Chapter 82 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo (No Melty ;_; )

Grave Visit

Naofumi:”We should be arriving at the harbor town soon.”

The meeting spot for this event is at the harbor town.
The other heroes seemed to have travelled on a carriage the country prepared.
They started sooner, but it is likely that Firo overtook them.
Since we haven’t been travelling on a carriage in a while, Firo is happy.

Raphtalia:”Ah, Naofumi-sama……May we take a little detour?”

Raphtalia informs me of the place where she wants to go.
It’s not very far so there should be no problems.

Naofumi:”Sure, that’s fine.”
Raphtalia:”Firo, please turn here and head inland.”

The place we arrive at……An abandoned village.
You can tell from the tattered building that this was a village.
There are houses without roofs and walls. Some are even burnt down.
The collapsed feudal lord mansion……gave off a very plain feeling.
It looked brand new before it was abandoned…… However, I can’t say for how long.
I should consider when this place was abandoned.


Raphtalia was just staring at the abandoned village until we passed it.
When I look, there are numerous graves at the edge of the village.
Come to think of it, I heard that Raphtalia was part of a farming village near the sea, and it was the first to be attacked by the wave.
Could this possibly be……The village where Raphtalia was born and raised?

Three months have already passed since I arrived in this world.
Considering the Hero summoning ceremony, four months at most.
I only need to look at this demi-human village that was here four months ago to imagine the intensity of the wave.
Certainly the queen did say that the one she entrusted internal affairs with died during the first wave.
Considering that he was also popular with the demi-humans, he might have been the feudal lord of this village.

Firo:”Raphtalia onee-chan, where are we going?”
Raphtalia:”Just going to the cliff to watch the ocean.”
Firo:”Alright, understood.”

As the carriage rattles and continues on, I continue to stare at the village that Raphtalia might have been born in.
Before long, we arrive at a cliff overlooking the sea, and Raphtalia gets off the carriage.
There is a pile of small stones at the tip of the cliff…… I think that is a grave.

Raphtalia picks some flowers blooming in the vicinity and places it before the tomb.
Then she clasps her hands together to pray.
The sun is setting, covering the area in an orange hue.

I could not talk to Raphtalia today.
If I think about it, Raphtalia lost her family approximately four months ago.
I think she is already very strong mentally.
Losing her family and living on……No wonder she had such dead eyes when I saw her.
Isn’t there anything I can do for Raphtalia?

No, what will happen to Raphtalia when I return to my original world?
Though Firo will have Melty, Raphtalia has nothing.
Occasionally, Raphtalia anxiously asks about my reason for returning to my original world when this is all over.

Raphtalia:”Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Naofumi:”No problem. Let’s go.”

……When this wave is over, I’ll have to think about what to do with Raphtalia.


After all the heroes arrived at the harbour town, we all boarded the ship.
Incidentally, due to the ship’s size, even Firo’s carriage was able to be loaded.
So we were covered there.
Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki were all downed by sea-sickness after half a day.
Since cabins were allocated, there shouldn’t be any problems. However, all the heroes were gathered because the sailors wanted to greet us, and the three of them are vomiting into the sea while groaning painfully.

Naofumi:”Sea-sickness huh……”

Ever since I was small, for some reason, no matter the vehicle, I was never affected.
Probably due to the sea-sickness, the three heroes are overly friendly.
To be frank, I have no intentions of getting friendly with them, but……

Motoyasu:”Naofumi seems to be fine……”
Naofumi:”Yeah, I don’t get motion sickness easily.”

By the way, Firo is in her demon form and is swimming around the ocean.
No wait, is she swimming or floating?
Since this is Firo’s first time at sea, she excitedly dived in. Occasionally she would ride the boat, and then jump back to play afterwards.
Although this is a big ship, I am still a little uneasy. It should be fine since Firo can use wind magic though.
In a crisis she should be able to hold her own.


There is a big fish approaching Firo from behind.

Naofumi:”Firo, it’s dangerous.”

As Firo turns around, a shark-like demon opens its giant mouth to attack.


Firo kicks the jaw of the demon shark and it flies through the air.
It was sent flying right onto the ship deck.
The sailors and adventurers scream.
As the demon shark struggled violently on the deck, Firo finishes it off.

Firo:”It is a big mistake to treat Firo as your food.”

Then she proceeds to stuff her face with demon shark meat.

Naofumi:”Don’t dirty the deck.”
Itsuki:”……I think you’re glossing over something important there.”

An extremely pale Itsuki mutters at me.
Well, it is indeed amazing, and speaking of amazing, I think of Firo.
Since the ship’s rear has a ballista attached to it, I do not need to fight either.
By the way, this is already the second shark.
The first one was dismantled and absorbed by my shield.

Requirements for Blue Shark Shield has been released.
Requirements for Shark Bite Shield has been released.
Requirements for Shark Leather Shield has been released.
Requirements for Shark Meat Shield has been released.

Blue Shark Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Swimming Skill 1

Shark Bite Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Shipboard Combat Skill 1
Special Effect: Shark’s Fang

Shark Leather Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: 2% Damage Reduction from the Aquatic System
Special Effect: Shark’s skin

Shark Meat Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Agility 3

The swimming skill’s description……I can swim like everyone else.

Ren:”I’m sure you are a hammer.”
Naofumi:”If you guys think I’ll drown if I fall into the ocean, tough luck; I can swim.”

The seasick heroes are whispering with each other about whether or not I will fall into the sea and drown, so I warn them.

Ren:”that’s not what I’m talking about”
Naofumi:”What is?”
Ren:”I think Itsuki is a hammer……”
Itsuki:”……I am?!”
Motoyasu:”I think Ren is also one……”
Itsuki:”I think Motoyasu-san is one too……”

Did you guys analyze each other’s swimming abilities?
Oh well, does Shipboard Combat Skill 1 improve my movements on a ship?
Is there even going to be a situation where I fight on board? Let’s try it out when I have some free time.
Since this is the same demon I’ll leave it alone. It seems even on the move my experience value and materials are increasing.

Sailor:”……Are you guys alright?”

Some guy wearing clothes that make him look like a pirate, is anxiously asking the other heroes their conditions……

Naofumi:”It’s merely sea-sickness. Your worrying is unnecessary. They will get used to it after a while.”
Naofumi:”And you are?”

After looking closely I can see it’s a woman. Her height is a little lacking.
Raphtalia is taller. Though I did not get a good look at her due to her clothing, she is a considerably beautiful girl.
Her face is probably good enough for Motoyasu to flirt with her.
She also seems young. To be a captain of a ship at that age, what is wrong with this world?

Captain:”I am the captain……I also made the ship.”
Naofumi:”Captain and Shipbuilder!?”
Naofumi:”What a skillful fellow.”

Since a while ago all she is saying is “……Right”. What a downer.
Though she is skillful, she has problems talking.

Captain:”……The sea is acting up.”
Naofumi:”I see.”
Captain:”……A storm is coming.”
Naofumi:”You can tell?!”
Captain:”……No problem. Hero-sama should rest in the cabin.”
Naofumi:”That reminds me, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am the Hero of the Shield. Those three over on the floor there are the other heroes.
Captain:”……Right. Best regards.”

As the captain mutters, a sailor yells about an incoming storm.
And so, we returned to the cabin.
Firo felt the waves rising, returned to her human form, and entered the cabin.
Though the captain speaks little, she is a hard working fellow.
The ship kept advancing, despite the storm.”

Naofumi:” Raphtalia, it seems you aren’t getting sea-sick.”
Raphtalia:” Because I am from a village near the sea.”
Naofumi:” Ah, do you have experience on a boat?”
Raphtalia:” Yup.”

By the way, as for what happened to the other Heroes and their companions……They rested in their cabins the whole trip.
The ship was rocked in all directions throughout the heavy storm, but we arrived at Cal Mira Island the following morning.
Firo was extremely excited, and even Raphtalia widened her eyes.
Well you can guess the reactions of the other adventurers and new sailors……

Cal Mira Island is a volcanic island that exceeds my imagination.
Is it because I am using Hawaii as a standard……?
There is also no guarantee this map is accurate.
By the way, Cal Mira Island is a nickname, its official name is Cal Mira Archipelago. It seems that there are also various islands nearby.

Rather than the rough sea voyage from Melromarc, the waves near the archipelago are calm, and you can even walk across the islands during low-tide.
……Can we ride Firo to another island?
Here and there, other islands could be seen.

Naofumi:” Now then, we have arrived at Cal Mira Island but……”

I was amazed at the other heroes appreciating the island and being grateful.
All of them look quite sleepy since it was virtually impossible to sleep last night with all the rolling around.
Bitch’s face is pale, and she vomits. Serves you right.

Naofumi:”Are you guys weak to vehicles?”
Motoyasu:”Naofumi……you are the strange one.”
Ren:”When the cabin was turned upside down, I thought we sank.”
Itsuki:”Coming to this strange world, there are many amazing things.”

Certainly, the ship was turned over a several times.
Every time I expected the ship to sink, but I was surprised.
Since it was troublesome to roll around, I made a hammock in the cabin and slept.
I wonder if the sailors are used to such things. They recommended that I make a hammock to sleep in when the storm came.
Even the captain said that such a big storm was rare.
Is it due to the wave of calamity?

If such a storm were to appear in my world, then any ship would surely sink.
After this boat trip, I am again realising this is a different world.

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