Chapter 79 Badass Queen Edition (Part 5)

And so we shall stick with Firo:”Master~” format.


Edited by EverydaySoCloudy

We were guided to dinner with the queen after resting in a VIP room.
As the guided by the soldiers, we saw the luxurious tables throughout the hall.
Isn’t this even more luxurious than the time Motoyasu and I dueled?

……It’s been a long time.
But my innocence has finally been proven.
I see the queen and Melty entered the hall holding hands.
The two of them approach me while looking like they have something to say.

Naofumi:”What’s wrong?”
Queen:”Well……Oh dear, I’ll just tell you truthfully.”

While I was looking puzzled, the queen muttered about something being deplorable.
It seems that Bitch and Trash proposed to carry a dish from the kitchen to me.
They reflected. Therefore they want to bring me a dish as some kind of atonement.
This information is immediately heard by the queen
The two of them snatched two dishes by force in the hallway to bring to me.
This happened while the queen was in the hall preparing.

Queen:”It is an admirable attitude to carry the food.”

Both of them had cold sweat running down their back as they tried to put the food on my side.
However, the queen ordered the soldiers to arrest them.
I heard the circumstances from the shadows supervising them in advance.

Trash:”Wh-What are you doing!?”
Bitch:”I did not do anything!”

They were protesting while being arrested.
When caught, their reaction is as follows.

Queen:”Yes, I pray you did nothing too. Now then, both of you…… eat a mouthful of the food you tried to serve Iwatani-sama.”
Trash:”Such an impolite thing will not be done!”
Bitch:”I did not do anything!”

Their pitiful selves repeat an excuse while resisting.

Queen:”Yes, I believe you. So eat.”
Trash:”That would be rude to the shield!”
Bitch:”That’s right! Something that was has already eaten should not be served!”
Queen:” That’s alright. Just take a bit with some clean tableware.”
Trash:”Certainly not!”
Queen:” Eat it!”

The soldiers force-feed the two of them the dishes they carried.
(ED: There is a short time skip here that isn’t mentioned)

Naofumi:” So, what has happened to them?”
Queen:” Trash went to the toilet, and Bitch was carried to the hospital.”

Are they retarded?
Trash used a laxative, and Bitch used poison.
I should be fine thanks to poison resistance, but I don’t exactly have a hobby of consuming poison.

However, these guys clearly aren’t reflecting at all.
It would have been an excellent assassination. But their execution leaves much to be desired.

Naofumi:”They are going to be punished for this right?”
Queen:”Naturally. I’ll give Trash and Bitch a painful experience every day until they give up.”
Naofumi:”Uh huh……”
Queen:” It was good that they were caught so early. There was a chance that Iwatani-sama might have actually taken damage.”
Naofumi:”I guess……”

Those guys didn’t learn their lesson…… they don’t deserve any praise for their tenacity.
It would be fine to be angry here, let’s try to evaluate the queen’s enthusiasm in punishing them.

Naofumi:” Observe them closely. If they are unhurt I will withdraw our agreement.
Queen:” Of course. Originally, the contents of their punishment would be supervised, then reported to Iwatani-sama periodically, until they stop misbehaving.”
Naofumi:”Well……That’s obvious.”

The queen also adds that there is always a shadow watching Bitch and Trash.
So if they do something bad then it will be reported immediately.
So each time Trash and Bitch does anything, I can choose to reward or torment.
They can even show me what’s happening. This sounds very pleasant.

Queen:”Yes. So please think about the extent of their punishment. Surely they will do it again. Since all attempts will be prevented beforehand, punish them accordingly, since Iwatani-sama presence is necessary to help Melromarc.
Naofumi:”……I understand”

The queen then declares grandly to all the visitors that have gathered.

Queen:”I, Mirelia Q Melromarc, would like to thank everyone here for participating in this event. Everybody, please enjoy the feast and have fun!”

The participants who gathered in the hall cheered, and my reason for participating in this event is completely different from last time.
Last time I participated for the money.
I understand that the country’s situation will become a lot harsher in the future.


Firo’s eyes shine at the amount of food put on display.
This party seems to be a restaurant style buffet.
Everything is in placed like a luxurious restaurant for the important guests.
If you still want to eat more, just head to the buffet and get a refill.
We were guided to our designated table with our plates full.
Last time we just stayed in a corner and ate.

Naofumi:”You may go get more food after you finish that plate.”
Naofumi:”There is a rule. You must maintain your human form.”

After devouring the expensive cuisine in front of her, Firo begins to skip towards the buffet looking for more.
For Firo is it quantity over quality?
Somehow, Firo’s attitude reminds me of how Raphtalia was before.
Incidentally, I look at Raphtalia.

Raphtalia:”Wh-What is it?”

Raphtalia spoke bashfully while I stared at her.

Naofumi:”Is that enough? When you’re done go get more.”
Raphtalia:”I do not eat so much anymore!”
Naofumi:”……It’s bad for your health. Even during forced marching, replenishing your body’s nutrients is important.”

Raphtalia sighs deeply.
Did I say something wrong?

Raphtalia:”Uhm……Naofumi-sama what kind of girls do you prefer?”

There isn’t really any kind of girl I particularly prefer……..
I would like to avoid such a topic since it makes me recall Bitch.

Raphtalia:”Err……In your original world, did you have someone you liked?”
Naofumi:” What are you saying? There is no such person.”

That is not my reason of wanting to return to my former world. Why would she think that?


Raphtalia sighs again.

Naofumi:” I don’t really understand your questions, but I am only returning because I want to go home.”

After everything is concluded I will not hesitate to return to my original world. But if I had to look for a reason……
Then, suddenly I recall when I first arrived in this world.
Is my wish to return coming from the fact that I was deceived by Bitch?
These feelings, after recognizing them again seem to have become stronger.

Mysterious Voice:”Hero of the Shield-sama!”

When I turn to the direction of the voice, a volunteer who I recognized is heading towards us.
Ah, these two, one of them was the one that asked for a signature.

Naofumi:”I’m glad to see you safe.”
SoldierA:”You have nothing to worry about……That’s not it.”

I look at the soldier who received the signature.

Naofumi:”Were the clothes that I signed stolen? It’s my fault.”

The soldier shakes his head.

SoldierB:”It’s all right.”
Naofumi:”I see, if it’s fine then I won’t worry. So how did the signature get stolen? What happened?”

It seems to be the work of a group from the extremist country.
He got caught up in this unfortunate event.

Naofumi:”Can’t be helped. Extend your hand.”

It’s not the best thing I can give, but it can’t have an actual form.
I shake hands with the soldier who wanted the signature.


I wonder what the standards for handshakes in this world are. It would be bad if this was rude.

Naofumi:”I apologize for troubling you. I am grateful for your co-operation given the circumstances. Forgive me with this for now.”

The soldier nods very joyfully. His cheeks are dyed red……
This child is probably one who believes in the Four Saints Faith or the Shield Religion. That’s probably why he wanted my signature.
……I hope some dangerous guys don’t want the hand that I shook.
Was this too rash?

Naofumi:”If there is an opportunity I’ll thank you properly.”

Just when I was about to speak.

Mysterious Voice:”Naofumi!”

Motoyasu walks towards me while fuming.
Soldiers who realized the situation rushes to stop Motoyasu.

Soldiers:”Please wait!”
Motoyasu:”Out of the way!”

The soldiers were knocked away and Motoyasu continued on.

Motoyasu:”……Let’s duel!”
Naofumi:” What’s with you suddenly?”

Do you suffer an illness that forces you to fight me at every feast?

Motoyasu:” I heard about it! That you changed Mein’s name selfishly!”

……Haah. Were you seduced by Bitch?
Bitch is clinging to Motoyasu while crying.

Bitch:”Hero of the Shield-sama selfishly asked mama to change my name without my permission……”

Her acting isn’t very good.
Hm? Looking carefully, Bitch’s equipment is different from before.
All her luxurious equipment is gone, all that’s left are cheap products.
Oh, was her equipment seized by the queen?
Well that’s a shame!

Motoyasu:”Why are you acting so childish?”
Motoyasu:”It’s not funny! Such a pitiful name!”
Naofumi:”I know right!?”

This is the consequence of Bitch’s deeds.
I mean Bitch was carried to the hospital earlier as a result of her actions.

Motoyasu:”If I win, you will change her name back.”
Naofumi:”I’ve already beat you–“
Motoyasu:”This time is different.”
Naofumi:”……I guess so. You are that kind of guy.”

I have no reason for fighting at all.
I’m also getting a bad feeling……
The crowd parts and the queen walks in.

Motoyasu:”Queen-sama! Please grant a duel between Naofumi and I!”

Motoyasu seems to think the queen would allow such an the duel just as Trash did.

Queen:”I will not.”

Motoyasu expresses his surprise and seems flabbergasted by the queen’s words.

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