops were visited.
Several hours were spent at the market.
Moreover, he would stay and talk to any pretty girl.

Random Girl:”Eh! You are the Hero of the Spear-sama?!”
Motoyasu:”That’s right. Is there something you want to ask of me?”

It seems they wanted to ask the hero to show off a few spear tricks.
As a result, each girl gave him a note with the hotel they were staying at.
While watching his gentleman act, Raphtalia’s evaluation of Motoyasu fell.
And so, after shopping…… the day was almost over.
After shopping and leaving the market, Motoyasu walked in the direction of the pier.

Raphtalia:”Um……To go back we have to return from the market.”
Motoyasu:”It’s fine It’s fine, let’s take a look.”
Raphtalia:”Eh? But, today’s leveling……”
Motoyasu:”Oh right, Firo-chan. Can you return to your angel form?”

Since leaving the hotel, Firo has been in her demon form.
Afterwards, they went to the tourist spots of Cal Mira Archipelago main island, when the sun began to set, they moved to another island.
Crossing the middle of the sea during a setting sun, on a small boat.

Motoyasu:”I found something good in the shop a little while ago.”

A souvenir made with a shell was handed to Raphtalia.

Motoyasu:”Don’t worry about it, it’s just a small present.”

By the way, Firo was swimming next to the ship in her demon form.
It’s a situation I can easily imagine.
I was listening to the story with a delicate expression.
Ignoring Bitch being violent at first, we listened to the story quietly. Firo didn’t have to be there though.

Motoyasu:”Look, the setting sun is beautiful.”
Raphtalia:”Yes, it is beautiful.”

The scenery of a setting sun on the ocean is beautiful for Raphtalia. There was a mood, from the aquatic sea demons jumping out of the sea with the evening sun in the background.
While Raphtalia was staring blankly into the evening sun, Motoyasu grasps her hand.
Rejecting it, Raphtalia pulls her hand back.
Motoyasun just shrugs his shoulders with a feeling of “Don’t worry about it”.
At that time some veins appeared on Raphtalia’s forehead.
Afterwards, she just smiled at Motoyasu, while not letting him grasp her hand.

After arriving at the island.
The sun already set. Raphtalia was preparing for a night battle against demons while Motoyasu dashed into the hotel.

Motoyasu:”Hm? What’s up?”
Raphtalia:”Are we not going to Level up?”
Motoyasu:”The day is already over you know. It would be dangerous to fight in such a situation.”
Motoasu:”Now, let’s have a meal and take a good rest at the hotel. I’ll make dinner, so look forward to it.”

Raphtalia consented and bought various ingredients at the market place.
Rapthalia also bought various light medicines, such as a heal ointment.

Motoyasu:”That’s right Firo-chan. So take your angel form.”

Firo was in her demon form while cautiously watching Motoyasu.
She used to kick him in the groin a lot.
After that, Motoyasu started cooking in the hotel’s kitchen while showing off to the two of them in the corner.
Raphtalia seems to have thought that I would eat the food provided by the hotel.
Well, I didn’t cook unless we were outside. I was making medicine and accessories at the inn. Recently, I have also been studying magic.

Motoyasu:”The food I cooked is ready.”

Motoyasu announced to Raphtalia while the dish was still sizzling,
Raphtalia ate Motoyasu’s food slowly, while Firo ate heartily.

Firo:”It isn’t as tasty as Master’s!”
Raphtalia:”Shh! Hero of the spear-sama will mind it……”

After hearing that Motoyasu has a cramp in his smile.

Motoyasu:” I’ll make even tastier ones if you want. So, Firo-chan, Angel form!”

Just how much of an angel-lover are you.
After that, they entered seperate rooms. At that time, Firo finally returned to her human form.
Well, it’s because I ordered Firo to be in human form whenever we were at an inn, to avoid damaging the place.

Firo:”Not sleeping yet?”
Raphtalia:”Not yet……”

Before sleeping Raphtalia streches and studies magic.

Motoyasu:”Wa! Firo-chan’s angel form is so cute!”
Firo:”Stay away!”

It seems Firo hates Motoyasu.
Did Motoyasu do something that Firo hates?……He has.
Before Firo grew up, he called her lame and laughed out loud.
Furthermore, calling her a fat and plain bird. It would be weird if he wasn’t hated.

Raphtalia:”Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”
Raphtalia:”Really Really.”

Firo lies on the bed in human form and breathes deeply.
But her ahoge is standing on end, and she isn’t sleeping soundly.


Motoyasu silently approaches Firo.

Raphtalia:”……What do you intend to do?”
Motoyasu:” I just want to look at Firo-chan’s sleeping face.”

Raphtalia raises her eyebrows at Motoyasu’s suspicious actions.

Motoyasu:”Anyway, while Firo-chan is sleeping, want to drink some liquor in a bar?”
Motoyasu:”Ah, you never drink alcohol before. Don’t worry, just have a little and enjoy the charm of being an adult.”

Unexpectedly, Raphtalia was tempted by Motoyasu speaking about charm, and followed him to the bar.
While sitting down, Motoyasu orders the liquor.
It arrived after a few minutes.
The first drink was for Raphtalia. It seemed to be some red alcohol.
Motoyasu pours it into a glass.

Motoasu:”A toast to your eyes.”

When Motoyasu winked fashionably at Raphtalia, something inside her seemed to have snapped.

Raphtalia:”There are things to do tomorrow, I’m returning.”

While suppressing her urge to kill with a smile, the cup containing the alcohol she didn’t drink vibrated with magic released from the body.

Motoyasu:”Eh? Ah-”

Like that, she returned to the hotel with the spare key and slept.
And, the next morning.

Raphtalia:”Good morning.”

With the intentions to forget yesterday, Raphtalia greeted Motoyasu.

Motoyasu:”Ah, good morning. Raphtalia-chan. Firo-chan.”

Firo sleepy returns the greeting with a yawn.
After having a light breakfast at the hotel, it was finally time to hunt demons.

Motoyasu:”I understand your strengths.”

After a while of hunting demons, that line was said.
The demons aren’t very strong, after advancing for a while, Motoyasu called for a stop.

Motoyasu:” Leveling up with such bloody fighting doesn’t suit your lovely selves. Why don’t you watch me fight?”

After saying that, Motoyasu rushes a demon that appeared alone.
By the way, if it was Firo, that demon would have been small fry.
It also should have been dealt with by a single blow from Motoyasu.

Motoyasu:”Meteor Spear!”

Certainly, Motoyasu is strong.
But he kept sending amorous glances, some how causing his sweat to glitter, and winking whenever a demon was killed.

Motoyasu:”How was it?”

Raphtlia’s patience finally reached the limit.

Raphtlia:”I don’t know, so please stop it!”

It seems her head blanked out, and it seems that afterwards Motoyasu was shaking like a lamb.
while repressing her anger with a straight face, they returned to the main island hotel a little before noon.

By the way, Raphtalia and Firo only got 2 levels, so presently they are at 42.
What the hell, yesterday I got 6 levels, and am now level 44.
I wonder why Raphtalia is lower level than me……

Motoyasu……This is even less than what I expected.
I feel that there is some kind of conspiracy, but I can’t tell based on the story I just heard.

Anyway, Raphtalia’s evaluation of the Hero of the Spear dropped fatally.

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  3. Can someone explain to me why Shieldbro get past the lvl 40 restriction? Doesn’t he need to class up first before getting anymore lvl past 40? He was 38 before but now has gained 6 lvls making him a lvl 44. The restriction doesn’t affect him since he’s a legenday hero, is that it?


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