Chapter 72 of Shieldbro & Co Vs The Pope (Part 3)

This chapter has been edited by NillAngel
Chapter 72

Wrath Shield

“Meteor Sword!”
“Meteor Bow!”

Ren and Itsuki’s prided Meteor Series attacks are fired at the pope, but the pope is covered by another barrier, keeping a cool face while wielding the replica spear.
Ren and Itsuki’s companions also use their skills and magic, however the barrier is deployed again so nothing comes close to harming the pope.

“As expected of imposters, you only have this degree of strength.”
“This is harsh. To think he would have such a hidden-card to play.”
“What did you guys even come for?!”

Even with these guys our chance of success is still almost nil.

“Do you guys even have any plan in mind?’
“Just how much long do you plan on making fun of us?”

Ren and Itsuki’s weapons start to glow, but this time they charge up their energy before attacking.

“Thunder Slash!”
“Thunder Shot!”

The pope looks startled and his eyes open wide as he receives the attack, his barrier creaking.

“It’s too late! I’ve already bought enough time!”

The barrier was destroyed due to my Self-Burning Curse last time, and Motoyasu and the rotten heroes were also able to break through it this time.

“I could still fight…… But I’m out of SP.”
“That’s just the whining of a loser.”

I haven’t helped them so far because I did not expect them have such strong skills.
Is it too late to jump in? Have I been too cautious?

“Fufufu…… foolish heroes. Did you truly think you could beat me, the wielder of the legendary weapon?”

The believers immediately use recovery magic on the Pope to heal him.
This is troubling. The attack that took so much effort to land was healed in one go.

“If the others help suppress you, I’ll defeat you. It is my duty as a hero.”
“Everyone. The aria of judgement will now commence.”

The pope’s believers nod and begin to recite magic.

“All of the imposters and their companions are evil.”

Wow. Quite fanatic.
I’m not sure we can win this fight even if the reinforcements that Ren and Itsuki called show up.

“Now then, shall we finish this?”

The pope is going to seriously kill us. Brionac has been ready for a while and now he charges at us.


Ren approaches me and asks.

“Let’s combine our power and beat this guy.”
“Honestly, co-operating with you guys is far too unpleasant.”

It’s impossible to successfully escape.
Furthermore, if they use the spell, “Judgement,” again, I don’t think that I can endure it.

“Someone must attack me with hostility, and then I must get in close proximity of the pope. After that, get away from me – my attack will affect anyone in range.”

The only effective weapon I have is Self-Burning Curse. If it comes to close range I should somehow manage.

“I understand.”
“Then, what are you waiting for!?”

I cast support magic on everyone and issue instructions, preparing myself to protect those who will attack with close combat from both physical and magical damage.
The heroes attack, supported by magic, their defence buffed, in an unexpectedly organized formation.

“Let’s go!”

We rush towards the pope first.
The pope is ignoring us and concentrating on his skill.
The only way for me to deal a decisive blow is to receive a hit myself.
Since I regularly develop my defence, this skill requires a lot of damage to activate.


Motoyasu’s spear hits my shield, activating Self-Burning Curse.


The believers not singing the Aria of Judgement try to purify the flames, but of the barrier shatters anyway.
Immediately I cast Air Strike Shield and Change Shield, then use Hook to withdraw behind the other heroes. Hook’s special effect lets me manipulate it however I want, so I tie it around my arm and use it as an anchor.

“Thunder Slash!”
“Lightening Spear!”
“Thunder Shot!”

The other heroes use their strongest skills against the pope.


However, the pope counters with his skill!
The Pope’s skill and the heroes skills clash against each other, and the two side’s conflicting energies fill the air with the electric crackling.


I am reminded of an old anime where two beams collide and fight for superiority in both offence and defense.
The heroes’ companions are also support them with magic, pushing the pope back little by little.
Or so I thought……

“Fufu……Is that it?”

The pope’s smile remains undiminished.
No way! He was holding back!?

“No…… Not yet! I will not be defeated yet!”
“That’s right! We can still fight!”
“Yeah, let’s raise the output!”

The three of them use all their SP on their skills.
Though it’s just a little I’ll try to help too.
But… I cannot rid myself of the ominous feeling that something is wrong.

“Now then, shall we end this soon?” The pope murmurs indifferently, increasing his power.

Shit! If we die here it would be troublesome!
I mean, I wanted this the other’s to die, but the timing right now is terrible……

I push away the Heroes to stop their skills and step forward.
I almost can’t withstand the pain as energy passes through my body, but I hold out my shield and endure it desperately.
After what seems an age, the energy dissipates.

“Haa….. haa……”
“Interesting…… I did not expect the Devil of the Shield to be able to withstand that.” The pope declares quietly, swinging the spear around.

“A-Are you okay?”

I look back, but all I can see is a blur.
Everything except for a small area behind me was completely destroyed.
Fortunately, I did not receive too much damage, thanks to those supporting me from behind.

“”Tzuvait ・Heal!””

My wounds were immediately healed thanks to the recovery magic.
If the other three heroes hadn’t reduced that attack’s power with their skills, I would have died.

“Damn……Our SP……”
“Me too.”
“Same here.”

I give the three of them SP recovery potions.
We probably won’t have enough time to completely recover though.
I suddenly hear a loud war cry. It seems the reinforcements that Ren called have arrived.

“Now then, I have had enough of this farce with the devil. I shall dispose of all of you and summon the true heroes. But first, why don’t I keep those people occupied for now.”

The pope changes the spear into a sword and takes up a stance.
The sword blade’s shape takes on the semblance of a phoenix.
Perhaps this skill is even more superior to Brionac.
Dangerous…… those guys from the punitive force have no idea that the Pope has something like this up his sleeve.
There is the possibility they will all be wiped out at once.

“Everyone, Let’s provide judgment together.”

He intends to attack together with his subordinates. Although only a bit, we have gained some time.

“So we could only come this far……”

The other heroes are all pale.
No matter how reckless we act, our chances of success are low……
No, wasn’t it also like this against Motoyasu? Can I say that I did my best?
Did I do my best…?
Suddenly, it comes to me.
It’s a desperate gamble, but we’re dead anyway. We might as well give it all we have.

“Ren, come here for a moment.”
“What’s up? Do you have a plan?”

After I tell Ren to approach, he does so suspiciously.
Dokun, Dokun. (Sfx: Pulsing)
The shield’s pulsing strengthens, and it begins to vibrate.
I was intentionally sealing off the dragon core’s rage towards Ren up until now.
The memory is being projected in my vision again, and the shield wants to slaughter the enemy before me.
That’s right….. More… Give me more anger!
Thanks to Raphtalia, I can control the massive amount of rage pouring from the Shield of Anger.

“Raphtalia, your hand……”

I join hands with Raphtalia and point my shield at Ren.
I look at Motoyasu and the Bitch to remind myself of the anger that I wanted to avoid.

All the hatred, and everything else is forgotten, all that is left pitch-blackness and anger.

Grow Up has been achieved due to released emotions.
Curse Series: Ability improvement of the Shield of Anger! Shield of Anger changed to Wrath Shield!

Wrath Shield 3
Ability Unsealed….. Equipment Bonus: Skill [Change Shield (Attack)] [Iron Maiden] [Blutopfer]
(Tl note: Blutopfer means Blood Sacrifice in German.)
Special Effect: Dark Curse Burning Physical, Strength Up, Roar of the angry Dragon, Roar, Frenzy of Companions, Magic Sharing, Clothes of Anger (Intermediate)

Instantly my heart is consumed by dark emotions.


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