Chapter 78 Badass Queen Edition (Part 4)


Edited by EverydaySoCloudy
I recall the third day I was summoned.
During that time I was doubting everyone after the false accusation.
Moreover, I was getting tired of people trying to deceive me by pretending to be friendly.
Was there a chance that one of them actually wanted to be friends?
Everything back then that sounded good to me was just a lie for people to get close……

Naofumi:”Do not concern yourselves with me!”

There were even some people who saluted and said they understood……
Then, does that mean I drove away everyone from Silt Welt because I told them not to concern themselves with me!?
Because I kept rejecting people……?


I drop on my knees and hug my head.

Queen:” As expected, I was also troubled. Moreover, Iwatani-sama was causing problems and crimes in  various places.”

The queen was thinking of me like that. The reproach in her voice was severe.

Queen:” Well there were situations solved that were thanks to you, so I’ll overlook it.”
Naofumi:”……What do you mean?”
Queen:”You see, the heroes acted in order to remove the bad from this country.”

If looking at the results they would all be successes.

Queen:” Iwatani-sama was crucial in solving the problems the other heroes caused.”

The other heroes caused problems, and I was the fire-man going around the country putting out their flames.

Queen:” After the Three Heroes Church lost power, We are asking for co-operation with the Four Saints Faith to right the lies they spread about you.”

The Three Heroes Church sure didn’t choose their methods.

Naofumi:”What about the other heroes?”
Queen:”As for the Spear, Bitch was with him, the sword, and bow seem to have been misled by false information from the guild.”

Did they just trust whatever they heard first……?
Well, if the evidence they had to work with was little, it would make sense.
Though if it were me, I would just refuse the burden.
But since I don’t know, I cannot judge.

Naofumi:”Then next, Raphtalia…… did you have the slave trader show me her?”
Queen:”The more correct answer would be I gave instructions to a shadow. I do not know what kind of person this slave trader is.”

That reminds me, that fellow didn’t talk to me like it was our first meeting.

Slave Trader:”There was a customer who wanted to enslave a hero. So I intended to approach Hero-sama with that open possibility, but I’ve changed my mind. Yup.”

Those were the words that guy said on our first meeting.
Wanting a hero as a slave. It’s funny that such a person exists in this country.

Queen:” I heard the details. Please recall and think carefully. Do you think you can buy a slave with merely 20 pieces of silver?”
Naofumi:”Well……I don’t think so.”

Considering the condition she was in, I wasn’t suspicious about the price, though I didn’t actually check the price of any other slaves.
It is doubtful that the wolf-man would have been sold to me for its actual price.
It seems compared to other shops it was remarkably cheap.
Seriously, that slave trader, what an outrageous fellow.
To help me and not talk about it.

Raphtalia:” Regardless of the circumstances in which I met Naofumi-sama, I am still grateful.”

Raphtalia says so with a smile.
……That’s right. Even if there was something behind all of this, it doesn’t change the fact that I bought Raphtalia from the slave trader.
If Raphtalia wasn’t there protecting my back, then it would have been dangerous.
Raphtalia probably would have died if she had not met me either.

At that time, the slaves beside Raphtalia were put there to make sure I choose her.
In the end I used most of what little money I had accumulated. Buy a slave that should have been sold.
I would have likely doubted it if I was sold an excellent slave cheaply from the beginning.
However, betraying his expectations, Raphtalia grew up to be……First class goods.
Thinking back carefully, that slave trader really helped me.

Naofumi:”Alright then, moving on. What is the reason behind you not coming back to the country?”
Queen:”I think you understand from our talks. I was at the limits of my patience, and Melty wanted to meet Ault……Trash, so I laid a trap. The preparations for cornering the Three Heroes Church were also completed.”

Thanks to her arrangements…… The fight swung in our favour.

Queen:”I did not think they would possess a replica of the Four Legendary Heroes weapon.”

Even if I had been warned beforehand about the existence of such a weapon, the fight would still be incredibly difficult.

Queen:”The pope was a foolish man…… If he changed the replica weapon to a shield to receive Iwatani-sama’s attack, and perhaps his life would have been saved.”
Naofumi:” It can become a shield too?”
Queen:”Of course. However, the replica only had one-fourth of the original legendary weapon’s power.”
Naofumi:” That was only one-fourth?!”

Multiplying that power by four times……That’s just too ridiculous.
Well to be fair, if it wasn’t at least that strong it would not have been a legend in the first place.

Queen:”And my husband who had fought against our country’s nemesis Silt Welt in the old days, Trash has become a fool due to the long peace. If he was competent, or if his old wisdom returned, I would not be feeling this way now.”

Yeah……I figured they did not want me to reach Silt Welt due to that kind of border security.
Is it possible that Trash wasn’t the one that sent all the knights to the border?
Oh well. We’re still in the middle of our conversion.

Queen:”Afterwards……Let’s see. I happened to be in range and helped out Iwatani-sama against the pope. After hearing all of this, do you still wish to go to Silt Welt and start a war?”

Even if the queen thinks of me like that, is there any reason for me to protect them?

Queen:”By the way, Silt Welt, or Schildfrieden, whichever one Iwatani would have went to, I will tell you the outcome of your choice.”

(TLnote: Shirudofuriden is changed to Schildfrieden which means Peace of the shield)

What does the queen intend to say?

Queen:”First, the Demi-human princesses, and nobles of various races will also approach Iwatani-sama, and thus a harem will be formed.”
Naofumi:”That is disgusting!”

I feel nauseous thanks to the result of Bitch’s actions.
A bunch of women approaching me with ulterior motives.

Queen:” Anything you want would have been given to you. If you wanted to conquer this country the people would have gladly taken up arms and started a war.”

Hmm……that does sound good. But a harem……
I’ll endure it……

Queen:”Though you will be fine till then. However, for all countries and all religions, those in power will be corrupted and have their beliefs dyed black.”
Queen:”Iwatani-sama would be risking…….unidentified illnesses and unfortunate accidents.”
Naofumi:”……I don’t really understand.”
Queen:” It was how the Hero of the shield in the past met his end.”

I would rather not hear this.

Queen:”By the way,do you remember those adventurers who lied about wanting to be in your party?”

It was several days after I arrived in this world.

Queen:” Their horribly disfigured corpses were discovered several days later.”
Queen:”There was also a soldier that asked for you signature a while ago.”

I gave it to him because he asked……No way.

Naofumi:”Did he die!?”

That fellow did his job properly. I would rather not see him meet his end like this.

Queen:”No……But, the clothes that Iwatani-sama signed was stolen. It seems he was stalked every day until it was gone.”

Holy shit……That’s troublesome.

Queen:”Afterwords, the clothing was found to have been sold for a large amount sum in the black market.”

Next time I meet him, I’ll apologize.

Queen:”I had to protect those soldiers who co-operated with Iwatani-sama.”
Naofumi:”Ahh, are you blaming them?”
Queen:” The knight leader was attacked by someone and murdered. The culprit has not been caught yet. Perhaps……”

With that, I’ve concluded that Silt Welt is an extremist country.
What can I say?……Would going to Silt Welt be heaven or hell?
Of course, the queen’s story may not be entirely correct.

Queen:”I think that it would be safer for you to build your own relationships that you can trust.”

However, there is no reason to co-operate.
The pain that I have received until now is not something that will simply just fade away with the queen using her power, I’m still not convinced.
Although I was concerned indirectly, the punishment and explanation the queen gave a little while ago was done as the one in power in this country.
Yet, she was too benevolent and showed mercy.
I admit that I do recognize her abilities, but I do not trust her.
Anything can be said.
Because it would be troublesome for them if I went to another country, I am being kept here.
If what she says is correct, then I would be highly received regardless of Schildfrieden or Silt Welt.
There is no special reason to staying in Melromarc.


The queen is staring into my eyes while I think.

Queen:” Up until now, I have been covering for all the damage that Iwanati-sama has received until now. I understand this is a selfish. However, to me…….No, to this country, there is no other choice but to rely on you. If I can appease your anger with my head then I would gladly pay the price. If you wish I can even change my name. Therefore, please postpone your decision. I Mirelia Q Melromarc will take a magical contract, and vow that you will not be treated as you have been previously.”

The queen bows deeply.
Melty is speechless at this scene, and Raphtalia can only watch with her eyes wide open.
Even Firo seems to have sensed something is happening from the atmosphere.

She……is only really thinking about what is best for the country.
If I really wanted Trash and Bitch dead, then there is no doubt that they would have died.
Is Melromarc really in such a dangerous position on the global scale?

In other words, the fate of this country has been entrusted to my hands.
If I wished I could destroy Melromarc.

Naofumi:”Only once.”
Queen:”What do you mean?”
Naofumi:” Your shadow has saved our lives before.”
Queen:”That means……”
Naofumi:” I will believe you only once. Regardless of reason, there will be no next time.”
Queen:”Thank you very much.”

The queen lowered her head and bowed to me in appreciation.

This might sound good.
But I cannot go on doubting everything.
I…..No one is perfect.
The enemy of a Hero is not the country, it is the wave.
If Glass attacks while the countries are fighting each other, then we will be done for.
I will not forget that the three heroes were defeated by her in the previous wave.
There is no need to forcibly increase my enemies.

The situation of being attacked from the front and behind has changed.
If I defeat the wave, then I can return to my original world.
I will concentrate on fighting the wave…… and Glass from now on.
This is actually quite a big step forwards.

Naofumi:” Are we safe diplomatically?”
Queen:”I get what Iwatani-sama is asking, for the time being all the problems have been dealt with. The only problem is not having a dependable Hero-sama. Therefore I wish to ask for Iwatani-sama’s co-operation even if I have to take an oath.”
Naofumi:”Are you going to punish the other heroes that you will be relying on?”
Queen:”Certainly. Due to the Hero-samas actions and assistance in subduing the Three Heroes Church their punishment won’t be too severe, but I still have to punish them due to criticism from the surrounding countries are increasing……”
Naofumi:”Is that so……that’s unfortunate.”

Well, I was hoping to show those fellows hell. Either way, if a chance comes I’ll take it.
There are still a lot of things to discuss, but I suppose this is our position now.

Queen:” Could you keep our conversation a secret from those three? Heroes are human too. I don’t know what they will do if weakness is shown……”

Certainly, there were many things that probably can’t be said to those three heroes.
I don’t know about Motoyasu or Ren, but Itsuki might go into frenzy.
Above all, the situation around me will be improving greatly.

Naofumi:”Understood. One of those guys……”
Queen:”Yeah. Afterwards, I have the responsibility to watch over.”
Naofumi:”Is that so, well after this one enemy has finally disappeared……”
Queen:”I am very sorry…… Please forgive me for summoning you without permission and forcing you to fight.”
Naofumi:” It’s fine already. So what will you do from now on? Are you going to speak to those three?”
Queen:”Yes, we will talk about matters of your participation over dinner.”

The queen gives instructions to a subordinate walks towards the throne.

Queen:”Melty……Let’s go.”
Melty:” Ah……Okay.”
Queen:” Iwatani-sama, thank you for protecting Melty.”

The queen lowers her head and bows in gratitude.

Firo:” Is Mel-chan going somewhere?”

As expected, Firo seems to have understood and looks troubled.

Naofumi:” The world Melty lives in is different from us. It is unlikely we will be able to journey together like before.”

It was difficult to say that while I turn to the queen.


Firo looks at Melty who is crying.

Firo:”We can’t meet anymore?”
Melty:”……No. We will meet again. Many times. But travelling together is impossible.”

Melty faces the queen.
The queen nods in confirmation.

Firo:”But….. I won’t say good-bye.”
Melty:”Alright. However, Firo-chan is always welcome.”

Melty tells Firo in a tearful voice.
It’s a fact that our journey had a big influence on Melty.
When the waves are over I made up my mind to leave Firo with Melty.

Firo:”Even if we separate, Mel-chan will always be Firo’s friend right!?”
Melty:” Yeah! No matter what I am Firo-chan’s friend.”


It was a touching scene, but goodbyes…… I’m not sure if you should be saying that now since we will still be in the castle today.
There is also no schedule for talking with the queen in the future.
But I’ll stay silent.
Because this will deepen their friendship.
Having a good friend is important, for both of them.
Raphtalia holds my hand as I watch the conversation.
I clench her hand silently and understood without turning around.

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