Chapter 73 of Shieldbro & Co Vs The Pope (Part 4)

Edited By: NillAngel

Chapter 73


“————-!” (Naofumi)
I shouted at the heavens.

This whole world is hateful, I hate everything!
I’m going mad from everyone reproaching and accusing me.
I should just burn down everything with this power!
My vision is stained red and black, and everything I see becomes an object of my hatred.


Someone’s voice reaches my ears, but I cannot hear it. It feels as if I’m submerged under water.


I feel something take hold of my hand – does it want to be incinerated!?

“Master, do you truly hate everything in the world?” (Firo)

I feel trapped – everything that torments me will die by my hatred!

“Really? Is that what you really think?!”(Firo)

Yeah, so what?

“Then, did Master hate the days he spent with Firo and Raphtalia onee-chan?(Firo)

That voice…… An old memory floats to the surface of my mind:
A young girl loyally following me wherever I go, nothing separating us.
Obeying me even while injured…… This recollection fills my view.
Later, too, my feelings of love are transmitted to a young bird that hatches from an egg and grows up under my care.

“That……That is…….”(Naofumi)
“It’s different. Since Master works hard, Firo can do her best.”(Firo)

The darkness is gradually clearing up.

“That’s why Firo will eat master’s anger and hatred.”(Firo)

My vision clears and I glance around.

“Are you alright!?”(Melty)

A few seconds have passed since I screamed, and I am being looked at with suspicion.

“Master, are you alright!?”(Firo)
“Did you help me control that?”(Naofumi)
“Yup, Master was in trouble.”(Firo)

Firo hugs me from behind. If I look closely I can tell that she has been severely burnt by the black flame.
Not even Firo’s body could withstand the Improved Shield of Anger’s flames.
It must have been very painful, but Firo still worried about me without complaining.
(Tl note: I cried a little.) (Ed note: Bakahou, you softie.)

“Firo, Raphtalia onee-chan, and Mel-chan all believe in Master, so do your best!”

All I wanted was to simply beat the wave, it was not necessary to be swallowed by my anger.
After all, I can crush one of the ring leaders who made me suffer.

That pope bastard conveniently used Melty, the other heroes, all of us.
I will…… kick that bastard’s ass!

“……I’m going.”(Naofumi)
“There’s still a chance, even in this situation?”(Ren)
“Yeah, I’ll be sure to kill him with my strongest shield.”(Naofumi)
“What’s with that confident attitude? You looked like shit just a little while ago.”(Ren)

Shield of Anger 2’s dragon-like figure has become even more ominous compared to before.
The dragon’s features have morphed to be more devil-like, the horns curl around.

“I have a skill that I need to use, please help make an opening for me to use it.”(Naofumi)
“You… Can’t be helped. I’ll rely on you for now.”(Motoyasu)
“Right. It is difficult to trust you, but we have no other choice.”(Ren)
“We’ll use magic to help somehow…”(Hero companions)

The heroes and their companions nod and turn to face the pope.

“Oh dear, Oh dear…… To think you would continue to put up this futile resistance. I hope you are prepared, because this is already over. Shall I perform the coup de grace?(Pope)

Magical power gradually fills the area.
High-density light is going to be unleashed any moment now.


On my signal the heroes charge at the pope, and Firo faithfully carries me as ordered.


Firo jumps while the enemies start to chant.

“””High Class Synthetic Magic [Judgement]“”” (Church Fanatics)

A beam of cleansing light falls from the sky.


I raise my shield above my head.
Crackling sounds can be heard as the light pours down onto me, but it is impossible to penetrate Wrath Shield 3’s defense. The light barely does any damage to me even though I am right under it.

“To not even suffer a wound from Judgment.”(Pope)

The pope has a surprised expression on his face, all traces of his old smile gone.
What a suitable price for using the shield.
I’ll teach him his place.

“No way… You won’t be able to block this!”(Pope)

The pope points his sword at me and yells.

“Phoenix Blade!”(Pope)

A Phoenix takes flight from the Pope’s sword and rushes towards me.

“I can withstand that, no problem!”(Naofumi)

I lower my shield in front of me.
Firo, understanding what I’m thinking, casts support magic.
A chant comes to my mind on its own. Are these the conditions for the Clothing of Anger (Intermediate)?

“I am the Hero of the Shield, commander of the origin of power. I have read and deciphered the law of nature. May the devouring flames become my power!”(Naofumi)
“Wrath Fire!”(Naofumi)

Anger is now my power.
The flaming phoenix collides with me and doesn’t even singe my eyebrows.

“Wha! To nullify my skill…”(Pope)
“That’s quite ironic. Your bird became food for my holy bird.”(Naofumi)

The barrier protecting the pope was shattered by the other heroes’ attacks and Firo’s powerful kicks.

“Phoenix Strike-“(Pope)

Firo’s sure kill dash!
Firo’s finishing move is strong enough to combat the pope.

“Meteor Sword!”(Ren)
“Meteor Spear!”(Motoyasu)
“Meteor Bow!”(Itsuki)

The pope changes his sword into a spear and prepares for the onslaught.

“The Stance of Heaven and Earth Reversal!?”(Motoyasu)

Motoyasu yells in surprise.
Is that another High Class spear skill?

“Tch… How dare you go against God’s will.”(Pope)

Firo’s skill is repelled as light overflows from the pope’s spear.


Is that a counter skill?
Just how tenacious are you!

“But, I will not be stopped!”(Pope)
“I wonder about that.”(Naofumi)

This time the pope’s weapon becomes a giant bow and he jumps away.

“You think you can run!? Firo!”(Naofumi)
“Yep. Let’s go~”(Firo)

We instantly catch up to the Pope, and Firo tries to kick him.
However, as just Firo’s attack connects, the pope vanishes.
If he escapes here he loses.
Where is he hiding…?

“Hide Arrow!?”(Itsuki)

That’s Itsuki’s voice.

“That skill creates a large amount of illusionary copies of himself! Be careful!”(Itsuki)

Damn… If I can’t target him I can’t do anything.
There are currently 10 popes, but their numbers are increasing.

“Fufufu, I was a little surprised by you, but shall we end this now?”(Pope)

The popes hold up their bows and begin to cast a big skill.

“This is my strongest skill. Let’s see if you can withstand this, Devil of the Shield.”(Pope)

The bows shine.
Shit, I should be able to block it but I can’t counter attack.
“I am the queen, she who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered the law of nature. Restrain him with ice!”(Queen)
“Doraifa ・ Icicle Prison!”(Queen)

The lower half of a bunch of the pope’s mirror images freeze.


Who is that!?
No, there is no time to worry about that.
I have to defeat this bastard now.

As expected, its chant floats into view.

“This is the name of the punishment for the foolish sinner, he who shall be sacrificed as a scapegoat to god. Become a sacrifice to the steel trap! Experience the intense pain of a being drained of all your blood!”(Naofumi)

Wh- What!? The moment I cast the skill, blood begins to overflow from my body, my muscles begin to tear, and my bones start to creak.
This…Was it a suicide skill?

The pope smiles as he sees me heavily injured, but the next instant a giant red and black steel trap appears under his feet.
Quite unlike a normal steel trap, this one has multiple layers. It looks like the ground grew a shark’s mouth, with the Pope in the middle.



Gatun! A sharp metal sound can be heard the instant the Pope is bitten by the steel trap.


The pope’s scream echoes out.
Red bloods splashes over the steel trap and causes it to shine.

“Something of this degree–“(Pope)

This is… harsh.

The pope tries to take countermeasures, but the steel trap repeatedly opens and shuts, seeming as if it were ridiculing him.

“Guha……It was all… for……Go-God……”(Pope)

The pope fires off a few skills, but the steel trap isn’t even scratched.
Two… Three cracks start to appear on the legendary weapon replica. As the fourth crack appears, a shattering sound can be heard.
The steel trap suddenly falls to the ground and disappears, leaving the pope’s corpse behind, which, at this point, is nothing more than a lump of flesh.


It was so gruesome that we couldn’t breathe.
All skills from the Curse Series are bloody.
Is it because the Curse shields erode the mind?
This is a definite reminder not to overuse the shields of this series.

“Th- The Pope has been defeated by the Devil!”(Church Fanatics)

The Three Heroes Church followers mutter in utter despair.

“Yes… This is the end of the line for you lot as well.”(Queen)

The punitive force surrounds the Heroes Church remnants and captures them.
Now that the pope is gone our victory is certain, but…
As the punitive forces work I slip off Firo.
A new attack skill, Blutopfer, was added to the Wrath Shield.
It is strong, but the price is too great……

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