Chapter 83 Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

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Magic Lore

Raphtalia:”Fortunately, the ship did not sink, cast us adrift, and force us to start living on an uninhabited island.”
Naofumi:”Don’t joke about those things.”
Raphtalia:”It wasn’t a joke.”
Naofumi:”Anyway, let’s get to the hotel early today. We can’t start the member change if we don’t know the schedule right?”

That reminds me, the queen told me to go and greet the one in charge of this island.
Although this is a remote region, he should have quite a lot of authority since a lot of people visit.

Mysterious Person:”I welcome the four holy heroes and their companions.”

A suspicious fellow who is holding a flag like a tour guide approaches us, while we wait for the other heroes to recover before departing.
He is wearing a Melromarc military uniform, and he looks to be a little past middle age……That flag does not suit him.

Hapenburg:”I am Count Hapenbug, and I have been entrusted with this Cal Mira Archipelago.”
Naofumi:”I-I see……”

The only hero who is completely fine is me, so I have to respond.

Hapenburg:”I look forward to our subsequent acquaintanceship.”
Naofumi:”Ah……Best regards.”

Every hero greets Count Hapenburg and the guide employees following him.

Hapenburg:”Now then, Hero-samas I will tell you all about Cal Mira Archipelago, starting from the beginning.”

He really was a tour guide. This is troublesome and annoying.

Naofumi:”We did not come here particularly for sightseeing……”

I would rather not go on a sightseeing tour and learn the island traditions, while there is delicious experience points to be earned.

Hapenburg:”Now now, since ancient times, the four holy heroes have trained here–”

While the count explains, we are guided past a market.
There were some strange objects.
Is that a penguin, rabbit, squirrel, and a dog with a santa hat? There is a totem pole made of four animals on top of one another and decorated.
The penguin has a fishing rod, the rabbit is using a hoe, the squirrel has a saw, and the dog is equipped with rope.
What the hell is that?

Hapenburg:”Oh? Hero of the Shield-sama has a good eye. Those are the pioneers who developed this island, Pengy, Bunny, Squirrley, and Doggy.”
All Japanese-like. No, it’s probably due to the legendary weapon’s translations.

Hapenburg:”By the way, the Four Holy Hero-samas were the ones who named them.”

For the Four Holy Heroes naming sense to be-
Ah, the count is still talking.

Hapenburg:”The Hero-samas befriended these demons, and gave them names similar to the animals in their world.”

Their naming sense is terrible anyway.
Couldn’t they have changed a little more?

Naofumi:”Then, are they somewhere on this island?”
Hapenburg:” No, when pioneering was completed, they left to look for new land. Afterwards, they were never seen again.”

……In short, they went extinct.
Also their existence is doubtful. Not to mention, demons pioneering……

Firo:”Ehh…… they look delicious.”

Firo says while drooling.
……If I think carefully, this demon gets supreme joy just by pulling a carriage.
It is quite mysterious.
Something besides the totem pole catches my eye.

Naofumi:” What’s that?”
Hapenburg:”It seems to be an inscription left by the Four Holy Heroes.”
Naofumi:” Interesting.”

I approach it slowly.
The possibility of the Four Holy Heroes being Japanese is high.
Even if it’s not japanese, there might be some significant information from somewhere else on Earth.
It’s not written in Japanese, what is it?

Motoyasu:”Oi! This isn’t Japanese. It’s a fake!”

The other heroes approached the inscription and verify that it cannot be read.

Hapenburg:”That is strange……There is a tradition that this was prepared for when new heroes would appear……”
Motoyasu:”……Are you joking? This is a magical letter from this world.”

Magical letter…… This is rather troublesome. Besides me, the other fellows didn’t learn any letters.
What can I say……The letters change according to the person. Such is the existence of magical letters.
For example, If I try to read Raphtalia’s magic book on illusions, I won’t be able to decipher it.
They just become funny words when I translate it.
However, Raphtalia can decipher it and chant the magic.
Though there is a common language for magic letters, it is still impractical, and unless you have an aptitude for it, you cannot use it.

Motoyasu:”Can you read it?”
Naofumi:”All of you relied on the crystal ball that trash gave, while I didn’t receive any. I had to learn to read.”
Motoyasu:”So what does it say?”
Naofumi:”Lets see……”

I read and try to decipher the inscription.
It is written in unexpectedly simple words.

”The Hero of the Shield……commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a legend. Enhance everything!”
“Tzuvait ・Aura……”

I can use it on someone else. Let’s see…..Shall I test it on Firo?
After waving my hand at Firo, she is coated in a film of transparent magic.

Firo:”Wa! Somehow Firo is full of power!”

Firo bounces around.
Even in her human form she jumps very high.
The status screen says that all stats have increased.

Itsuki’s companion:”Aura……Used by the legendary hero. It is an origin magic that raises all abilities.”

Mutters one of Itsuki’s companions in a quiet voice.
There is such a legend?

Itsuki:”Awesome! We’ll learn it too!”

They start trying to read the magic I deciphered together like it’s a game.

Itsuki:”Huh……I can’t read it.”
Naofumi:”That reminds me, you guys don’t know the magic language.”

These guys are frustrated, since they learnt magic from the crystal ball easily.


Itsuki turns to me and calls my name.

Itsuki:”When did you get magic language comprehension on your shield?”
Naofumi:”I learnt it myself! Don’t depend on your weapon for everything!”
Itsuki:”So stingy!”
Motoyasu:”That’s right! Tell us!”

Seriously, these guys……
It’s like they have a problem understanding what I say.
The efforts you put in yourself will show in the power of your weapon.

Naofumi:”I was able to learn aura magic, but that does not necessarily mean you are able to as well.”
Itsuki:”If you say so. If that’s the case then there should be better magic for us.”

He looks offended.
The reason is probably from thinking he is beneath me, even though I told him the truth. He was barely able to do anything against the pope.
He also already lost to me once.

Naofumi:”So where are we going next?”
Hapenburg:”Moving along, there are various inns located at Cal Mira Archipelago and the transportation–“

I will sum up the count’s long story.
Since Cal Mira Island is active now, the demons are starting to increase.
Due to the increase in demons, the situation is troubling, so heroes and adventurers are called to subjugate them.
While we take advantage of the situation to raise our levels.
That’s why, he would be grateful if we could go get rid of demons as quick as possible.

It is unnecessary for us to yield for any adventurers, but it would still be better to avoid any possible confrontations.
……Just like manners in a net game.
There is always a small boat ferrying passengers across islands.
Worst case scenario, I should be able to cross it by swimming.
The hotel prepared by the queen was of the highest class.
It is better than all the hotels I’ve lived in before…… It could even equal the top-class ones in my world.
……Was this originally a castle or something?
Anyway, it was gorgeous and the atmosphere was nice. The walls are made of marble and shining.
There is a stone statue in the middle that acts as a fountain from my world.

Did I come to Hawaii?
There was a luxurious carpet to walk on as we were guided to our rooms.
The hotel also took responsibility for the luggage and Firo’s carriage.

Shadow:”Here is the schedule explaining the upcoming events degojaru.”

The shadow that had a familiar speaking pattern was disguised as Melty.

Firo:”Master~, That’s not Melty?”
Shadow:”That’s right degojaru.”

That’s a confusing disguise. I seriously thought for a second that Melty came.
I can’t even retort at how she was able to change her height.

Shadow:”Right degojaru. I was appointed to exclusively help the Hero of the Shield-dono degojaru.”
Naofumi:”I know disguising yourself is your specialty……But why Melty?”
Shadow:”So that Hero of the Shield-dono will feel at ease degojaru.”
Naofumi:”This makes me feel sick instead, so stop it.”
Shadow:”Understood degojaru.”

The shadow takes of her Melty disguise and returns to her ninja garb.
It is disgusting seeing an acquaintance’s face getting peeled off.

Naofumi:”Speaking of which……What’s with the way you talk?”
Naofumi:”Yea, that.”
Shadow:”Just a habit degojaru. I can stop if necessary degojaruyo

That reminds me, of when I had a bounty, and that villager in disguise helped me.
I didn’t notice at all that time.

Shadow:”This is the result of princess Melty enjoying the way I speak, so I was made her exclusive bodyguard degojaruga.”
Naofumi:”Ah, well it certainly makes you easier to distinguish from the other shadows.”
Shadow:”……You should not believe you can identify an individual shadow degojaruyo.”

What? That is a very suspicious comment. It’s like that shadow at the time was a completely different person.
Well, if I think about it, then it would be a problem if a shadow could be identified.

Naofumi:”So you are a different shadow from that one?”
Shadow:”You are mistaken degojaru.”

Pain in the ass-!

Shadow:” I am just warning you not to identify me with just my speaking habits degojaru.”

I don’t intend to learn how to tell you all apart either.
What I just learned changed nothing.

Shadow:”Let us continue our talk degojaruka. I will explain our schedule degojaru.”
Naofumi:”Ah……the staff exchange, wasn’t every hero’s agreement necessary?
Shadow:” Does Hero of the Shield-dono disagree degojaru?
Naofumi:”No, I don’t……It’s just.”

The other heroes will dislike it.
I don’t know about Motoyasu, but Ren and Itsuki seem to have a habit of hiding themselves.
Actually, these guys have no idea of what I was doing
Also during this event an information leak is unlikely.

Shadow:”I have already received the approval of the other Hero-donos degojaru.”
Shadow:” I said, I have already received their approval degojaruyo.”
Naofumi:”I see……”

I am disappointed at how unexpectedly co-operative they are.
Am I just mistaken?
Calm down, I didn’t think they would participate.

Shadow:”The queen has dispatched other shadows to reason with the Hero-donos, and get them interested in the strength of Hero of the Shield-dono degojaru.”

If I think about it, their companions look down on me. If I perform outstandingly, what would they think?
Though there has to be a fine line while participating, since the cost of the Curse Series is too big.

Shadow:”All the Hero-donos are espcially interested in Firo-dono.”
Naofumi:”I see.”

Firo is certainly extraordinarily strong.
According to Glass’s analysis, Firo’s strength rivals Ren’s, there is also her movement speed and magic.


Firo who was dozing off beside me, wakes up and looks at me sleepily.
I mean……All of those guys are interested in Firo……
That’s a little irritating.
As expected, it must be a misunderstanding.
Naofumi:”And? What time will the staff and information exchange take place?”
Shadow:”I asked each Hero-dono degojaruka. For some reason all of the Hero-donos besides Hero of the Shield-dono wants to do the staff exchange earlier degojaru.”
Naofumi:”……Is information exchange unecessary?”

I wanted to hear more about the Cal Mira Island’s surroundings…….Though It doesn’t feel good to ask those guys.

Naofumi:”I would like to exchange information first, some complications might pop-up. Is this request acceptable?”
Shadow:”It should be fine since the information exchange is done on the day of the staff exchange dogojaru.”
Naofumi:”Understood. So how many days are we staying here?”
Shadow:”The whole trip is twelve days. Half of that will be the staff exchange degojaru. If Hero of the Shield-dono desires it, the staff exchange can happen immediately degojaru.”
Naofumi:”Well…… it’s a bit early at the moment.”
Shadow:”Time is being wasted you know degojaru.”
Naofumi:”……We just received a sightseeing tour a while ago.”
Shadow:” Can’t be helped degojaru. Since Hero of the Shield-dono still has many things that you don’t know degojaru. I will explain as best as I can degojaru.”

The shadow’s long story goes like this.
It seems that the staff change includes everyone, but it’s only the hero that moves.
How the rotation works is, first I change with Motoyasu, second Ren, and third Itsuki. Raphtalia and them don’t move.

Naofumi:”What kind of punishment game is this to be with Bitch right off the bat?”
Shadow:” Half a day has already passed since our arrival degojaru. Please consider carefully degojaru.”

Indeed, the time spent with Bitch and her party will be shortest.
I need to think properly.

Naofumi:” Then I’m off. You guys do your best too.”

As I walk to the door I pay attention to Raphtalia and Firo.
Our party will be temporarily disbanded. Well, it’s fine since they are slaves.


Raphtalia nods uneasily, and Firo doesn’t seem to understand what is happening.

Naofumi:”You guys are going to Motoyasu. Be careful. That fellow thinks with the lower half of his body. You must never permit it. Firo, if that guy causes a problem just kick him away.”
Raphtalia:”Naofumi-sama……I expected it but……”

Raphtalia seems to be a little restless.
Speaking of which, the Hero of the Spear has been our enemy until now. Maybe that guy is trembling in excitement.
It seems reconciliation with that guy is impossible for now.
Let’s try to endure and befriend Motoyasu for now while analysing him.

Shadow:”Then I’ll guide you degojaru.”

With an uneasy feeling that I can’t get rid of……I headed out.

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