Chapter 81 of Shieldbro,Tanuki, Firo, and Melty

All the dialogue is getting increasingly annoying ;_; (Not the names, just them talking in general.)

Chapter 81

Class Up

When we arrived at the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era that sister at the reception desk before was gone.

Naofumi:”Where did that other sister go to?”
Sister:”She was arrested because she was part of the Three Heroes Church.”

Oh, so she was labeled a criminal.
Well she was infuriating anyway. Too bad.

Naofumi:”Now what? Can we go Class Up?”
Queen:”First of all, please tell me who wants to do a class up.”

After listening to the queen I look at Raphtalia and Firo.
Though we have already decided which Class to take, there is no telling what might happen.

Firo:”Okay~! Firo wants to go first!”

Firo raises her hand and declares that she wants to go first.
I look at Raphtalia and she nods.

Raphtalia:”Then Firo will Class Up first.”
Melty:”Firo-chan do your best!”

In her human form Firo steps forward with a pitter-patter.

Sister:”Please get into a comfortable position,touch the Hourglass of Dragon’s Era and focus your consciousness on it.”
Firo:”Like this?”

Firo reverts to her demon form and slowly touches the Hourglass of Dragon’s Era.
The sand near Firo’s wing shines and ripples.

Queen:”Now then, let’s proceed with the Class Up ceremony.”

On the queen’s orders the soldiers surrounding the hourglass pour some kind of liquid into the grooves the shape of a magic square etched into the floor.

Firo:”Huh?What is that sound?”

Firo strains her ears.


Firo shuts her eyes and spreads both her wings.
The hourglass continues to glow, and the magic formation on the floor also starts glowing.
Firo stands in the center, and is being surrounded by light.

Queen:” Now, please choose your future possibility.”
Firo:”Ah, Something popped up”

Firo mutters with her eyes closed.
The icon in Firo’s view also appears in mine, a class tree appeared.

Queen:”Since she is Iwatani-sama’s demon, you must choose.”
Naofumi:”Ah, is such a thing even possible?”

All the possibilities of Philorials and their various abilities appear.

Naofumi:”What Firo wants for herself, may not be what I choose.”

If I don’t choose, does it automatically pick the demon’s choice?
I press the decline button on the screen.

Firo:”Wa! something came into view!”

It was probably what appeared in front of me earlier. It might be due to the influence of the demon crest.

Firo:”Which one to pick~……”

With her eyes closed Firo happily picks her possibility.
I’ll allow Firo to decided for herself, since this will affect her whole life.
That’s right. I’ll tell Raphtalia the same.

Naofumi:” Raphtalia, I will let you and Firo choose whichever Class Up you want yourselves, since I will be leaving the world after the wave is over. It will be fine.”
Raphtalia:”As long as Naofumi-sama chooses, it will be good…….”
Raphtalia:”……I understand.”

Raphtalia mutters while seeming dissatisfied about something.
If I decide selfishly and they don’t like it, then it would be rough for both of us.
I want them to choose for themselves, because I trust them.
Now then, I wonder what Firo is going to choose.
Firo’s ahoge is growing and shining brilliantly.


The light shines brighter and buzzes, and then with a flash it was gone.
I was momentarily blinded.
When my vision recovers, I look at Firo who is blinking repeatedly. Her appearence……There are no big changes.
But, her ahoge has become more luxurious, now it gives off the feeling of a mini-crown…….

Queen:”It seems the Class Up was completed successfully.”
Naofumi:” I see.”

I check her status. The ★ has disappeared wonderfully.
Her stats have nearly doubled.
Isn’t this too amazing?

Melty:”Firo-chan is amazing!”

It seems Metly is pleased that Firo has powered up.
However, Firo has a delicate expression while walking over.

Firo:”You see……Firo wasn’t able to choose……”

Fire mutters, looking like she is about to cry at any moment.

Naofumi:”What went wrong?”
Firo:”Firo wanted to choose the one that can spit poison. But what came out was not what was selected.”
Naofumi:” I saw your ahoge shine brightly.”

Melty is coaxing the depressed Firo.

Naofumi:”Then, next is Raphtalia.”

Before it even starts I’m getting a bad feeling about this.
Raphtalia touches the Hourglass the same way Firo did.
When the light shines, the soldiers pour the same liquid inside the magic formation.
As I thought, an icon pops up in my view again.
Now then……pushing the refusal—
At that moment, Firo’s ahoge splits in two and one enters my view.


Naofumi:”Wha!?What is this!? You bird!”
Firo:” It’s not Firo!”

Not Firo you say!? Are you telling me that your ahoge can act independently?
Raphtalia’s eyes open wide and she stares


The ahoge lands on the pop-up,disappears, and reveals a possibility that didn’t exist before.
Light flows from me to Raphtalia.


Raphtalia screams.
And the light disappears.
Thick smoke covers the room. This is quite different from Firo’s.
The smoke clears up……
I watch Raphtalia coughing. There are no apparent changes other than her hair colour being a brighter shade compared to before……

Naofumi:”A-Are you alright?”
Raphtalia:”Oh, uh yeah. I’m fine……”

What happened?I worryingly check Raphtalia’s status.
……Just like Firo, the ★ dissapeared and her stats have nearly doubled.

Raphtalia:”What happened?”
Naofumi:”I have no idea either. The Class Up was chosen by itself……I had a bad feeling, but there seems to be no problems.”
Queen:”I see, that’s fine then…… I wonder what chose the Class Up without permission?
Naofumi:”What are you talking about?”
Melty:” Uhmm you see. I think Firo-chan’s ahoge did it-”

Melty retells her story about meeting the Philorial Queen.

Queen:”I see, I would have liked to meet the queen of Philorials too.”
Naofumi:”That’s not the problem right now.”

Is the queen’s hobby searching for legends?
Wait wait, this isn’t the situation to think about those things.

Naofumi:”I wonder why. I was uneasy and thought that there might be some abnormal transformations!”
Raphtalia:”Yes, me too. Though I had a feeling my body was shrinking, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”
Firo:”Master~, what are you saying?”

It seems something absurd in the world occurred……
At any rate, there is nothing we can do about it, and nothing bad happened.
Maybe it was due to my luck finally turning around.

Naofumi:”……Don’t worry about it. Anyway, how are your abilities and conditions?
Raphtalia:”I feel that power is surging through my body.”
Naofumi:”I see, that’s good……”
Queen:”Is it due to the Queen Philorial feather?…… I don’t know what it was, but it seems to have chosen for you. I’m sure that you will be unable to change it.”

The queen regretfully informs us.

Queen:”There are specific items that you can use during Class Ups to get more benefits. I pray that was a good thing……”
Queen:”So how much did their abilities grow?”
Naofumi:”Their abilities almost doubled.”

The queen is surprised.
Perhaps this is way better than usual?
Maybe it’s due to the Philorial Queen’s feather. If the growth rate is high, then I am glad.

Queen:”Originally……any item that would increase the growth rate by 1.5 times is already amazing. They would generally be very strong.”
Naofumi:”Is that so? Then this is great.”

However, both of them have a delicate expression.
I understand your feelings.
Class Up—-I am familiar with that since in games you should be able to choose your own.

Naofumi:”Well…..Do your best.”
Raphtalia:”uuu……somehow I’m feeling quite melancholic.”
Firo:”Firo too.”
Melty:”Cheer up, Firo-chan.”

Like this, our Class Up was complete.
Queen:”Next is the contract.”

The queen shows a contract written on parchment to me.

Queen:”Please read it.”

The contract contains the following:

1. If any situation occurs that would harm the Hero of the Shield, the country will stop it at all costs
2. The country will co-operate and arrange preparations for the Hero of the Shield against the wave.
3. The Hero of the Shield will receive various preferential treatments.
4. Nothing is demanded of the Hero of the Shield except for fighting against the wave.
Lastly, the country will take responsibility when the contract breaks.

I request for a copy of the contractual document……For insurance. So a copy of the parchment was given to me.
The contents are very advantageous for me.
I confirm many times that there are no play on words or contradictory terms.
I feel that I may have went too far, but after inspecting it for a while there were no abnormalities.

Naofumi:”Well, this should be fine.”
Queen:” Then, please finish the seal with a drop of your blood.”

I poke my own finger with a knife and write my name in blood on the parchment.
The queen does the same, and the parchment begins to shine in the middle of the magic formation.
The light disappears and a golden bracelet appears around the queen’s arm.

Queen:”If the contract is broken, then it will punish me accordingly. Please rest assured.”
Naofumi:” Understood. So I guess it’s official now?”

There is a feeling of relief……

Naofumi:”I should reconsider exchanging companions on the trip…….”
Queen:”Please consider carefully.”

Seeing as I am having trouble deciding, the queen answers.

Queen:”If it goes well wouldn’t Iwatani-sama be able to increase his companions?”
Naofumi:”Ah……So that’s what you mean.”

This could be a chance for all the heroes, including me, to find out how the other hero companions operate.

Queen:”The Hero of the Shield is already not associated with anything evil. There may even be some companions that are dissatisfied with following their chosen hero.”
Naofumi:”In other words…… a repicking from the first day……”

I am still holding a grudge from when no one helped me.
There is also no way I will lose Raphtalia and Firo thanks to them being slaves.

Queen:”Even if Iwatani-sama is not aware, some of the hero companions have already been changed. So, it might not be a bad idea to try it out.”
Naofumi:”Change? Who went to who?”
Queen:”Every Hero-sama. More or less, compared to before their party is a little different……”

Since I never took a good look, I did not notice it.
What can I say? The companions of those fellows must have sobered up.
Their true colours must have shown.

……That reminds me, that man in Motoyasu’s party disappeared.
I thought he was just hiding and waiting for a chance, but he did not appear at all.
Well, as a man in Motoyasu’s harem it was probably hell for him.
Besides, I feel that each Hero had an increase in companions.

Definitely. There are people who become friends in the middle of a trip.
If an adventurer, villager, knight, or magician has talent then they would be scouted.
It’s a common development that happens in my favourite mangas and light novels.

I see. I am the unorthodox one, only taking slaves.

Naofumi:……haah. I understand.”
Queen:”There may be someone who wants to follow Iwatani-sama.”
Naofumi:”But I do not trust anyone except for those with absolute obedience.”
Queen:”Oh ho? But I thought you are developing a good relationship with Melty?”

At the queen’s words, Melty trembles and blushes a deep-red.
It is probably from being humiliated.

Naofumi:”She’s going to die if she didn’t follow me, so there’s no other way. She might be Firo’s good friend, but she doesn’t respect me at all”

She nods energetically. As I thought, Melty disliked me after all.

Queen:”It doesn’t seem so though.”


The queen laughs and shows a heart-warming smile.
Did I say something funny?


I look over at Raphtalia and she seems to be sulking.

Naofumi:”What’s wrong?”
Raphtalia:”Absolutely nothing!”

I tilt my head together with Firo.

Queen:”Isn’t this fine? We have finished our business here, you should depart soon.”

After leaving the building of the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era, we depart for the Island.

Queen:”Please look forward to your various rewards when you return.”
Naofumi:”Rewards? What is it?”
Queen:” Iwatani-sama I heard you wanted to learn magic, so I will prepare magic books and crystal balls.”

Ah, so it’s something like that.
Mhmm……Besides, if I do get another companion then I will need supplies.

Queen:”Crystal balls let you acquire magic quickly, but there is a lack of power. Whereas for books, it takes a lot longer to learn, but it is much stronger.”
Naofumi:”So there was such an effect……”

When I read the magic book, it was explaining the basics of basics.
Besides, in the book it also explains how to adjust power, and other ways to tweak the spells.
Of course, in order to learn these things it will take time.
This is not a game, and time is limited. But, I should also avoid learning too much from the crystal balls since it’s efficiency will be bad.
Judging from the other heroes actions, I am currently the only one that can read this world’s letters.
It may be important to make use of this advantage.

Queen:” Will crystal balls be alright Iwatani-sama?”
Naofumi:”I can read a little of this world’s letters, so…… If there is someone to teach me properly, and a book, it would be fine.”
Queen:”I see. I’ll arrange it.”
Naofumi:”Also, can equipment be procured?”
Queen”It is possible to give you weapons from the country’s arsenal but……”

That reminds me, I still haven’t visited the old man from the weapons shop yet.
It might also be good to see if there are any requests for materials from Cal Mira Island, perhaps it would be nice to get some materials myself.

Naofumi:”In the meantime, please prepare some degree of armour and weapons for us.”
Queen:” Alright. Now then, I wish you a good day.”
Melty:”Naofumi, Firo-chan, Raphtalia-san, Good luck! Have a nice day!”

We parted from the queen, got on the carriage, and hurried to the town where the ship to Cal Mira Island is.

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