Chapter 77 Badass Queen Edition (Part 3)


Edited by EverydaySoCloudy

Trash:”Who would force another to endure something like that!?”
Bitch:”Only a devil would do something like this!”

Bitch’s face distorts terribly in anger.
Wow~ so refreshing. I never would have thought that a moment like this would be possible.

Naofumi”Hahahahaha! That’s the face I wanted to see!”

The names Trash and Bitch’s have become official.

Naofumi:” Revenge only gives birth to vengeance…… It is a splendid phrase. You should endure. You should practice it……Bitch.”
Bitch:”Shut up! I will absolutely never forgive you!”

She tried to attack me, but the queen’s assistants held her down.

Queen:”Since Bitch can use a pseudonym as an adventurer. What do you wish to call her there?”
Queen:” Then that will be her adventurer name from now on. Other than those two names, you may not use anything else.”
Bitch:”I’ll kill you! Anytime there’s a chance I’ll murder you without fail!”

Wow, even faced with such killing intent, I can only feel refreshed, nothing else.
Oh well!

Naofumi:”Hahaha! Try it if you can. If you lay even a hand on me it will be capital punishment!”
Queen:”Yes, so you have been deprived of that right.”

I see, if it was me who executed a part of the royal family that would undermine the queen’s dignity and authority, so she has deprived me of the privilege. Well it’s that sort of thing.

Naofumi:”This is so refreshing!”
Queen:” Now then, there is something that I wish to get Iwatani-sama’s co-operation with.”
Naofumi:”What is it?”
Queen:”During the last incident, didn’t iwatani-sama ask Trash to prostrate himself for an explanation?”

Both Bitch and Trash were forced on to their knees by the queen’s shadows and knights.

Bitch:”Stop it! Who do you think I am–“
Trash:”That’s right! This one is–“
Queen:”Aren’t the both of you just an adventurer and a general?”
(Tlnote:冒険者と将軍 Shogun is for Itsuki, so I changed it to general.)

The queen suppresses their complaints by informing them of their place.

Queen:”Prostrate yourselves.”
Trash:”What, my queen! This one is–Stop it–This one will not bow! This one will never bow! nuoooooooooooo!”
Bitch:” Stop joking around! I will never kneel for this bastard! Iyaaaaaaaaa”

Trash and Bitch were surrounded by several people, forced to prostrate themselves, and their heads are being rubbed against the ground.
A shadow in between the both of them speaks.

Shadow:”Go ahead-“

Trash and Bitch are yelling extremely loudly.

Queen:” Shut them up!”

On the queens orders clothes are used to gag Bitch and Trash.


They are violently resisting with everything they have, but they are outnumbered and overpowered.

Shadow:”Please, Hero of the Shield-sama! Lend us your power!”
Shadow#2:”Hero of the Shield-sama, please fight for this country!”

Their voices are imitated by the shadows and such phrases were spoken.

Queen:” How was that?”
Naofumi:” How was that you ask…….”

Being asked that while watching them kneeling on the ground by force…… It is extremely refreshing, but……
Although it is refreshing, this request is a little……

Queen:”Maybe if you step on their heads?”
Naofumi:” Oh!”

Oh damn, I didn’t even think of that.


I ignore Raphtalia’s voice and begin to trample on the Trash and Bitch’s head.
Maybe Raphtalia wants me to be a hero that everyone respects.
It is regrettable, but I am part of the commoners.
It would be troublesome to be misunderstood as a saint. Well then again, where would you find a commoner stepping on the head of a king?
But I don’t understand Raphtalia. This degree of punishment is nothing compared to the humiliation I suffered.
So, can’t you at least give me this much.

By the way, I did not stop even though Raphtalia called out.
There was a time I thought Raphtalia was another Bitch as well.
There is no reason to support Trash and Bitch, they have been agonizing us until now. This is natural.


Regardless of how much Trash and Bitch are being suppressed and humiliated, they are still resisting.
After a while Trash quieted down so he was released.
Somehow……He has the eyes of a raped woman, in his eyes there are tears overflowing.
Just how much were you humiliated by bowing to me?
Bitch is still resisting.

Queen:”Oh my, this amount of torture should be about enough don’t you think?”

The queen raises her hand and gives instructions.

Queen:”Pick them up and throw them out of the throne room.”
Shadows&Knights:”””Yes Ma’am!”””

Both of them were thrown out.
Whoa, that was a sight to see.
Asides from Firo who seems happy…… Raphtalia and Melty look at me with strained expressions, I feel that my evaluation may have dropped.
They don’t voice their complaints, but I can understand that I may have gone overboard.

Queen:”Moving on, in order to request the co-operation of Iwatani-sama I gave them this punishment.”

There is no reason to decline since so much was already done.
Against someone who can make their family do something like this, it’s impossible to refuse. It’s my own fault.

Queen:”First of all, did you have something you wanted to ask?”
Naofumi:”I want to ask about the Hero summoning and Four Saints Faith, the story of the legendary heroes and history of this country, how you arranged Raphtalia’s purchase, and the reason you never showed yourself until now.”

There are still some other things I wish to ask, but this is generally it.

Queen:”I see. Then, shall I tell you the story concerning the legendary Heroes?”

Thus the queen began the talk.

Queen:”The story of the four holy heroes is a favourite of mine. Though it differs for every country.”
Naofumi:”How is it different?”
Queen:”I think Iwatani-sama already has a vague idea right?”

At the queen’s question I nod.

Queen:”You are already aware that in this country there is no story about the Hero of the shield. They were deliberately erased.
Naofumi:”……I see.

In that book I read before being summoned to this world, the shield was mentioned but not described among the four holy weapons.
I thought that was a story based on when I arrived to this world……That book may be describing the legend of this country.

Queen:”A great achievement that the Hero of the Shield accomplished was mediating between humans and demi-humans, but that was omitted. As a result, the other heroes had a hostile relationship with him.

I see, does that mean the shield will be trusted by the demi-humans unconditionally, because he was their ally?

Queen:” As you can see, our country’s principle is human supremacy, you already know the treatment demi-humans receive here.”

I have been in this country for more than three months, I’m aware of the demi-humans being slaves in this country.

Queen:” Due to such circumstances, we have very bad relations with Silt Welt. Our countries have been fighting for a long time.”

Silt Welt, the country with demi-humans following absolutism. These countries are like oil and water.
Certainly, making peace with them would be ideal.

Queen:”by the way, Iwatani-sama, the religion in Silt Welt is also a sect of the Four Saints Faith, where they believe only in the Hero of the Shield.”
Naofumi:”I roughly guessed it, but that seems to actually be the case huh.”
Queen:” Yes……Now then, I’m sure Iwatani-sama understands how the Three Heroes Church came to be……”

Silt Welt and Melromarc are oil and water. Both of their religions are branched off from the Four Saints Faith, and are divided in to the Three Heroes church and Shield Religion.
According to the Queen’s story, they have been fighting for a long time.
That means……

Naofumi:”So I was summoned right in the middle of enemy territory.”

I see, I can only accept it.
It would certainly be troublesome if the enemy’s Hero was being treated as a saint here.
In the Three Heroes Church, the Hero of the Shield is written to be brutal and treacherous.
Even my world’s religion is the same. Every other god apart from yours is the devil.
It’s quite a common thing.
Did trash participate in the war against Silt Welt? Is that why he looked at me with such hostility?

Queen:”Now, returning to the story. When the wave was upon us, the conference of every country in the world agreed. Heroes needed to be summoned.”

The queen was in another country attending the world conference as Melromarc’s representative, and it was decided they would be the fourth to perform the hero summoning.
The legendary heroes are traditionally summoned by the most powerful countries, hero summons are supposed to be performed in Foburei.
(Tlnote: フォーブレイ <= If anyone has a better name let me know.)
I don’t know how many were summoned. However, whichever country succeeds in summoning them will get a big lead on other countries.
However, the four legendary heroes did not respond to the summons.
As a result of an investigation, it was found out that a holy relic was required to summon the four legendary heroes, and Melromarc unexpectedly summoned them.
It was even news to the Queen. Ignoring the summoning order in which the world has decided, and to use a holy relic for the summons.

Queen:”Let’s omit my struggles, and just to clarify that after a long investigation it was found out that all of this was caused by the recklessness of the Three Heroes Church.”
Naofumi:” I can only sympathize.”
Queen:” I appreciate it.”
Naofumi:”So what holy relic was used?”
Queen:”At first glance, what used was just a metal fragment. But no matter how hard we try, we’re unable to understand it……”
Naofumi:”In other words, the reason we were summoned here is because of that holy relic?”
Queen:” Yes……”

If the summoning here failed would the holy relic have been used in some other country until it succeeds?

Queen:”And so the biggest problem we are facing, the four legendary heroes that were summoned here by that holy relic.”
Naofumi:”……Were only four people summoned?”
Queen:”Yes……Therefore, that relic has become the most important item.”
Naofumi:”If it’s such a huge problem, did the other countries blame this one?”
Queen:” After I negotiated……not likely. Iwatani-sama and the other heroes are greatly related in this. It would be a good idea to have a talk with them after this.”
Naofumi:” Then why did the Three Heroes Church not just kill me and be done with it?”
Queen:”It is necessary to keep you alive to avoid war. They were hoping for the waves to kill you…..Probably.”

Indeed, that is the world’s enemy so the blame won’t fall on the Three Heroes Church.

Naofumi:” Were they waiting for the other heroes to get stronger?”
Queen:” That also may be the case.”

If I was murdered immediately there would be war. Was it because they could not cheat the other three heroes when we just got summoned?

Queen:” Well the other Hero-samas are a bit…… They do not understand the consequences of their actions.”
Naofumi:” Yeah, I figured.”

Those guys still believe this is a game. Only doubting visible evil and not doubting their friends.

Queen:”Of course, there were others who acted as well. There have been large quantities of invitations from each country, particularly for Iwatani-sama. There were also plenty of donations towards the heroes. But you rejected all of them.”

What the heck is she saying?

Queen:”Don’t you have the memory of having done so yourself? It was on the third day you were summoned……”

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