Chapter 75 Badass Queen Edition

For those asking about the image, that is for next chapter where they decide Trash and Bitch’s punishment.

Edited by: EverydaySoCloudy


Trash: “Oh! Malty and Melty! It’s great that you defeated the shield and came back. Why is Malty tied up and gagged?”

The queen entered the castle with Melty and Bitch first to issue orders. The other Heroes followed after.
Those three didn’t like that I was leading the way. Though they cannot complain since the queen grandly declared in the latest incident, I was the one who contributed the most.
Firo pulled the carriage that we all rode in, and the queen informed the three heroes of the situation.
The pope’s death still hasn’t spread within the castle town yet, the Three Heroes Church is still active and that preventative measures have already been taken.
All parties concerned are currently being captured and transported.

Queen: “It is noisy when you talk. Can you shut it?”

Declares the queen as she briskly enters the room.
I can hear some extremely angry sounds from here.
As soon as I arrived behind the queen, trash’s face distorts in anger.

Trash: “Why is he here!? Execute him at once!”
Queen: “I won’t let you!”

The queen’s authority is above Trash’s so the Imperial guardsmen don’t move.

Trash: “Grr. That queen is an imposter! Arrest them!”
Queen: “You……Mistaking me for…… Can’t be helped then.”

Queen: “I am the queen who commands the origin of power-“
Trash: “Wha!? This aria-“

Queen: “I have read and deciphered a law of nature. Restrain him with ice!”

Trash’s whole body is frozen in a cage of ice.
He tries to talk to the queen but his voice doesn’t pass through the cage.

Queen: “Seriously…… When did you become so foolish?”

As she closes her fan the cage of ice disappears.

Trash: “That amount of magical power, and quality, you are certainly this one’s wife!  What on earth happened!?”

Trash asks the queen with disbelief.

Trash: “Did the shield possibly-!?”

Are you just going to pin any bad thing that happens on to me!?
Stop it.
This is why I didn’t want to come to the castle…

Queen: “That’s not it. Seriously, do you actually believe that Hero of the Shield-sama has that power?…… Foolishness.”

The queen approaches the king and — slaps him on the cheek.
Dumbfounded, the trash takes a few steps back while trembling, and for some reason glares at me.

Queen: “This is not Iwatani-sama’s fault, I have already said this a while ago.”
Trash: “Urgh!”

He was slapped again.
Just as the trash was about to retort, the queen gave him another slap.

Queen: “Listen to me, you dared to disregard my order of not abusing your power and discriminating the hero while I’m outside the country!? Do you want a war!?”
Trash: “But, But he-“

Queen: “There are no buts! It is necessary to work together to prepare for the wave, and you are supposed to help with that!”

The queen scolds trash severely to the point that he is not allowed to object.
The purpose of this is to show that the all the heroes are equal.

Queen: “Well then, let us reintroduce ourselves. I am the queen of Melromarc, Mirelia Q Melromarc. I hope you all will take care of me.”
Itsuki: “Ah……Yeah.”
Ren: “Same here……please.”
Motoyasu: “Wow……amazing”

The other heroes all express their thoughts.
They are completely dumbfounded.

Queen: “Hero of the Shield-sama, I would like to request a little of your time later today.”
Naofumi: “For what?”
Queen: “Let us chat over a meal. Hero-samas except Iwatani-sama please rest in the guest room.”
Motoyasu: “What about Mein?”

Motoyasu asks while looking worryingly at the bitch, but she is being held down and unable to talk.

Queen: “We’ll be having a little conversation about her standing in the country. Depending on the circumstances you may get another companion, please prepare accordingly.”
Motoyasu: “O-Okay……”

Thanks to the queen’s attitude, the other heroes were driven out of the throne room.
All that’s remaining is Raphtalia, Firo, Melty, and I.

Trash: “Fu……”

The trash breathes a sigh of relief as he just shown the other heroes an unsightly scene.

Queen: “What’s with the “Fu……” Huh!? Our talk isn’t over yet!”
Trash: “This one is not wrong! This is entirely the shield’s fault!”
Bitch: “That’s right!”

The bitch’s restraints were removed and she stands by trash.
So noisy.

Bitch: “Mama! I was raped by that devil over there!”
Queen: “And what’s wrong with that?”
Bitch: “What’s wrong with that!? Mama, that was my first time! Does that mean nothing to you!?”
Queen: “You were a virgin? Did you think I wasn’t aware? You already lost your virginity.”

Oh, so she wasn’t a virgin from the start?
Now that I think about it, pinning a rape accusation on me as she acted like a small fry adventurer, even if the princess declared that she was raped…… Since the Hero of the Spear saved her, it was at best an attempt, but rumours about me already spread.
The woman adventurer who the Hero of the spear saved, did he even notice she was being treated like a princess in society?

Either way, the bitch turned out to be an outrageous whore.
This is the best.

Bitch: “H-How do you know!?”
Queen: “You’re thinking I had no idea about your affairs, is downright presumptuous. In the first place, if you were actually in a relationship with Hero of the Shield Iwatani-sama, then you might still be saved……”

The queen turns her gaze at me for an instant.
Me? With this goddamn bitch?

Naofumi: “Don’t joke around!”
Queen: “Then I won’t pursue. I expect it with Melty.”

A bomb was just dropped.

Trash: “What are you saying!? Cute Melty is still young!”

It pains me to have the same opinion as the trash, but being in a relationship with Melty is a little……
I haven’t fallen so low that I would want to be in a relationship with a child.

Melty: “That’s right! What are you saying!”
Firo: “What are you talking about-“
Melty: “Firo-chan does not need to know!”

Well, I’ll just leave this alone.

Queen: “Refused! Melty will marry Hero of the Shield Iwatani-sama.”
Trash: “What did you say……!”
Queen: “Do you really understand? There are very little opportunities as perfect as this one to befriend old enemies, and what did you do?”
Trash: “What do you mean?”

I also understand.
Silt Welt probably believes in the Hero of the Shield. That would make them this country’s arch-nemesis.
If the object of faith, Hero of the Shield, marries a woman of Melromarc and is a saint here.
Something like that happening will greatly improve relations between the two countries, and they may even become allies.
The situation would be perfect if the Hero of the Shield also has a child under these circumstances.
There would be no chance that they could become enemies after that.

Naofumi: “Unfortunately it is already too late.”
Queen: “You think so?……Melty, do you best for Hero of the Shield Iwatani-sama.”
Melty: “N-no!”

At the queen’s proposal of a political marriage, Melty refuses and blushes a deep red.
Well, it would be unpleasant to be married for politics at this age.
Of course, I won’t take any actions to let this country prosper.
Just give it up on this.

Queen: “Oh? I heard from the shadow that Melty might have a chance.”
Naofumi: “She had bad eyesight.”
Melty: “Mu……”
Naofumi: “What. Oh…… did you hate having been seen as a child?”

What a troublesome age.

Queen: “It seems there is still some hope left. How about it? Melty will be the queen in the future. Won’t it be good to break this country from the inside with a puppet?”
Naofumi: “In that case I would have been made your puppet. More than anything, I do not wish to remain in the world.”
Queen: “There are no problems then…… Just get Melty pregnant with Iwatani-sama’s child.”

……What an unpleasant thing to say.
In short, I can only return to my original world if I father a child as the Hero of the Shield with the royal family.
Indeed, this would be very effective for diplomacy.
It’s actually quite brilliant. Is this a manga?

Queen: “All the chances of having an incompetent daughter and husband are removed. It is good that Iwatani-sama is still single. You will win over an ally. If you domesticate her, then the next queen will be in the palm of your hands.”
Bitch: “Who would be with someone so ugly!”

What does this bitch want?
Can’t you guys just understand my viewpoint–

Raphtalia,Firo, and Melty: “””He is not ugly!”””

Raphtalia, Firo, and Melty refuted all at once.
What is up with all of you?

Bitch: “What? I just stated the facts. You all being angry and retorting just makes it true.”
Queen: “Let’s see. The fact that you are not a virgin is also undisputed.”
Bitch: “There is no evidence anywhere. Ask Motoyasu-sama. I was a virgin.”
Queen: “No, I’ve known this a long time ago. Your speech and behaviour does not match. Malty, if you’re going to lie at least make it believable. Although you may be able to deceive the Hero of the Spear-sama, it is impossible for you to deceive me…… In the first place, you used your body to have your way since the old days-“

And so the queen begins a sermon on the bitch.
However, it’s clear that the bitch isn’t actually listening; in fact no one is actually listening.
It seems the queen’s preaching has become a habit.

Queen: “When your younger sister was involved in a conspiracy, you not only took advantage of it without protecting her, but you even tried to dispose of her with the help of the church.”

The bitch wasn’t taken advantage of by the church? Was it trash?
Perhaps, these two, are just stupid……

Queen: “You probably thought you were going to be the next queen too.”
Bitch: “N-No you’re wrong!”

Well……based on her magic chant she certainly desired it. In her chant she actually called herself the queen.
The queen just announced that the next queen is -, and it was not Bitch, despite what she believes.
After hearing this I was momentarily lost for words.

Bitch: “It’s a lie!”
Queen: “It is the undeniable truth.”
Bitch: “……something so trivial, it doesn’t even matter.”

Wow…I just figured it out.
Even if you guys are corrupt you’re still family. The queen is completely in control,

Queen: “Next Aultcray”

At her gaze the trash winces and backs up.

Queen: “What were you doing? Without investigating the truth, and throwing out the Hero of the Shield, who our country should specially protect……I am extremely disgusted. Where did the generosity of the old you that I fell in love with go?……”
Trash: “Th-That’s because the shield is evil!”
Queen: “Malty was not raped. It was a farce. Now……what else do you have to say?”
Trash: “Grrr…… The shield is evil!”

It seems no matter what this trash will still see me as evil.
In this situation it’s just pouring oil on fire though.

Queen: “Seriously……Where did all your wisdom go to……? You’ve completely changed!”

The queen’s veins are showing as she places her hand on her forehead.

Queen: “It seems you’re not even going to defend yourself.”

Bitch and trash both averted their gaze at that.
Well I understand that they’re not going to apologize to me.
It’s to be expected. Why did the queen have to show such a scene to me?
These guys aren’t going to reflect on their actions.

Queen: “There is only one way to finish this, but that goes without saying.”

The queen closes her fan and points at the both of them while declaring.

Queen: “I permanently deprive you two of the authority of the imperial family.”
Trash: “What!?”
Bitch: “Ehh!?”

Trash and bitch both call out in surprise. It seems they don’t understand just how heavy their crimes are.
This is reasonable.
Ah, this feeling is quite pleasant. I want to see more.

Raphtalia: “Naofumi-sama…… what are you laughing at?”
Naofumi: “You don’t know?”
Raphtalia: “It’s not like I don’t understand, but it is rude……”
Melty: “Mother…… is serious.”
Firo: “Hm-?”

Firo tilts her head. She is completely lost does not understand anything that is going on.
Well she is a bird. The only thing she thinks about is her carriage and food.

Trash: “Why!?”
Queen: “Because your actions greatly deviated from the range of your authority. If you’re really sorry, somehow beg Iwatani-sama for forgiveness……”
Naofumi: “You think I can forgive them?”
Queen: “Maybe various bribes can help you consider.”

Bribing huh……I am interested, today is turning out to be pretty good.

Bitch: “If I am no longer considered royal, what will happen to this country?!”
Queen: “There is Melty. She is far superior compared to you, so this country will prosper.”

Well, it would obviously be much better if Melty succeeds as the queen, compared to bitch.
It seems she grew up a lot due to the latest incident.

Trash: “If this one stops being king then our allies will not remain silent.”
Queen: “I have already silenced them; Did you think I was doing nothing for these 3 months? That’s quite a large mistake.”
Trash: “Wha–“

Trash is surprised to the point his voice stopped working. He just opens and closes his mouth.

Queen: “In the first place who gave you the authority to summon the Heroes? This talk is over.”
Naofumi: “……What do you mean?”
Queen: “Did Iwatani-sama not doubt it earlier? Why I, the highest power in the country, did not attend the hero summoning? I was out trying to improve diplomatic relations.”

I certainly did wonder about that.
If this person was in charge of the Heroes summoning then things would have been a lot smoother.
We would have been manipulated and be utilized to our full potential.
At least, I was sure to have been easy to manipulate when I arrived in this world.
Maybe the queen would have somehow pushed Melty the second princess on me, and it might have been a political marriage masked as a love marriage.

Queen: “First of all there is a problem that needs to be addressed. This country…… was only 4th in line to summon the four holy Heroes, as designated by the world conference.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you know it is odd. i do not understand the queen. the boy is a arrogant idiot still who is still to far believing him self the victum that he can treat others the way he dose without consequence.

    i also do not understand the queens comment. why would she not care if the shield raped her?


    • Anonymous says:

      She wants a baby from one of the heroes in her bloodline.


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      she doesnt care because she knows what her daughter done.
      and almost everyone would act the same, towards the one that done those things to them, idiot. It called hatred for a reason


      • Anonymous says:

        it true if you been marked as a devil raper and been trying to assesinate you from day 2 since you where born i think he turned out to kind i think i would had blown the continent to pieces already


  2. Oros_Abaddon says:

    Wow. This just got super political.


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    I actually got up and did a little dance after the queen delivered the smackdown to Trash and Bitch.
    Thank you for translating and posting this!


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    My favorite part is that, with the name tags, we end up with the line:
    Bitch: “that’s right!”
    Which is, like, the exact opposite of a joke lost in translation. Rereading this series was worth it for that one line

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    The queen is ajust like bitch jyst a different kind of bitch


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