Chapter 86 of Shieldbro, Woman 1, and Shadow

Apologies for the end part, I got extremely confused. It was just Woman1 imitating Motoyasu.

Chapter 86

We returned to the main island after hunting all day, and Shadow guided us back to the hotel.
I took a bath in the hotsprings provided by the hotel.


Today’s results. 4 Levels. 10 new Shields, all of them increasing stats.
Honestly, the only word I have for the efficiency is delicious. As expected, the activation period is astonishing.
At this rate, when we leave the island, we will have gotten considerably stronger.

That reminds me, Woman 1 said something about Motoyasu’s women only party.
Ones who joined along the way, and did not fit in were chased out.
Woman 1 noticed this from the start and played dumb.
Originally, Bitch was one of Motoyasu’s first four companions. Where did the remaining three go?
Where did that man go anyway. Maybe he joined Ren or itsuki.

Shadow:”How is the water’s temperature degojaru?”

Shadow’s voice could be heard in the men’s bath.
Where is it coming from? Where are you?

Shadow:”Even if you look, you wont find me you know degojaruyo.”
Naofumi:”Are you a man?”
Shadow:”Secret degojaru.”
Shadow:”The queen has assigned me to ask about the situation of your curse and its recovery degojaruyo.”
Naofumi:”Well, there is a light prickling , but other than that I feel nothing.”

When I look at my status, I can see that the stats are returning one by one……I don’t really mind either way.
Taking a leisurely bath isn’t too bad either.
Hotspring therapy is also something I was looking forward to.
I look at the dimly lit area.
The hotsprings that I entered reminds me of ones made in ancient Rome.
Is it bad that I was expecting a Japanese-style hotspring?

Naofumi:”Hey, Shadow.”
Shadow:”What degojaru?”
Naofumi:”The way you talk, and the way you dress is very similar to something called a ninja in my world.”
Shadow:”That might be the case degojaruna.”


Shadow:”This is a secret matter, but it is fine for the Hero of the Shield-dono to hear degojaruna. Us shadows, are a culture taken from the east degojaru. Therefore, we are an existence that can be called both assassins and ninjas degojarushi. We are also knowledgable about the East degojaruyo.”

The East huh……That reminds me, the Old Man from the weapon shop said he apprenticed there.
Are they Japanese-styled?
Or something Japanese like in this strange world. Something that reminds me of a game.

Naofumi:”Do you guys know how the East design their hot springs?”

Just recalling it makes me nostalgic.
I want to enjoy a Japanese-styled hotspring, since up until now, it has only been western-style baths.

Shadow:”The design you are speaking of is available on the main island degojaruyo.”
Naofumi:”I see, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

It is also my job to relax in a hotspring.
After staying in the hotspring for a long time, I returned to my room and the day was over.
The next day.
I feel refreshed since I rested plenty last night.
Since Firo and Raphtalia are always there and making noise. Last night was very quiet.
Now that I think about it, how are they doing……?
Staying together with Motoyasu who can only think with his lower half.
……I hope there will be no big problems.
If there is a problem, do I have Shadow deal with it?

Woman1:”What are we doing today?”

Just as I finished breakfast at the hotel, Woman 1 talks to me.

Naofumi:”We’ll hunt until noon, and then head back to the main island.”
Woman1:”Ah, understood.”

To raise our levels, Shadow and Woman 1 helped me defeat demons until noon.
For lunch I made sandwiches for Shadow and Woman1 with ingredients taken from the hotel.

Shadow:”Since I am working, I cannot eat degojaru.”
Naofumi:”I see.”
Woman1:”Then, I’ll take it……”

Woman 1 takes the sandwich and eats it.

Woman1:”Nn……Quite skilled. Why don’t you open a shop?”
Naofumi:”Everybody who ate my cooking said the same.”

I’d rather not elaborate on how something so simple can taste delicious……I don’t even know myself, but the food is delicious so it’s fine.
Might be the cooking skill from the Shield.

Woman1:”Motoyasu-sama would occasionally cook for us too……Nevermind its nothing.”

Ah, Motoyasu can cook, does it not taste good?
Is it the handsome appeal?
It seems that men who can cook in Motoyasu’s world are popular.
Somehow, that fellow makes me think of French pasta.
Popular with women and cool.

Oh right, since we are in the Southern-like Cal Mira Island, will he have surfing as a hobby?
No way, before that fellow came here, Net Gaming was his hobby.
Now that I think about it, why does that fellow play Net Games as a hobby?
Well there is no way I can find out at the moment.
Ever since he got here he has been trying to make a harem.
Seems difficult.
Especially since there was a man in his party.
Oops, did I say that out loud?

Naofumi:”That reminds me,yesterday you said there was a man in Motoyasu’s party.”
Woman1:”Yes. In fact, after I joined two other men also did.”
Naofumi:”Motoyasu had that many replacements? All I know is that including Bitch, there should also be a man and four other women.”
Woman1:”Eh~, when I entered there was 5 women and two men.”
Naofumi:”Hey……That’s a lot.”
Woman1:”After I entered, several of the members got replaced repeatedly. Though there hasn’t been a new member for a while now.”

In short, Bitch was driving away the women with insidious harassment, while the men were disgusted with Motoyasu’s flirting and left.
That seemed to be a common occurence.

Naofumi:”Seems troublesome with that fellow.”
Woman1:”Not really. I just play along with princess Bitch, and watch Motoyasu-sama fight. Besides, I can be extravagant, and get free experience. To me, that place is like heaven.”
Naofumi:”……That’s fine then. As long as you are okay with it.”
Woman1:”Well, feels like it will become dangerous soon. So I came here to investigate the secrets of the Shield to help Motoyasu-sama get stronger. Recently, there hasn’t been much growth so I wondered if there was something to learn here. Plus, it’s also for beating that disgusting princess Bitch. Once that is done and I become Motoyasu-sama’s favourite, I will take it easy.”

Those are some amazing lines.
If Raphtalia thought about such things, I don’t think I could recover.
Though it’s not my problem, I feel a little pity for Motoyasu.

Naofumi:”Are you fine with saying that to me?”

This girl, complaining to me because her companions aren’t here.
She is troublesome in a different manner compared to the hysterical Bitch.
I mean, I am the Hero of the Shield, why do I have to listen to complaints from Motoyasu’s party.
……Though I can’t really complain since I have learnt various things from our talk.

Woman1:”Can’t be helped. When you purchased that poor quality necklace, my opinion of you changed.”
Naofumi:”You’ll have to excuse me then. You knew the quality and still had me buy it.
Woman1:”I guess. Haah……Motoyasu-sama’s power comes from the kingdom, he doesn’t attach any strings to the gold he gives out. Ah, I want to live luxuriously.”
Naofumi:”Hey……your family’s social standing is pretty good, why are you sticking to Motoyasu? Wouldn’t it be safer to live luxuriously away from this?”

There should have been a few life or death situations.However, she is still sticking with him.
Well, nothing will change even if I do find out.

Woman1:”My father is annoying since he is a Hero devotee. Frankly, living with my parents is uncomfortable. My mother does business, and if I stop being the companion of a hero, I would probably be married to some noble, or knight, and help my mother out in business. I can’t take it easy there.”
Naofumi:”Why are you telling me this?”
Woman1:”Do you think Motoyasu-sama would believe anything you say?”
Naofumi:”No way.”
Woman1:”See? Though I did almost die. If I stick with him and raise my Level, then the rest should be easier.”

True, I remember the time before the Four Heroes, namely us were just summoned.
The wave suddenly happened, families were lost, and orphans were sold into slavery.
If you are with a Hero then Class Up is free, and there are few humans above level 40. Isn’t it a great deal?
Though I smell trouble in the future.

Woman1:”Well, Motoyasu-sama is not just a Hero, his face is also to my preference.”
Naofumi:”Yeah yeah. That reminds me, Shadow.”
Shadow:”What degojaru?”
Naofumi:”Are my companions being guarded?”
Shadow:”Of course degojaru. Nothing bad will happen to them degojaru.”
Naofumi:”I’m just afraid of Motoyasu becoming a wolf.”
Woman1:”Ah……That’s possible……”

Woman 1 recalls Motoyasu’s nature and nods indifferently.
Your adverse nodding makes me more anxious……

Woman1:”However, That girl’s behaviour seems stiff,and I don’t understand the bird.”
Naofumi:”Raphtalia? That fellow doesn’t match her looks. Her appearance is like that, but did you know she is a child?”
Woman1:”……I understand that girl’s troubles.”
Naofumi:”Hm? Troubles?”
Woman1:”You don’t need to mind it. Either way is fine.”
Naofumi:”I see. Firo……Will probably be tempted by food.”

You can be friends through food, but for love……I wonder.
What can I say, breeding should be standard behaviour for a wild animal.
I don’t know much about her biologically, but I don’t think there is such thing as a mating season.

Woman1:”That reminds me, Motoyasu-sama seemed to be devoted to the human form of that bird. Princess Bitch was jealous.”
Naofumi:”That guy just has an angel fetish.”

This fellow just won’t stop talking about women. I’m getting tired of it.
Firo’s appearance……In short,a blond European blue-eyed angel, is probably his favourite.
Motoyasu came from Japan, there isn’t anyone like that. As for the rest of the planet……
That reminds me, there doesn’t seem to be any angelic beings in this world.
Though the Demi-humans can grow wings, their hands and feet have claws.

Woman1:”Spending two days with Firo-chan and Raphtalia-chan! And like that he skipped out.”
Naofumi:”And you are fine with Motoyasu doing that?”
Woman1:”The reaction from the other two was amazing. But, great men have great fondness for sensual pleasures, so I will overlook something like that.”
Naofumi:”You’re unexpectedly cold.”

In a sense, sticking with her is like touching poison.
I don’t know what attitude she takes when talking to Motoyasu, she is easy to talk to.
Perhaps, that’s what it means to be a good talker.

Naofumi:”I will not accept Bitch.”
Woman1:”That’s already water under the bridge. If you cannot forgive, then just push her away! Or something like that.”
Naofumi:”Those words suck terribly.”
Woman1:”Are you my father? Well, up until recently everything was just handed to her. Her plan did not go well because of you, so her unjustified resentment made her want to kill you, at least that’s my analysis. How is it?”
Naofumi:”That’s about right.”

So you did have a good look.
In other words, it couldn’t be helped since Bitch wanted to murder me.
No, I still don’t know, and it is bugging me.

Woman1:”When I heard you tried to rape her, I thought it was suspicious, but I didn’t have any obligation to stand up for you, and there was also another girl who got framed when she suspected something, so I pretended it had nothing to do with me.”
Naofumi:”I don’t buy it.”
Woman1:”Well, I’ll just end up getting myself strangled somewhere and die. I have no relations with that girl though.”

Woman1’s words were cold, I was frozen for a second.
Are all women like this?

With such feelings, we finished the demon hunt and returned to the main island.
Compared to what I imagined would happen, it was unexpectedly decent.

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